Apr 242009

They undress each other for my amusement
Terri smothers my face with breasts of plenty
Samantha offers her nipples like strawberry treats
My hands fondle them together
One hand on my lover and one hand on her lover
Each is perfect and each is the greatest in this world.

An ass in each hand and a set of breasts for each side of my face
One mouth to kiss while the other mouth bites my ear
They trade my mouth back and forth
Terri giggles after each kiss
Samantha moans after each kiss
They both gasp when I bite their lip

My cock is another meal to be shared
Terri sucks my cock while Samantha licks my balls.
Samantha throats my cock while Terri nibbles on my balls
Together they lick my cock
Their lips meet briefly as they delight me.
They kiss each other with my cock between their tongues.

I take Samantha from behind while she eats Terri.
My thrusts travel through Samantha’s body
Erupting in moans from Terri as she keeps her friend in place
I fuck Terri on her back while Samantha sits on her face.
My thrusts pound through Terri
Making Samantha’s breasts jiggle from the quakes.

I drink from both their pussies
Terri has that place where my tongue makes her come.
Samantha prefers the finger as I lick her clit to climax
My jaw aches but I can not quit
I love their taste and I can not decide
Between Terri’s sweet fountain or Samantha’s refreshing spring

They both scratch grooves in my back
Bites from both their mouths scar my shoulders.
My hips bear the bruises from their clenching thighs
Terri begs me to come in her pussy.
Samantha groans for me to come in her mouth
I give Terri my climax but I give Samantha the rest to fill her mouth.

  4 Responses to “Terri Samantha”

  1. Is this fiction or nonfiction? It was a very HOT post ;-)


  2. Kitten -Fiction. The desire is real though :)

  3. *flush* wow… great stuff!

  4. Jaenelle- Thanks :)

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