Apr 082009

“Fucking wonderful.”

Fiona shivered in the Easter morning dew. She wasn’t the only one. All around her, submissives were struggling with the unsexy damp chill. Topless women wearing nothing but white stockings, bunny ears and thongs with little rabbit tails were going to be fucking cold.

They were participating in one of those decadently sinful ideas that look great on someone’s livejournal but was pretty awful in actual execution. It was an Easter Hunt, arranged by the too wealthy for his own good, Sir Paddle. They were on his estate outside the city which meant they were away from prying eyes, but it was also so secluded that the idea of naked women running around was too kinky to pass up.

Fiona looked to Victor, her Master. Of course, he was fine since he was dressed in a suit and jacket. Asshole. All of the Masters and Mistresses were dressed like they were attending Church. Fiona shivered again but this time it was from desire. She had to admit that the contrast was hot. All the submissives looked like cheap sluts from a dirty magazine while the Masters looked like they were from another world much classier than here.

Her Master wasn’t looking at her. He was looking at this short little blonde bitch with painted tits. Fiona frowned. All of the other girls wore the strict uniform that Sir Paddle had requested, but that little bitch had painted her tits like Easter eggs. All of the Masters were looking at the bitch and admiring her. What was her name? Kitten something? Or Angel something? God, Fiona hated cutesy sweet submissive names.

Fiona took a deep breath. God damn it, why was her Master looking at that painted whore? Fiona was a six foot tall redhead with long curly red hair. Her tits were still perky instead of falling like so many of the women here. Fiona had a great ass from all her exercising where as she pretty damn sure none of the other women here knew what a fucking squat crunch felt like. Fiona was the hottest woman here and it burned her inside when she caught her Master looking at other women.

To Fiona’s left, another submissive was twitching her nose and sniffing her Master’s hair. Fiona rolled her eyes. Oh God, someone is fucking role-playing being a rabbit.

“When does this stupid game start?” Fiona snarled.

Her Master slapped her hard across the face. “Patience and language, young lady.”

Fiona’s eyes took a moment to focus again. All of her annoyance was briefly replaced with the euphoria of being put in her place. The sting on her face warmed her against the chill of the dew.

“Are all our little bunnies ready?” Sir Paddle announced. He was standing on a lawn chair. Fiona couldn’t help notice the leg of the chairs were folding under his weight.

“Yes!” the other little obedient submissives yelled.

“Good!” Sir Paddle declared. “Somewhere on this lawn, are hidden three prizes! Now there are only three prizes so you’ll have to really look for it! Once you find a prize, bring it to me in your mouth. Once all three are found, the Easter Hunt ends!”

“What are the prizes?” Fiona asked. There was a murmur of disapproval from the other submissives. The cunts hated it when a submissive was presumptuous enough to speak out of turn.

“You’ll recognize it when you see it,” Sir Paddle said.

Fiona looked at the lawn. There were dozens of bushes, a few trees and too much furniture. She looked down at her white stockings. This was going to get dirty quickly.

Her Master grabbed her by the hair. “Bring me a prize,” he demanded.

Fiona swallowed. “There are only three,” she said.

“Bring me a prize or I will give you to Sir Paddle for the night.”

Fiona groaned. Shit, that fat fuck would tear her ass up for an hour and then his penis would fuck her for 2 minutes. This is not how she wanted to spend Easter.

“I’ll get you a prize,” she said. He released her hair.

“Ready!” Sir Paddle yelled. “Set, go!”

The bunny submissives broke into a run. They were all barefoot except for their white stockings. The cold grass sent chills up Fiona’s spine but she gave it her all. A chubby submissive got in her way and Fiona happily shoved her into some bushes.

“Oops!” Fiona said very unconvincingly.

Most of the bunnies ran for the big circular hedge that was in the center of the lawn but Fiona ignored it. It was too obvious. Fiona might not be the most submissive woman here, but she was a great fuck because she understood sadists. Fiona figured a sadistic person would hide something in the most obscure place possible. She skipped the easy to reach bushes and headed for a clump of bushes that were almost hidden behind a tool shed.

Fiona ran to the farthest bush and rummaged through it. The dark overcast skies made everything look a dull green but Fiona was hunting for color. She assumed they were looking for Easter eggs, something colorful and bright. Her fingers dug lightly through the dirt. She wouldn’t put it past sir Paddle to actually bury a prize.

Someone was looking in the bush beside Fiona. It was Sunbeam, that New Age submissive who keeps trying to talk to the other girls about the spirituality of submission. Fiona would have hated her for that alone, but the fact that Victor kept admiring Sunbeam’s ass was all the reason Fiona needed.

“Look somewhere else, bitch,” Fiona said.

Sunbeam’s perpetual smile faltered a bit. “You can’t call dibs on hiding spots, silly.”

Fiona stood up. “I can plant a foot up your ass, right?”

Sunbeam frowned. “You are so negative, Fiona. You’re not better than us or anything.” She got up and left.

“Fuck yeah, I am,” Fiona said. She tore through the bush Sunbeam was at. The bush had thorns but Fiona didn’t care. She was tough. She was strong. She was beautiful. She wasn’t going to let a silly kink game get the better of her.

