May 082009

Kids, when you buy flowers online, read all the fine print. The picture to the left is what was advertised.

This is what she got.

Get your momma a music player instead.

  5 Responses to “Flowers and Dissappointments”

  1. Send this to Consumerist. They’d love it. Srsly.

  2. I have to say, the flower company did a great job with the complaint. They sent a complimentary second batch of roses with barely any prompting.

    The small print explained that the flowers will be frozen and your mom will experience the joy of watching the flowers bloom. Cause moms love gifts they assemble themselves.

  3. Ew. That really IS disappointing. If it is an consolation, I just got a bouquet of those lilies yesterday from a student I teach, and they are really stinking up my livingroom. The scent is a little on the overwhelming side.

  4. Yeah when people say they love lilies I always ask if they mean pictures of lilies because I am not crazy about the smell.

  5. The flowers will be FROZEN?! No way. Won’t work. My mom’s too old to have to wait around for the flowers to bloom.

    As for lilies…
    really bad for my allergies.
    and really bad for my cats.

    Just in case anyone was thinking of sending me flowers ever…

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