May 202009

Alice was almost there. She had her vibrator deep inside her cunt and her feet were braced on the footboard of her bed. It always felt a little slutty to have her legs up in the air like this but fuck it. This was always the best way to come. Alice had a hard day and damn it, she deserved a great orgasm.

The vibrator died in her hands. “No, no!” Alice cried. “I just changed the batteries!”

A mile away Helen was grinding against her lover, Paula. Helen thought the idea of a double ended vibrator was silly but not anymore. She was impaled on the buzzing plastic goodness and everything was feeling awesome. Helen could tell Paula was enjoying it too. Paula’s eyes were halfway closed, like they always were before an orgasm. What was great was that Helen was about to come to. They looked in each others’ eyes and held off till they could time it just right.

The buzzing stopped, right in mid grind. Both women looked down in horror.

Further down the road, Victoria leaned against her washing machine. Her husband, Jack, always asked why she had to run the washer so late at night. He had no idea that it was the only way Victoria could get any sleep tonight. Rubbing against the washer right as the hot and cold water sloshed back and forth sent her private secret parts all a twitter. Sex never gave her the same bliss the washer machine did so Victoria felt no shame in getting her happiness where she could. There was no need for Jack to know either.

The washer machine quit. Victoria looked down and moaned. She pressed the button. She lifted the lid and closed it. It just wouldn’t start. It was so unfair!

Two miles away, Catalina stood in a hotel bathroom. She checked herself out in the mirror. She was beautiful but when you have Catalina’s job, you always need to make sure. Her long black hair was shimmered like velvet when she turned her head. The red shirt she wore barely contained her large breasts which was just how Catalina liked it.

Catalina was a Voluptumancer, a practitioner of sexual magic. She used sex, and she was empowered by sex but most of all, she was sex.

A wave came crashing down on her. Catalina gripped the sink to keep from falling to the ground. Her body was attuned to the sexual pulse of her environment which was often a good thing but right now it threatened to drown her. It was a wave of frustration, as if an entire town of libidos was suddenly denied their pleasure at the same time.

For Catalina, it meant becoming horny enough to fuck an entire football team and the college they came from. Her hand went to her sex but it wasn’t enough. She needed cock. She needed a mouth. She needed someone there.

She stood up and looked at the mirror. Her desire was on her face. Gone was the sexy confident magic woman. Instead she looked into the face of a very horny slut. As she looked closer, she saw other faces besides her own. She saw a frustrated housewife. She saw lesbian lovers frowning. She saw tense single woman and many, many more faces.

“Well now. It looks I have a job to do.”

Half an hour later, Catalina stood outside the only sex store in town. It was nine at night on a Friday night but ‘Sweet Romance’ was closed for the night. Inside, Catalina could see two people inside the store but when Catalina knocked, the woman inside shook her head.

“We’re closed!” the woman yelled. “Go away!”

On a good night, Catalina might have gone elsewhere. On a good night, Catalina wouldn’t be carrying the sexual frustration of an entire town. This qualified for a bad night and a worse attitude.

Catalina leaned down and kissed the lock. The door opened for no lock can resist the kiss of a Voluptumancer.

“Excuse me, but I need to check your sex toys,” Catalina said.

The man inside the store was barely old enough to be in the store. He was cute with his short blond hair, but to be honest, Catalina was so frustrated that a blind leper with a limp would have looked sexy.

“I’m sorry, but we’re having troubles with our novelty items,” he said.

The woman pushed the younger man aside and stomped towards Catalina. She was much older than the man but she had the same blond hair, albeit a lot longer and grayer. The frown lines on her face made her like crueler than she was but Catalina was still turned on.

“I said we were closed!” the woman said. “And Eric, don’t tell people about the vibrators. I don’t know why everyone decided to return their tonight but we never offer refunds!”

“So the vibrators stopped working?” Catalina asked.

“Yes,” the man answered. The woman smacked his arm.

“No, they work fine. None of them are broken. Now get out, we’re closed. I’m tired of customers thinking they can get refunds tonight. I’m going to close till they all calm down.”

Catalina shook her head. “I didn’t say they were broken, I just said they stopped working. I’m trying to figure out why, you silly woman.”

The woman snarled. “Get out of my store now or I am calling the police.”

“I don’t have time for this,” Catalina said. She touched the woman on the arm and the woman fell to the floor.”

“Mom!” the man yelled. He rushed to her side but stopped as his mother started to groan. As he watched, his mother whispered things in her sleep and started dry humping the floor.

“Your mother?” Catalina said. “You work for your mom in a sex store?”

Eric looked at her. “What? Yeah, I do. Get over it. What did you do to my mom?”

Catalina smiled. The boy had attitude. “I discharged some of the frustration I was carrying. Your mom is having the best wet dream of her life but she won’t climax. I just needed her to hush so you can explain to me what was going on.”

Eric started to say something and stopped. He looked at his mom and then at Catalina. “Ok, first, too much information on my mom, alright? Second, who are you and how did you know our vibrators stopped?”

