Jun 242009

Zarn the Enslaver was dead. The Despot of Euphoria, the Rapist of the Seven Worlds, the Defiler of the Bentos Asteroid Belt and the Abuser of the Luvia Nebula had passed away in his bed while being fucked by one of his thousand concubines. The concubine was slain of course. Once you kill a King, your career options are too ambitious for an intergalactic kingdom to allow.

Chancellor Ruzzon had seen to the concubine’s death personally. He took little pleasure in it. He had served King Zarn for many years and he was a bit relieved to see the old bastard go. Oh, King Zarn was a great man but he also had great appetites and a tendency to rape first, slay second and ask questions later. And that’s how he treated his subordinates. He treated his enemies much worse.

“Things are going to be different now,” Ruzzon thought. King Zarn had four surviving children and only one of them to succeed to the throne. To ensure the kingdom of Euphoria was ruled by someone as smart as they were ruthless, King Zarn created an ingenious series of Trials to determine which of his heirs would become the new ruler of kingdom. It fell to Chancellor Ruzzon to administer the tests. He relished the power as well as the responsibility. The actions he committed today would determine the destiny of the galaxy.

He stood in the funeral chamber of King Zarn. Guards armed with the nastiest lasers stood outside the chamber. They had orders to allow none of the heirs in with a weapon. King Zarn’s vicious offspring might try to get a start on things.

First to arrive was the eldest son, Prince Arano. He was seven feet of barely contained hostility. His black hair was starting to grey and his powerful physique was beginning to slip a little. The finest black clothes covered him and Ruzzon knew from experience that Prince Arano’s clothes cost more than some planets could produce in a year. The Prince was scowling. He had waited the longest for his father to die and now the day was finally here. All those years of waiting had made Arano a very bitter heir.

Second to arrive was youngest child and only daughter, Princess Erishella. Chancellor Ruzzon frowned at her indecent clothes. She was wearing nothing except sandals and a gold necklace. The necklace projected a red shimmer field over her body. The shifting electrical field floated around her bare ass and royal sex, sometimes obscuring the vision but often reveal everything with the constantly moving field. It was scandalous attire for such a formal affair.

Chancellor Ruzzon waited for the other three princes to arrive. The doors to the funeral chamber remained close.

“Where is the second eldest son, Prince Kanos?” Chancellor Ruzzon asked.

Prince Kanos considered his half-sister’s offer. He also considered the way her long black hair laid on her generous breasts. It drew the eye down to her bare breasts. Erishella was topless, which he assumed was done to seduce him. It was working.

“So you think my control of the Space Fleet could be used to win me the skull Throne?” he said.

Erishella toyed with the end of her long black hair. “Easily. You could slap a blockade around the homeworld and prevent anyone from leaving or coming. If one of our brothers takes the throne, they will just become prisoners.”

Karnos watched as she flicked the end of her hair against a hard nipple. “Say I blockade the planet. What do you bring to the table?”

She smiled at him. “My undying affection,” she said. “I know you Kanos. I know how long you have lusted for me. I know you have your spies record me as I bathe. Even though Father forbade us children from fucking each other, I know you have lusted for me.”

Kanos shifted uneasily in his chair. “The Royal Law would still forbid our union.”

Erishella rose from her chair and approached Kanos. He stayed stock still as leaned down beside him. Her hair fell forward like black rain between her untouchable breasts.

“Even though our mothers were different concubines? And let’s face it; after our father was done tampering with our genetic code to make sure we were of optimal design, I am not sure if we are even biologically related. When you are King, you can decide what is forbidden and what is yours.”

He couldn’t resist. He lunged with his mouth. His teeth locked around the Princess’s nipple and he satisfied 20 long years of longing in that single bite. He experienced rapture, and knew then that he would follow her plan. He would enjoy her breasts every night as he indulged all of his wicked dreams.

Prince Kanos heard a hissing sound as one of Erishella’s black locks of hair moved against his cheek. He pulled away but it was too late, the silky length of hair was wrapping around his neck. He fell to the ground choking as Princess Erishella smiled.

Erishella’s giggle was the last thing he heard.

“Prince Kanos was killed by a Porian Hair Snake,” Prince Aranos said. “Someone must have smuggled it into the castle. The idiot somehow let it get close to his neck and it strangled him.”

Princess Erishella pulled her fingers through her hair. The motion of her arm sent the shimmer field hole over her flat stomach and her royal sex.

Chancellor Ruzzon tore his eyes away from the Princess’s indecency. It really was a shame that King Zarn let her live as a child. The plan was to raise her as a bargaining chip to be used in negotiations but over the years, King Zarn never really had an enemy that he had to bargain with. He usually killed them all with overwhelming cruelty. The chance to whore the princess out never came up.

“What of Prince Harx, then?” Chancellor Ruzzon asked. “The King’s youngest son should be here.”

Prince Harx twisted his sister’s hair as he forced her down to her knees.

“You always were a clever bitch, Erishella,” he said. “I bribed Father’s guards years ago. There is not a single man in uniform who is not loyal to me.”

Erishella looked up at him. From this angle he could see right down the green gown she was wearing and into her cleavage. She pursed her sparkling green lipstick covered lips in submission.

“That is why I came to you, brother!” she said. “I knew that when you gain the Skull Throne, you would protect your loyal sister!”

Prince Harx laughed. “Half sister, Erishella,” he said. “And loyal? Ha! You have proven nothing yet.”

Erishella grabbed his leg. “Please, what can I do to prove my loyalty?”

