Jun 032009

At Von Madd Laboratories, the average employee has 3.2 PhD’s. Ronald Baker, Janitor 3rd class, is one of those employees that bring down the average. He barely finished High School and his only further education was a Von Madd Seminar in how to identify a radioactive semen spill. To be honest, he had to take that seminar twice to get his certification.

Ronald didn’t understand the mess he had to clean up this morning. The sexy scientist with the zero gravity bra said something about “bad lubricant diffusion mix” but all Ronald knew is that it took two mop buckets to clean up the rapidly increasing green puddle on the floor.

The scientist advised him to burn his bucket, so Ronald did it. He took it to the “Janitorial Incineration Closet” and used his keycard to lock the bucket inside. He didn’t know how the lasers inside the closet worked or how they were able to reduce a bucket and the liquid inside to pine scented nothing. He just knew it did.

Just like he didn’t know why sometimes in the Janitor’s commissary, there was sometimes a man or woman restrained in stocks. They were always butt-naked, bent over so that their head was level with their ass and their hands restrained. Their mouths were gagged with a cruel looking rubber gag. A condom dispenser and lubricant spout was part of the stock, and Ronald didn’t know who kept it fully stocked, but it always was.

Today it was a woman in the stocks. She was a pretty blond and her long hair fell over her face. Her ass was perfectly round and a slight bush of yellow hair covered her sex. Red marks covered her ass, and any scientist working there could have identified the marks as coming from a Von Madd Leather Paddle Version 3.3. Ronald just assumed they came from a belt.

Above the woman, the electronic sign identified the woman’s crimes.

“Dr. Terri Vickman has been charged with . . . failure to properly isolate control sample . . . failure to adequately document hourly quality checks . . . failure to correctly interpret data resulting in a faulty prototype . . .”

Ronald didn’t know what that shit meant.

He unzipped his pants and put on the condom. He slipped a finger into her sex and decided he didn’t need the lubricant. His cock went in next and the woman groaned something from underneath her gag. Ronald reached up for a handful of tits and gave them a squeeze. The woman’s groan of protest made his cock throb.

Ronald fucked her. Short, hard, fast strokes. The stocks kept the scientist restrained while Ronald’s body crashed into her. The scientist tried to say something the gag made it incomprehensible.

Sometimes Ronald liked to think the scientists like it, and were urging him to go faster. Maybe all of this was really a reward; an excuse for smart scientists to get fucked by normal hard working blue collar types.

Sometimes Ronald liked to think the scientists hated it, and were begging him to stop fucking. Maybe all of this was really a punishment created to teach smart scientists humility and appreciation for their educations.

Truth of the matter was, Ronald didn’t know which reason was the truth. He flipped back and forth, depending on what got him harder that day. Either way, Ronald fucked them. He used the bound women until he climaxed.

Like everything else here, Ronald didn’t need to understand it. He just did his job.

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  1. Damn that Von Madd. He’s perfected the zero gravity bra! Curses. And hasn’t he figured out the way to motivate employees is with stock options and merit pay increases? It’s a wonder anything ever gets done at his labs. You won’t catch that kind of sloppiness going on at Sayne Industries, I can tell you.

  2. Bluewords -lol. Gods, if we could make a story about stock options sexy I would be impressed.

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  4. I must say, this story is sexy and original..

  5. I liked this one – shows that VonMadd Laboratories is an EEO employer (lol), and I liked the thought process of the janitor.

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