Catalina picked up a vibrator on the display shelf. She turned it on and nothing happened. “Sorry, I am working under a lot of stress here. My name is Catalina and I am a Voluptumancer. I practice sexual magic and I can tell that nothing that vibrates and gives pleasure is working in this town. That includes vibrators, some washing machines and in one case, a bowling pin scrubber that should really be disinfected. I don’t have time to convince you that all sex gives off magical energies and those energies can be manipulated, you just have to trust me, okay?”

Eric looked down at his mom who was kissing the floor. “Do something magical other than knock my mom out.”

Catalina looked into his eyes. Eric felt his cock harden but that was because he was looking more into her cleavage than her eyes.

“You masturbated to a picture of Ali Larter last night,” Catalina said. “The first girl you kissed was Jenny Gordon but the first girl you fucked was Jenny’s nicer friend, Candice. Your favorite position is cowgirl and you have 32 pornographic images on your Ipod of Sasha Gray.”

Eric blushed. “Uh, okay. You got magic. What do you need?”

Catalina looked around the store. “I don’t know. I mean, I came here because sometimes the sex life of a town can be cursed and the best place to put the curse is at a sex store. I just don’t feel a curse here. I’m also carrying the combined frustrated energy of the town so I can’t think for shit. It has to be something other than a curse but it could be several things.”

“Well, if you don’t know what it is, maybe it will take care of itself and go away?” Eric said.

Catalina shook her head. Her long black hair floated around her face. “No, it’s too dangerous to have this much frustration around. Normal people won’t absorb the energy like I have but they’ll feel it. Tempers will be short and violence will break out. No, if I am to stop people from getting hurt, we have to stop this now.”

Eric looked around the store. “Well you’ve convinced me. Feel free to use anything here that can help.”

“Thank you, Eric,” Catalina said. She lifted her tight red shirt over her head. Her bare breasts stood in all their glory. Eric had worked in this sex store for two years and in all of the porn he had seen, he had never seen breasts that buoyant and beautiful.

“You said you were frustrated, but . . .” Eric said.

Catalina went down to her knees. “No offense Eric, but you couldn’t satisfy me tonight.”

Eric looked down as Catalina unzipped his pants. “Uh, why are you doing that then?”

“Because we need to do a scrying,” Catalina said. She let his pants drop to his ankles. His cock was standing proud underneath his boxers. Catalina pulled his cock free and with both hands, she began to stroke him.

Eric’s knees shook. “I don’t know what a scrying is but I like it.”

Catalina looked up at him. Her hands kept pumping his cock. “Scrying is like when witches look into a crystal ball or fortune tellers read a palm. Voluptumancers need something a little more intimate.”

Eric moaned. “Oh my God, this is unreal. First the vibrators stop working, then my mom is in a wet dream and now a sexy woman is jacking me off.”

Catalina smiled. “I always enjoy being called sexy.” Her hand cupped his balls. She gave him a gentle squeeze, not enough to hurt but enough to let him know a woman was holding him there.”

“Oh boy,” Eric moaned. Catalina could feel the surge of his orgasm coming.

“No boy here, Eric,” she said. “Just a handsome man with a very handsome cock. Now give me your pleasure, Eric. Come all over my breasts. Drop your white load on my brown tits. Would you like that?”

Eric nodded and Catalina felt his cock throb. Normally she would use some sort of lube even if it was spit but Eric didn’t need it. Her hand was all her needed. She loosened her grip just slightly so she could jack him faster. Catalina rose up slightly on her knees, presenting her breasts a few tantalizing inches away from his cock. One good thrust and his cock would drop right into her cleavage.

She looked up at Eric and their eyes locked again. He needed that final bit to push himself over the edge.

Catalina licked her lips.

Eric cried out. His cock erupted and a heavy load shot forth. Catalina felt the hot splatter on her chest and her own sex clenched in frustration. She ignored her own needs and kept pumping his cock. Six streams later, she released him and looked down on the white splashes on her tits.

The come itself didn’t form a pattern. It’s the trained Voluptumancer’s sensitive mind that looks at the chaos of desire’s traces and makes sense out of it. Like an artists can see a dog in the clouds or a musician can hear the rhythm of an idling car, a Voluptumancer can sense the magic around her in the semen of a young man.

“Well shit, that explains a lot,” Catalina said. The pointy ears, the three rows of teeth and the triangle eyes emerged from the splattered mess on her tits.

“What is it?” Eric asked. “Can you see it or umm, do I need to do it again?”

Catalina smiled. “Put your shooter away, cowboy. Looks like this town has a gremlin.”

To be continued.

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  1. *desperately hangs onto every word while waiting for part two*

    I think Catalina slips into my top three characters from you, I’m bespelled by this tale already.

    Can’t wait for part two. ^^

  2. Mystique- Thanks. I think I finally figured out how I can write this character on a more regular basis.

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