“I got one” someone yelled. It was some older woman Fiona didn’t recognize. The lady held something in the air and Fiona sighed. It was a bright dildo, painted in Easter stripes. Of course.

“Remember to carry it in your mouth!” Sir Paddle said.

The woman happily put the dildo in her mouth like a dog carrying a bone. Fiona sighed again. Some women just don’t understand what a Master wants when he gives a command. When Fiona found a prize that was not how she was going to carry it.

Fiona looked back at the lawn. Now that she knew it was a dildo, she had a better idea of where to look. It looks like the woman found the prize underneath a lawn table. Okay, that means you need somewhere to hide eight or nine inches long. The bushes were still a good idea but under the lawn table? That seemed almost too easy.

The cold wind blew across Fiona’s bare tits. “God damn this game,” she said.

“I found one!” a voice yelled out. Fiona groaned when she saw it was that painted bitch again. AngelCat, yeah that was her lane ass name. Fiona watched as AngelCat put the dildo in her mouth crossways. Then the stupid bitch HOPPED over to Sir Paddle.

“Oh my God,” Fiona swore. Submission wasn’t cute. It wasn’t about dressing up and doing stupid little kids’ games. It wasn’t about freezing your ass off in stockings and stupid bunny ears. Not for the first time, Fiona thought about leaving the group to their inane stupidty.

She saw her Master looking at her. He had his arms crossed. Worse, he looked disappointed.

God damn mother fucking piece of shit. Fiona had to win. It was a stupid game but she had to win. She had to be better. She had to do what Victor demanded. She had to prove she was too good for this shit by being the best at it. She had to earn her own scorn.

AngelCat had found her prize in the bird fountain. That confused Fiona. What was fucking hard about that as a hiding place? It’s like that fat lazy fucker just tossed the prizes wherever it was easy to place.

Fiona bit her lip. She forgot sometimes that some Masters were no where near as sadistic as herself. She looked around the lawn again. This time she looked for easy places that you could something without the slightest bit of effort.

She ran to the flower garden. She fell on the wet grass and slid a few feet. One of the stupid bunnies stopped to help Fiona help. Fiona pushed the girl away. Fiona’s body was covered in wet grass but she didn’t care. Getting dirty was something submissives do.

The flower garden was simple and uninspired. Fiona stood over the garden and scanned it quickly. Rose, rose, tulip, tulip, tulip, lily, ten inch didlo painted in pink swirls.

“I fucking have it!” Fiona yelled. She picked it up and made sure everyone saw her. With everyone’s eyes on her, Fiona opened her mouth and deep throated the dildo. It tasted of dirt and dew but Fiona sealed her lips around it. She had had far more disgusting things in her mouth.

She walked over to Sir Paddle with a mouth full of dildo. She swung her hips. She let the wind rip through her long red hair. She savored the look of disappointment on the other submissives’ faces. Her pussy flushed as she saw the leering look of the Masters and Mistresses.

Fiona stood in front of Sir Paddle and tilted her mouth to him. He reached up and pulled the long dildo out of her mouth. Because he was a pervert, he pulled it out slowly. Because Fiona loved to tease those she would never fuck, she moaned as he pulled it out.

Sir Paddle handed the prize to Fiona’s Master. “Here you go, Victor. These things aren’t cheap so enjoy it.”

Fiona smiled at her Master. He slapped her even harder. While the stars floated in front of her eyes, he pushed her hard and she fell to the ground. His foot pushed her over to her belly.

Fiona knew what to do next. She lifted her ass and spread her legs. Her Bunny tail stayed on her ass as he pulled aside the thong. With a single thrust, Fiona took all nine inches of the dildo into her cunt.

She grabbed the grass as her Master viciously masturbated her. He was ramming the dildo into her and Fiona shuddered with the thrusts. She looked up at the shocked expressions on the submissives’ faces. AngelCat clenched her eyes in horror. Sunbeam looked like she was jealous. Most of them couldn’t stand to watch.

All the Masters watched though. Fiona loved that. She grunted as her Master violated her on the dirty grass. The thought that maybe these watching Masters might fuck their submissives tonight while thinking of Fiona just made her want to giggle in delight.

Instead, she came with a scream.

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  1. This was a fun read. At first, I was prepared to dislike Fiona, thinking she was a bad sub.

    I’m left undecided. I don’t know…I suppose in the final analysis, I wonder if she pleased her Master, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

    I found myself liking her, anyway. Particularly when she knocked the other submissive into the bushes. It made me laugh. And the ending was very good.

  2. Erila- Thanks. I don’t know if she is a good sub or not, but I am convinced she is a bad person. Not that anything is wrong with it :)

  3. Good sub, bad sub… it takes ALL kinds… I liked her… also was a nice bit of poking fun at some of the ridiculous ideas out there…

  4. As i write that comment with the words velvet and kitten in my nick!!! LOL!!!

  5. VelvetKittenBBW- I am so glad you found that funny too. I really worried that Fiona’s hatred of cats and angels would come across wrong.

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