He smiled. It was the same cruel smile that King Zarn had when he conquered a world. The Prince reached for his pants and pulled out his cock. The horrified look on Erishella’s face was priceless.

“You know what to you must do,” he growled.

With a savage pull, he impaled her mouth on his cock. The slut princess opened wide and took him in. He jammed his cock down her throat until he felt his balls resting on her chin.

To his delight, Erishella began to suck his cock. In and out of her lips his cock slid. Already she was smearing the green lipstick onto his manhood. Her tongue was doing wonderful things to the underside of his cock. The only problem was that it was a little too gentle for his tastes.

He rammed his cock down her throat. Prince Harx facefucked his half-sister. Her gags were music to his cruel ears. This was how a kingdom was won. First his whore of a half-sister and later, his despised half-brothers. The reign of King Harx was going to be one long face fuck.

His legs gave out and Prince Harx watched as his cock popped free of Erishella’s green lips. He tried to stop his fall but his arms wouldn’t move. He hit the ground with a hard crash. What was strange was that he didn’t even feel the fall. As his eyes closed on their own accord, he wondered why Erishella was wiping her lipstick off on his hand.

“Died from a contact poison,” Prince Aranos said. “Someone used Vorl Scorpion poison. He must have died in seconds.

Princess Erishella yawned as if this bored her. The motion made her breasts levitate in a decadent manner. The shimmer field hole glided over one nipple and then the other.

“I see,” said Chancellor Ruzzon. He kept his focus on Prince Aranos. “Congratulations on eliminating your rivals before now but this doesn’t change anything. We still must proceed through the Trials to determine the most worthy heir. The Trials will take three weeks to complete. You will be tested mentally and physically as well as testing your judgment and ability to lead. I shall be the final judge and I should warn you, the winner shall gain the Skull Throne of Euphoria but the loser will be killed.

Princess Erishella held her hand out. Chancellor Ruzzon thought she had a question but he quickly saw she was just examining her fingernails.

Prince Aranos’s face twisted into a snarl. “Enough of this foolishness! Declare me the King now! I have killed enough of my siblings over the years to prove my worthiness!”

“Choked them when they were babies, you mean,” Princess Erishella said. The shimmer field hole danced seductively between her breasts. “My spies tell me that you are too weak to even kill a man in battle unless he is being held down and bleeding to death to begin with.”

“Silence!” Chancellor Ruzzon yelled. “Save your insults for the Trials!” He tried to step between them but Prince Aranos batted the small man away from them. The angry Prince stomped over to his sister.

“When I become King, half-sister, I will make you the sex slave of my generals!” Prince Arano yelled. He towered over his sister. “Your ass will be personally known by every officer in the Royal Battle Fleet!”

Princess Erishella looked unimpressed. The shimmer field hole opened to reveal her entire left breast. “Last I heard, your ass was already personally known by the conscripted slaves of the Royal Battle Fleet.”

“Shut up, bitch!” Prince Arano yelled. His massive hand grabbed her exposed breast and his fingers savagely squeezed her. “Your days of disrespect end now!”

The shimmer field hole closed around his wrist. The sound of sizzling flesh filled the burial chamber. Prince Arano tried to scream but his jaws were clenching too tight. His body shook from the thousands of volts that ravaged his body. When the field finally released him, his burning corpse fell to the ground. His fine clothing was now the galaxy’s most expensive ashes.

Chancellor Ruzzon looked on in horror. “You killed him!” he accused.

“Looks like he killed himself,” Princess Erishella said. She pressed a button on her necklace and the shimmer field disappeared. “Is it my fault that my shimmer field settings must have been fatally off?”

She stepped over her brother’s still smoking body and approached Chancellor Ruzzon. “The more important question is why aren’t you kneeling before your Queen?”

Chancellor Ruzzon was in a state of shock. He fell to his knees but his mind was still racing. “But, we still have the Trials to go through. It was written by King Zarn that whoever rules Euphoria after him would have to prove themselves. It is only by his wishes that you can rule.”

Erishella laughed. The sound was very much like the laugh of her late dictator father. “By his wishes? Listen to me you miserable law reader. I will tell you how I will rule.”

She slung her legs over the kneeling chancellor’s shoulder. Her hands pulled his head into her royal sex. His mouth opened in obedience as she grinded against his face.

“I will rule with my cunt,” Erishella said. “My brothers had cocks and that was all they thought with. I have a cunt, and I will use it. I will seduce my entire kingdom until they could not imagine a single day without me. I will make them crave my favor and fear my displeasure. After being ruled by a crazed murderous bastard of a madman, they will beg to be ruled by a crazed murderous bitch of a woman who knows what they most desire in their craven selfish hearts. They are going to fucking love me.”

Chancellor Ruzzon said nothing as he licked his Queen.

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  1. Hilarious!
    So… what’re her stats? ;)

  2. Erishella-
    Class- Evil Space Queen

    Hair- Black
    Eyes- Green
    Breasts- Amazing
    Bloodtype- Cold and Ruthless

    Skills- Seduction, Exotic Weapons, Domination, Incredible Fashion Sense

    Living Relatives- Not any more.

  3. Spicy! I love to hate her. I’m yet undecided as to whether I would like to live on her planet or not… So far I think I value my life more, but who knows.

  4. Miss Blue- I plan to do a few slice of life stories to show how ordinary inhabitants view their new Queen. I expect a high fatality rate.

  5. I’m in love.

  6. Roxy- Thanks! Always glad to get the Roxy seal of approval.

  7. Love to see some of that early Shon shine through on the rays of summer. Keep up the great work!

  8. Also in love ….

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