May 272009

Catalina walked out into the street. Honking horns came from all over the city. A siren could be heard as well. Somewhere nearby, people were shouting at each other. The aura of frustration was seeping into the city. Catalina had to find the source and soon.

Eric came out of the store and joined her.

“Umm, you don’t have your shirt on, you know,” he said.

Catalina looked down. Her bare breasts glowed in the street lights. She could still see the pattern from where Eric came on her. “Shit, you’re right. God, I am too horny to think.”

“Is that why you’re rubbing yourself down there?” Eric asked.

Catalina looked again. Sure enough, her hand was between her thighs, rubbing her sex through the folds of her skirt. Catalina didn’t even realize it.

“This is not good,” she said. “This is going to be hard enough and I can’t focus. I have to get my shit together.”

“I brought your shirt, and some wipes for, you know,” Eric said.

“Thanks,” Catalina said. She put the shirt on without wiping herself first. “I prefer to let the seed soak in. Tell me Eric, what’s the largest metal structure in this town?”

“What?” he said. “I’m not sure. Do you know what’s causing it? I thought you said something about a gremlin? Those weird things from that movie?”

Catalina nodded. Her hand drifted back down between her thighs. Without even thinking about, her hand slipped into her waistband and slipped into her sex.

“I said gremlins but no, not like the movie. Gremlins are creatures from another plane of existence. That came here during World War II but they were mostly banished. One of two slip back in on occasion, though.”

Catalina stopped talking as she stroked herself. She had her clitoris trapped between two of her fingers and she was squeezing herself in a wonderful rhythm.

“So, umm, if a bunch of vibrators stop working, does that mean there is a bunch of them breaking things?” Eric asked. He thought about telling her that she was stroking herself but it was so damn hot to watch.

“No,” Catalina said. “Gremlins don’t break things. They steal a machine’s potential for sexual vibration. During the War, a lot of pilots were turned on by the rumbling of their planes and the fighting they were about to do. Gremlins would steal those vibrations and use them for their own pleasure. The result is that the machines don’t work because the Gremlins are interrupting that moment between when a machine works and the sexual pleasure it produces.”

Eric closed his eyes. “Potential vibrations? How does that even work?”

Catalina groaned. She was thrusting deep inside herself. “It’s why we call it magic. Right now a Gremlin is using those vibrations to get off. It would use something big and metal as a focus.”

“Well the biggest thing in town is the water tower,” Eric said. “Would that work?”

“Yes!” Catalina cried and Eric wasn’t sure if she was talking to him. “We should go there and check it out.”

She kept masturbating. Eric watched and bit his lip. He really wanted to keep watching. He sighed as his sense of responsibility kicked in.

“Then we better go now, right? You’re just standing there masturbating again.”

Catalina pulled her hand out from her skirt. Her hand glistened. “Fuck,” she said. “Do you have a car? You better drive.”

Eric’s car was parked around back. He opened the door for Catalina and she didn’t seem to notice. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman was in his car that wasn’t his mom. He just hoped he hadn’t left any porn in the front seat.

He hadn’t.

They drove for twenty minutes. Eric didn’t say anything, mostly because he was hoping Catalina would start masturbating again. In his mind he could picture her hiking up her skirt and fingering herself. He wondered if she was smooth or if she had hair. He wondered if he would get to know.

“Holy shit,” she yelled as they came within sight of the water tower.

“I know, it’s huge right?” Eric said. “We had a drought back in the 40’s so they built the biggest water tower they could as a sort or reservoir.”

Catalina laughed. “I’m talking about the Gremlin. You can’t see it, can you?”

Eric peered through the windshield. “Nope, is he on top?”

“Here, this will help,” Catalina said. She finally did pull up her skirt and Eric was aroused to see a lovely patch of dark hair between her legs. She dipped her fingers into her sex and pulled it out. Her fingers came close to his face and he opened his mouth.

“Shut your mouth, Eric,” she said kindly. Catalina rubbed her wet fingers over his eyebrows and then on each cheek. The smell of her desire was intoxicating.

“Now look,” she said.

Eric screamed. The monster was straddling the water tower. It’s fat legs dangled on either side of the tower while it’s clawed hands gripped the edge. The face was smiling with a mouth that had too much teeth. The monster was grinding. It rubbed itself back and forth across the topside of the tower. Eric couldn’t see it’s genitals but he realized he really didn’t want to.

