Apr 292009

The chopper was noisy as fuck but what really bothered Sue were the other mercenaries. She had never met a mother fucker who could not shut up right before a fight.

“My rifle is lubed up and ready to fuck some drug dealer up the ass!” shouted Madman Conner.

“Your little dick pistol couldn’t fuck a handjob,” shouted Dahmer Bob. “Unlike my mean machine here which is going to skull fuck every Cartel bustard we run across.”

“What about you Sue?” MadMan asked. The asshole was dumb enough to put his hand on her knee. “What kind of rape are you going to give those cocaine snorting child fuckers?”

Sue swung her custom made rifle up and planted the muzzle right between Madman’s open thighs. The targeting laser read the heat beneath his pants and transmitted the image of his cock to her sunglasses. Her finger itched, ready to unleash 30 rounds of armor piercing castration into his crotch.

For once, the other ten hired gunmen were silent. Sue took a moment to adjust her cowboy hat and enjoyed the quiet for as long as she could.

“The name is Big Gun Sue,” she said.

“Gun?” B.A. Frank said. “That thing is a damn cannon. How does a girl like you lift that fucking thing?”

Madman Conner looked at Frank with a betrayed look on his face. “Come on man, don’t give Sue a hard time when she’s got her gun on my dick!”

Big Gun Sue smiled and put the rifle back in her lap. “Lots of practice shooting cocksuckers like you,” she told Frank. Trash talking her fellow mercenaries was just foreplay. Sue was ready to get to the fucking already.

Frank didn’t have a chance to answer as their headsets came to life. They were nearing their destination and Darkmountain Industries always insisted on a final mission briefing. After getting fat on American contracts in Iraq, Darkmountain was looking to expand into other armed massacres across the world. Today they were testing the South American markets by hiring out to wipe out a cocaine warehouse. The job was a simple case of kill and obliterate but Darkmountain was treating this mission as a showcase. They didn’t want success; they wanted a spectacular display of their killing power. This was their Super Bowl ad for the year.

Big Gun Sue didn’t care. She reached between her legs and made sure her vibrator was in place. A quick feel on her tits confirmed that the twin mini vibes were on place on her nipples. She took her hat off and wound her long blonde hair into a ponytail before putting her hat back on. The HUD inside her sunglasses went into night vision mode.

Big Gun Sue was ready to fuck.

She got her first kill twenty minutes after touching down. She sighted a guard on patrol duty outside the compound. Well, she didn’t know if he was on patrol or what the fuck he was doing but he had a gun and that was good enough for Sue.

Her gun was already in silencer mode. She took aim, and targeted the armed man’s head. A trigger squeeze later and he dropped like straight down like a ragdoll.

Sue had a moment of pity for the man. He never saw her coming or had any idea he was going to die tonight. Did he have a wife? Did he have kids? Any great regrets that he should have taken care of before tonight?

The vibrator in her cunt came to life. Five sweet seconds of vibrations filled her sex. She forgot about the cocksucker’s life story and enjoyed the moment. The buzzing went away and Big Gun Sue sighed. Now she was really horny.

The warehouse itself did not disappoint. Big Gun Sue sniped too more guards while B.A. Frank and Dahmer Bob cut an opening in the fence. The reward vibrations in her panties kept her tense as they crept through the cut fence. Her night vision glasses revealed that the place was crawling with hostiles. Apparently running a cocaine storage facility in the jungle required a lot of manpower.

Big Gun Sue shivered at the thought of the firefight ahead.

The Darkmountain team swept in with the same methodical skill they used to suppress insurgent villages in Iraq. Which means someone fucked up of course and got a little noisy with their kill. It wasn’t long before the entire complex was armed and shooting blindly into the jungle night.

That suited Sue just fine. Breasts heaving with excitement, she found some cover and took her position. The night vision glasses calculated her targets and feed information into her Heads Up Display. She slammed a fresh clip into her gun and went to work.

This was the fun part.

Sweep, sweep, find target, fire shot to spook target, fire second shot to target’s chest once she determined his path and then enjoy the delicious vibrations in her cunt.

