May 182009

“It’s true,” Dr. Vanilla told me. His girlfriend of the week had her head in his lap. He was looked down on her with such affection. His fingers trailed through her long blonde hair with a certain reverence that was almost spiritual.

“I just can’t beleive it,” I said. “I mean really, the term ‘sex-positive’ was created by the sex-hating Hollow Earth Vatican? I see respected sexperts use that term all the time.”

Dr. Vanilla signed. He lightly ran his fingers over his girlfriend’s cheeks. He traced the counters of her bone structure like he was trying to memorize them by touch.

“Sexperts are a seperate conspiracy,” Mr. Dom said. His hand was now over his girlfriend’s mouth. He closed her nose as well. Her blue eyes bulged. Not for the first time, I wondered if he would let her breathe before she passed out.

She made a whimpering noise and Mr. Dom smiled. It was a cruel smile. He pulled his hand away. She gasped for air but she knew better than to move away. She knew to stay in her place.

“Think about it, idiot,” Mr. Dom said and I took no offense. “Sex-positive implies that some things are good sex. By simply having the term, it implies that there must be a sex-negative. Since no one uses the term, sex-negative, it leaves it up to the individual to figure out what is bad sex.”

“But I have read definitions for sex-negative,” I said. “It applies to puritanism and anti-sex attitudes.”

“Dumb-ass,” Mr. Dom said. “Yeah, they have a definition, but how often do you see people use the term, sex-negative?” Compare that to how often you see the term, sex-positive, used as fucking punctuation?”

Mr. Dom grabbed a fistful of the blonde’s hair and yanked her head back. “And you better damn well thank me when I let you breathe, slave.”

The girlfriend whimpered again. “Yes, sir. Thank you sir.”

“Oh,” I said. “And if you don’t use the term often enough to define it, then it is possible that it could be anything. Rough sex, footplay, role-playing etc could all be sex-negative.”

Dr. Vanilla bent down and placed a kiss as gentle as a father’s on his girlfriend’s forehead. He looked hurt when she flinched.

“Correct,” Dr. Vanilla said. “See? It was right there in front of you. You just needed to work it out for yourself.”

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