May 102009

The new Star Trek movie is great.

You want more? Okay. For a franchise that has touted the interracial and international nature of it’s crew, this is the first Star Trek movie that gave Sulu, Chekov and Uhura significant screen time to the point that I felt like they were the cream of their professions. That might seem minor to you but in a movie that is juggling 7 or 8 characters, I was really impressed.

They also somehow made a Kirk who was a disrespectful asshole but somehow someone you can root for and sympathize.

The movie finally embraced that Spock is far from logical. He’s a damn emotional timebomb who is trying really hard to be calm around these idiot apes. I love that.

Most of all, it was fun. I fully endorse fun movies.

  2 Responses to “About Star Trek”

  1. I saw this last night and liked it and agree with your commentary.

  2. Yeah, it is just a great movie.

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