Apr 102009

Why yes, I have nothing to post today. How could you tell?

The Dalek Chicks are three adorable cosplayers who give me hope for costuming again. Seriously, that is damn cute.

Work has been insane. Man was not meant to work 12 hour shifts from home. Dinner is that magical time when I can escape the office, eat something with a fork and then return to my command center. We’re doing this very important non-disclosure thing that amps up our workload for an intense month and a half. Since I am middle management, I’m the guy who tries to keep exhausted employees working when I want to run away from it all and join a folk band.

My folk band would basically rip off Michael Hurley songs but it would be awesome by the way.

I’m pretty proud of Easter Hunt, the story with no comments below me. It’s a mean, bitter story about a submissive suffering through an awful holiday themed kinky event. I violated one of my rules of Holiday Stories but not making it a happy story. Who knows, Easter may come and my story will be on a million web pages. Weirder shit has happened.

While slaving away for the Man, I have snuck out to start a Blip FM page. I haven’t uploaded some of my more personal favorite songs yet, but check it out. I have a Marvin song you must hear, as well as ‘Paint the Line’, my favorite pseudo 80’s song that never was. I might not have time to write but I don’t know, picking songs for you to listen to seems like a creative outlet. Maybe I should run away and become a folk singing DJ.

Thanks for sticking with the blog as I go through this horrific low content period.

  2 Responses to “Dalek Chicks”

  1. Hi Shon,
    I’m sorry I didn’t say anything about your Easter story sooner. I loved it, but it made me introspective rather than gushingly enthusiastic. Like all your stories, only more so, I loved the way in which you capture the human character. Your story seemed like a perfect backdrop for an exploration of a certain kind of person. I was incredibly impressed, but I couldn’t single out one thing to compliment you on, because it’s the story as a whole that made me feel that way.
    Love, miss blue.

  2. Hey Miss Blue- It’s okay. My own enthusiasm for a post sometimes exceeds reasonable expectations. In all the time I’ve written stories, holidays are the worse for feedback. I think in this case I was especially sensitive because it is rare for me to write such a nasty main character.

    Thanks for the work luck :)

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