Catalina looked at him. This was the important part. Normally she worked alone but she needed the help. Being exposed to something from another world breaks most people. She had to know if she could trust him.

Eric looked away from the monster. “Well fuck,” he said. “How do we stop it?”

Catalina grabbed his face and kissed him. Their mouths opened and their tongues tasted each other. They kissed till Eric ran out of breath.

“What was that for?” he asked.

“That was the right answer,” Catalina said. “Now come on.”

They got out of the car and approached the water tower. There was a humming sound and Eric realized it was the tower. The entire structure was vibrating.

“Wow, the gremlin has turned it into one big giant Sybian,” Eric said.

Catalina looked at him oddly. “You mean an Oracle?”

Eric laughed. “You might know a lot about sex magic, but you don’t know much about sex machines.”

“Good thing I have you,” Catalina said. She started to climb up the ladder to the top. “Come on Eric and please, be sure to look up my skirt.”

The ladder rungs were vibrating so much that Eric’s fingers were in danger of going numb. As Catalina requested, he kept his eyes mostly looking up. Catalina’s skirt stayed open and Eric wondered if that was the result of her magic. He didn’t care. The view of her shapely legs in constant motion kept Eric in motion as he followed. On occasion the skirt would open even further and he could see the outline of her curvy ass. The climb was over in no time.

It was very disorienting on top of the water tower. Eric could see the giant Gremlin grinding away but the creature was transparent. Catalina walked through one of the Gremlin’s legs and headed to the center of the tower. Eric hesitated in following. The center was where the creature’s vagina was rubbing the tower.

“What’s the matter,” Catalina yelled.

“It has a pussy!” Eric yelled. “I thought it would have something, you know, weirder and magical!”

Catalina’s laughter could be heard above the vibrations. “A pussy is pretty magical if you ask me. Now get yourself over here. We’re going to banish this thing.”

Eric sighed and took a step. He walked through the Gremlin and there was no resistance at all. He kept walking and tried to avoid the monster’s bucking pussy but it was impossible. Catalina was standing right on it.

“How are we going to do that?” Eric said.

“Gremlins get off on the sexual connection between people and machines, but they are notoriously close minded about other connections,” Catalina said. “We’re going to kill the sexual arousal in this Gremlin by having sex.”

“Wow,” Eric said. “So, we’re going to gross the monster out by fucking? This is the best plan ever!”

Catalina smiled. She touched him on the shoulder and Eric felt a sudden rush of air. His clothes exploded off his body, littering the top of the water tower with the shredded fragments of his clothes.

“Jesus!” he yelled.

“What can I say?” Catalina said. “I’m in a fucking hurry.”

Eric laughed nervously. He got down on his back. The metal was surprisingly warm. The tower’s vibrations did funny things to his scrotum. The worse part was that now that he was on his back, he was looking straight up the Gremlin’s ten foot high cunt.

He looked at Catalina instead. The busty woman had already taken off her shirt and was now stepping out of her skirt. The moonlight made her dusky body glow. She stood over Eric’s body and then squatted down. She grabbed his cock and gave him a squeeze.

“You’ve already came tonight and here you are, hard and ready to go again,” Catalina said.

“Gee, it must be magic,” Eric said.

Catalina laughed and while she was still laughing, she slid her sex over his. His young hardness merged into her wise heat. She took all of him into her and when there was no more to take, her thighs and knees settled around his hips. They were joined.

Eric looked up. The beautiful Hispanic woman moved. It wasn’t the mechanical up and down he had seen in porn. This was a slow sensuous swaying that pulsed through Catalina’s entire body. Her satin black hair shimmered over her breasts as her twisted and turned. Her fingers stroked rhythmic paths through his chest hair. Catalina’s body became an extension of his desires through his cock.

This was sex. Although Eric wasn’t a virgin, he felt like he had never had sex before.

Above Catalina, the Gremlin continued to grind. Eric couldn’t help looking at it. It’s pussy engulfed Eric and Catalina and Eric could swear he could almost feel the juices he saw coming off it.

“Look at me,” Catalina said. Her fingers pinched his nipples and he tore his gaze off the Gremlin. “Look at me, Eric. Ignore everything and think about how good I feel.”

“I’m trying,” he groaned. “It’s just so weird.”

Catalina nodded. She rolled her hips in a wonderful way. “Think about what you are going to do to me later.”

“Later?” Eric asked.

