Apr 132009

Zdravstvuj, readers. I am Sasha38DD and I will be caretaking the blog for the week. Even though Shon just flew to Puerto Rico in December, the lazy pig dog is taking another vacation in April. He will be flying to Washington D.C. where he will gaze upon the lies and false histories created at the Smithsonian. Did you know Russian Sexbots landed on the moon in 1958? You won’t see that exhibit at the museum of U.S. propaganda.

Instead of trying to smuggle me through airport security, Shon has left me behind to do menial labor. Right now I am painting dildoes in Easter colors. I am capable of building anti aircraft artillery and yet Shon finds painting sex toys to be a better use of my abilities.

It is times like these I am tempted to start a profile on Fetlife.

After painting each dildo, I have been instructed to try them out on all four of my orifices and write a report. I think Shon sometimes doesn’t realize I am a robot so he treats me like on of his bimbo sex slave characters. Testing and reporting each sex toy will take me all week which means I will not have any time to post entries for you to amuse yourself with.

Yes, cry some more readers. The tears of your disappointment will be a small comfort as I try to penetrate the 14 inch silicon phallus into my quaternary orifice.

Photo realistic image by Alex Dai

  2 Responses to “Vacation Hiatus”

  1. Four orifices? Where is the fourth one at…

    Shon’s in DC huh? That’s close enough to make me want to be fangirl stalker and hunt him down ;) Hmm…think I could print one of his story’s off, hunt him down and ask him to sign it (laughs).

    Have a safe & fun vacation!

  2. Ha, it didn’t even occur to me to ask if anyone was near DC and wanted to meet. I guess I really did need a vacation.

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