May 222009

“We did it,” the Invisible MILF said. “We actually destroyed the Secret Censors of Atlantis. Their island will sink back into the ocean with all of their hideous porn erasing super technology.”

I sighed. “True, but I don’t think the Pimp Ship will survive the coming tsunami. We saved the world, but I am afraid it will be at the cost of our own lives.”

I felt her hand over mine. “I just realized something,” she said. Her voice was so damn sexy. Even with our impending doom, I was getting an erection.

My heart started pounding. “Yes?”

“Why have you never kissed me?” the Invisible MILF asked.

That was tough. Do I tell her how being the mother of my best friend makes things awkward? Do I tell her about how I have fantasized about her every other night? Do I tell her that I was thinking the same thing?

Instead of all of that, I reached up to where her face might be. My fingers slipped under her long hair and I pulled her to me. She smelled like cookies, Vogue magazines and a warm summer. I felt the air escape her lips as she gasped, moments before I kissed her.

She kissed me hard. I closed my eyes and I could almost see her body pressed against mine. She placed one of my hands on her breast and I groaned. I squeezed her invisible tit and I felt her body tremble. Her other hand went to my ass and she grabbed it hard like she was claiming me. I could feel all of her sexual experience within her, ready to devour me.

“We only have a few minutes before we die,” she said when our lips finally broke apart.

“I know,” I said, breatheless.

“Then hurry up and fuck me,” the Invisible MILF said.

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