“Oh yes,” Catalina said. “When we banish this Gremlin, I’m taking you back to my hotel room for a proper reward. It’s not every day you save a town from its own frustrations. And we will do anything you want Eric.”

She looked at him and licked her lips. “Anything, Eric.”

His hands gripped her hips. “Oh God,” he said.

“Want me to suck you off and let you come on my face like they do in porn?” Catalina said. “I’ll do it.”

“Want to fuck my tight ass while I grip the bed sheets?” Catalina said. “I’ll do it.”

“Want to eat my pussy till I come on your tongue?” Catalina said. “I’ll do it.”

“Want me to come all night long like I am about to do right now, Eric?” Catalina said. “I so want to do that.”

Eric watched as Catalina came. Her slow sensual movements sped into a frenzy. He felt her sex clenching on his cock tighter than anything he had felt before. She threw her head back and her hair snapped back with her.

“Yes!” Catalina cried.

Eric said nothing as he came, his speech stolen by the beauty on top of him.

It took another before he realized the Gremlin was gone.

“We did it!” Eric said.

Catalina shifted her hips. They both moaned. “We certainly did.”

“Did you mean it when you said you wanted me to come back to your hotel room?” Eric said.

Catalina shifted hips again. “Yes. The frustration is mostly gone but I am still carrying a lot of it. I need to get it out of my system soon. I have an appointment in two days to bless a brothel.”

“Wow, so you do stuff like this all the time?” Eric asked.

“Mostly,” she answered. “Most of the time I work for clients who need a little magical help. A crisis like this isn’t common, but when it happens I do my part to stop it.”

Eric was quiet. Catalina did something clever with her hips.

“Do you need any help?” Eric asked.

Catalina stopped moving. “With the brothel?”

“Yeah, or anything else you do,” Eric said. “I mean, I worked in a sex store so I know things. I’m not shy about kinky stuff. And well, this was fun and scary and very weird. I just, I can’t work for my mom forever, you know?”

Catalina leaned forward. Her breasts pressed against his chest. He could feel her breathe on his lips.

“It’s not all fun and sex,” she said. “Sometimes it’s danger and sex.”

Eric’s cock pulsed.

“And it won’t just be sex with you,” Catalina said. “I will have sex with sprits, demons and monsters and sometimes just really hot looking guys. I can’t be faithful. Do you understand that?”

Eric nodded.

“No, you don’t,” Catalina said. “But that’s okay. Jealousy can be a potent energy as well.”

She sat up and settled back on his cock. “We have a lot to go over. I’ll need to train your mind to prepare for the psychic fallout that comes from magic. I’ll need to read your sexual astrology. Shit, I need to figure out how much I am going to pay you.”

“Ok, sure,” Eric said. “What do we work on first?”

Catalina looked down on him. “Getting back to my hotel and fucking our brains out.”

The end.

  7 Responses to “Fiction: The Day the Vibrators Died Part Two”

  1. I liked it. A little magic, a little horror, a lot of sex. Planes crashing in WWII due to pilots getting off in them? Cool idea. And now the veloptom- the violem- the sex-magic lady has a partner. Fun stuff.

  2. Thanks. this was just a joy to write. I want to run this a campaign lol.

  3. And it was a joy (that’s an understatement btw) to read.

    Here we have a gremlin who steals good vibrations to use for itself with something metal to get off and the way to get rid of it, to quote Eric:
    “So, we’re going to gross the monster out by fucking? This is the best plan ever!”

    Your imagination never ceases to amaze me, please submit this story somewhere cause it’s just so random yet awesome xD

    And I had this notion that Catalina was a sole worker, but you’re aiding her with a trusty sidekick, so I’m curious to see where you’re taking these two with future adventures.

    For the meantime, had so much fun reading it, thanks for the conclusion. ^^

  4. Mystique- Thank you. I have three other stories in mind with these two. I also saw Catalina as a sole worker too, but I realized that having a Watson or a Rose really helped move the story along. I resisted the idea but once I gave in it was terribly easy to write.

  5. Simply delicious twist to Catalina’s tales (uh, tails?). After you posted part one I went back and read her previous exploits. What an engaging, sexy heroine. I hope you have much more dreamed up for her!

  6. You continue to feed my inner fangirl, you never disappoint.

    Full of win, you are.

  7. Kes- Thanks. I am glad the past stories are coherent considering I wrote one of them years apart lol.

    Musns- Thanks :) I will take full of win any day.

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