Jun 292009

We went done to the courthouse to get married. It was a planned eloping so we dressed up. She wore a lovely white dress that she wore on one of our first dates and I wore a white guayabera. Hell, I even wore slacks. The wife wore lovely high heels that I was a bit skeptical of but hey, it’s eloping day.

So we get to the courthouse but had to park in the back. We had to walk across two parking lots in Georgia summer weather. I like to call the parking lot the Sun’s Anvil. It was a slow walk because the wife’s high heels slowed her down. That was cool. We took pictures of us walking. Yay! We were so happy.

We got inside behind two other couples trying to get married. One was a lovely Indian family complete with in-laws there to take pictures. The other couple had a bun in the oven already. I don’t judge, I’m here to get married!

Except we can’t. My wife has two last names because she is Puerto Rican. On her birth certificate, she has her normal last name and her mother’s last name. All of her identification is with just one last name. The clerk was sympathetic but told us they couldn’t marry her till she got her driver’s license changed to the same dual last names that are on the birth certificate.

Back across the Sun’s Anvil to the car, and then to the DMV. We took more wedding pictures at the DMV. We waited an hour and got her a new driver’s license. You know how most people take awkward license pictures? Well my wife had a fabolous picture because she was dressed up, made up and fed up. She looks like a furious Island Princess.

We went back to the courthouse. That meant crossing the Sun’s Anvil once more. We filled out our paperwork where my wife tried a cunning plan. She doesn’t want to take my last name, so she tried to list her new name as her original one-last name self. The clerks explained that she couldn’t do that and would have to come back later to petition the court for a name change. Oh joy!

So we finally get before the judge. At this point I was exhausted and quite frankly, did not want to hear another word about last names. It was hot and I was melting. But man, when we got before that judge and he started reading our vows, something just switched on. I forgot about the DMV. I forgot about the Sun’s Anvil. I became the moment and in that moment, I was marrying that beautiful, intelligent, furious, caring woman of my dreams.

There is something about the marriage ring I love. The simplicity of a ring can’t be underestimated. When I slip that ring on her finger, and she put it on mine, I felt joined. It was magic. I barely was able to stop from crying.

The rest of the weekend is a blur. We printed our pictures and bought frames so we could mail them to our families. We went to the Silverscreen Spookshow and had a blast. We ate at the most fantastic French restaurant where I could cut my meat with a spoon. We had great bed shaking sex. I wrote a story about Texanah. We ate with freinds at the Bone Garden. I had cheese dip that melted my face.

Married life is good.

  8 Responses to “Done Eloping”

  1. And like wine, it will get better in time.. Just remember to stir it, not shake it, and things will go smoothly… Congrats..

  2. Pictures! I want pictures! You know my email. Go on, make my day.

  3. Yaaay for you! Congrats! May you always be as happy as you are now!

  4. I Love you so much.

  5. Congratulations to you and your lovely wife. May you both have many wonderful happily ever after years together!

  6. Thanks for all of the kind comments. Thanks for indulging me as I get newlywed sappy.

  7. Congratulations to you both. May your love get stronger and sweeter with time.

  8. Congrats to both of you! What a great reason to bust out the white guayabera.

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