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The Devil’s Hexagon is an area of downtown Atlanta in which a number of strippers, escorts and beautiful people have disappeared during the early 90’s. The local media attributed the disappearances to a serial killer but no bodies of the missing were ever found. Also, many of the disappearances happened in front of witnesses although the sordid nature of the Devil’s Hexagon discourages many witnesses from sticking around or giving their true names to reporters.

The boundaries of the Devil’s Hexagon traditionally starts at the male strip club, ‘Men, Men and Men’, travels east down Peachtree Street to the adult store, ‘The Toy Shack’, then heads southeast down Dunwoody Industrial to the adult video rental store, ‘Starnight Movies’, southwest down Dunwoody-Peachtree to the tattoo parlor, ‘it’s Gonna hurt’, then west down Piedmont to the adult book store, ‘Brown Bag Books’ then northwest up Peachtree Peidmont to the strip club, ‘The Classy Belle’ then northeast up Peachtree Street back to ‘Men, Men and Men.’

The first documented disappearance happened in 1993 when stripper, Brad Bimmers went missing. Witness spotted him walking through the front door of a tanning salon but the security cameras of the salon showed no one entering. Local homphobic rednecks were blamed and posters went up but no one information came forward on Brad or his amazing physique.

For the next four years, at least 100 other cases were documented. It began with missing strippers and other adult industry workers but soon customers and in one case, an car of lost high school cheerleaders went missing. The cheerleaders was one of the more disturbing cases as the car was found idling on a street corner with the doors locked and the windows rolled up. Their purses were left behind but odddly not their pom poms.

Religious groups claim the disappearances was God weeding out the sinners. Civic leaders argued that the disappearances were proof that the clubs and adult businesses should be closed down. Right wing militia groups suspected that black vans were kidnapping people to use as sex slaves for the United Nations.

A pagan witch by the name of Medea Ares claims that the disappearances are the first sign of a Sexual Rapture where all the sex workers were taken to a paradise to teach them to be sex angels for the Apocafuck. This theory of course was ignored and ridiculed by the Atlanta Constitution as they preferred the United Nations sex slave theory.

The last reported disappearance happened stopped in 1996 when the stripper, Dusty Mounds vanished on stage. The busty blonde was spinning on a pole and simply vanished. The centrifugal force sent her bikini top and bottom into the crowd. At first the crowd applauded as they thought it was part of the act but when she didn’t reappear to collect the money on stage they knew she had really dissappeared.

In 1998, zoning laws closed down many of the adult businesses in the Devil’s Hexagon. Most of the owners moved onto to other interests that were more socially acceptable like advance payroll cashing, gun stores and real estate. The area is now known for having the highest concentration of Waffle Houses in Atlanta, which is saying something.

Recently in 2009, several fabulously attractive people have disappeared in Tokyo, Japan around one of the more disreputable parts of town. It will take more research to determine if this a new Devil’s Hexagon.

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  1. Fabulous, as usual. “Dusty Mounds” is an excellent stripper name, but my favorite parts is “Most of the owners moved onto to other interests that were more socially acceptable like advance payroll cashing, gun stores and real estate.” Sad.

  2. Miss Blue- Sad but very true.

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