Apr 232009

Today marks my 36th birthday. Yay me.

I’ve never feared getting older. When you grow up in an emotionally abusive household, getting older is the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s good to get old. It’s good to get out of the house. When I was a young twenty something, I had a hard time being taken seriously as a dominant male. Submissives equate age with power and strength. Heck, even as an amateur porn writer my age seemed to be a handicap. Of course I was writing about sexy Ninjas, I was too young as far as my online colleagues were concerned. Cripes, if I could have turned 36 at the age of 25 I would have.

The really weird thing about being 36 is that I feel like my life is just starting. I’m writing stuff I’m really proud of. I have a girlfriend who treats me as an equal. I am enriching myself with movies, books and experiences every week. I have stuff to do and I feel like I am finally doing it. I love life instead of just enduring it.

Have a great day today for me.

  10 Responses to “Celebration Time”

  1. Great, candid post, Shon.

    I like the power creativity has given you.

  2. Thanks Phantom. I appreciate that.

  3. Hope you do something fabulous. And have cake!

  4. Happy Birthday you dead sexy beast!

    With sincere wishes for many many more.

  5. Mad- Thanks. Today I’m listening to Cake, so I think that counts.

    CRwM- Thank you much, masked man.

  6. Happy Birthday, Shon. :)

    The changes you’re making are coming through in your writing. Your growing confidence and happiness are wonderful to read.

    Plus, you’re a perfect square. Won’t be that again for 13 years, so be sure to live it up this year. ;)

  7. I hope you have a fabulous birthday, and a wonderful year. I’ll do something to celebrate your birthday, since some day it will be a nat’l holiday– “Today we celebrate the birthday of erotiterrorist Shon Richards. His writings about the Apocafuck helped the common people prepare for that day, and his writings about sluts and doms and rude sex helped many an aspiring pervert find inspiration.”

  8. Roxy- Thanks, I didn’t realize I was a math square. Woot, I have a whole year of this.

    Miss Blue- Ha, you made my day just by mentioning the Apocafuck.

  9. It’s been a testing year for you, but it seems you’ve come out faring well, so all the best for the coming year, have a good one ;)

  10. Mystique- Thanks, I did!

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