May 112009

I have an idea. A big sexy beautiful idea that I can’t wait to turn into a nice long sexy fuck of a story. There is a tinge of guilt because I have a long list of ideas that have been patiently waiting for my attention but I am blissfully ignoring my other ideas in favor of this new slut of an idea.

New story ideas are like crushes. I bore everyone I talk to about how much I love this idea. I flirt with the idea, toying with it in my mind before getting to work on it. I am fascinated by the idea but also afraid of engaging it right now. It’s sexy and beautiful and at this stage, it is a perfect. As soon as I start working on it the perfection will slip away as the reality takes hold. There were be plotting issues. There will be something that doesn’t quite work so I’ll need to change my expectations. There will be work. Oh my, lots and lots of work. I can see that even now.

But for today, I just want to enjoy the crush.

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