Sweep for next target, hold breathe, aim, fire and soak in the faster vibrations now warming up her pussy.

Sweep across to a group of targets, switch to controlled auto, aim waist high, send a hundred custom made rounds screaming across the jungle, watch the targets drop and then smile as the nipple vibrators come to live as multiple confirmed kills send her reward system into overdrive.

The multiple kill was the first orgasm of the night but Big Gun Sue went on the move. It wasn’t smart to stay in one position for too long no matter how hard her nipples were. Her knees were a little shaky from the orgasm but it was worth it. She took cover underneath a truck and went back to work.

A steady string of kills kept the vibrator buzzing. Once in awhile she would catch something that would make her pause. A target would cry out like a wounded animal before Sue could finish him off. One target looked awfully young before Sue turned his face into red mist. These incidents might come back to her later in her sleep but for now, the constant buzz of the vibrator kept her going.

Some jackasses tried to set up an old fashioned machine gun nest with some giant weapon that Sue had only seen in history books. Sue switched to her two-shot grenade launcher and calculated the arc. The grenade flew through the air like a guided missile. Not only did she blow up the jackasses, but the twisted wreckage of the gun few a good ten feet in the air.

Big Gun Sue’s eyes rolled as her second orgasm hit her. Blowing up heavy weaponry was one of the few conditions that would send her vibrator into the maximum intensity. The vibrator clamps on her nipples matched the intensity as her orgasm quaked through her body.

She put her afterglow aside as she watched B.A. Frank running for his life. The father humper was bleeding from his shoulder and he was missing his rifle. Tracer fire dance around his feet as his pursuers tried to bring him down.

Sue didn’t hesitate. She followed the tracer fire back to its source and took down Frank’s chasers with three perfectly aimed shots. It wasn’t affection that caused her to save Frank’s life; it was the oscillating vibration program that her vibrator was set up for conditions where she saved a teammate. Ever since she instituted that reward, her Darkmountain Employee Performance Review had risen by 10 percentage points.

“Mission accomplished, begin fallback.” Sue sighed as the order came in. It had been a good night but she wanted more. She was so close to coming again, she knew it.

Big Gun Sue took cover duties as the team pulled out. If any of the targets mistake the retreat for weakness and tried to follow, Sue was going to teach them the error of their assumption. Her finger caressed the trigger button as if was her clitoris.

The targets didn’t pursue. That happened sometimes. It meant they were so fucked up that they were glad the shooting had stopped. In fact, Sue saw that most of the targets were running away from the area. They were so busy fleeing the scene; they hadn’t noticed their enemies were leaving.

Sue’s scope zeroed in on a fleeing target. The poor bastard was limping hard from a nasty wound to his leg. He might live the night if he was lucky. If he did live, odds are he would so traumatized by the ass fucking he just got from Darkmountain Industries that he would quit being a mercenary and go to a life of farming or fishing or whatever the fuck these people do. Sue had seen it happen a hundred times. This was guy wasn’t a threat to anyone.

But he was still carrying his gun, which meant he was an eligible target for her vibrator.

Big Gun Sue pulled the trigger.

Big Gun Sue came again.

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  1. Okay.
    Okay. That was fucked up. I mean seriously fucked up. I must be fucked up too for having liked it. It seemed real enough to probably be true, somewhere. A scene from a Kubrick movie, maybe? Who are these people that run around in your head?

  2. Dude, how do you think I felt writing it?

  3. *chuckles*
    The people?!
    I’m thinking more on the lines!
    How do you come up with this stuff, esp the friendly banter at the start, that was kinda awesome. xD
    It definitely set the tone of this story, so I kinda perked up and then read this line:
    “Her finger caressed the trigger button as if was her clitoris.”
    And whistled, lol.

    Perhaps I’m just in a dark mood, but cool story. ^^

  4. Mystique- Over Macho banter is a hobby of mine. I can’t watch any military or space fighting movie without soaking in the terribly homosexual subtext. I then apply that some conversation in other circumstances like cooking or shopping for balloons. My friends hate it lol.

  5. Heehee, all I could think while reading it is, “Otto’s expanding”


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