Apr 202009

Washington D.C. was great. The first two days were cold and rainy but the last three days were sunny and warm. I had a long list of places I wanted to go to but I ended up running out of time. That was all right. I hit the art museums I wanted and wow, I just feel enriched. My girlfriend took about 800 pictures which freed me up to just walk and absorb.

I love sculptures. I love something that was meant to be walked around and appreciated in slices as well as altogether. As a writer, I find sculptures to be art from another world. I can tell a story and evoke desire but I can never craft a marble breast that just begs for your touch.

I also love Folk Art with a mad passion. My favorite Folk Artists annotate themselves. The paint a river of blood and then writer the words, ‘River of Blood’ on the river. It’s like the artists have no faith in their ability to convey their very important message so they are backing themselves up by labeling the river of blood, the whore of Babylon and the rain of fire. Their passion for their message surpasses their artistic ability and their own faith in their artistic ability and I find that inspiring somehow. I wish bloggers had that much passion.

Food was a mixed bag in D.C. We hit a few dives and we hit a few of the upper scale places. Quality was not dependent on the prices, let me tell you. I never expected so much seafood to be available nor did I expect that nearly 80% of the fish came from North Carolina. It was a weird deja vu to see a crappy small town I used to live near be listed as a far off exotic port on a fancy restaurant menu.

To my surprise, I enjoyed the Native American Museum the most. Most of the Smithsonian is aimed at children and tends to have wonderful artifacts but the presentation is juts below a History Channel special. The Native American Museum was refreshingly adult and very comprehensive. It focused on so many different tribes and presented a wealth of experiences. I was worried it would be depressing but in the end I was really uplifted by the understanding that so many Native cultures have survived and continue to endure in such overwhelming influential environments.

Now that I am back and I have forgotten more wonderful art than I can possibly remember, I am eager to write. I’m eager to try a few new things and I am eager to experiment and see where I go.

  2 Responses to “Back From Art”

  1. I’ve got this same picture somewhere, I swear (on Kodak paper which indicates how long ago it might have been taken). Can’t find it among all the others right now. Probably half the people visiting the museum took a shot of this. Nice.

  2. That’s pretty funny. I know when I walked in the Natural History Musuem I had a flashback when I saw the Elephant in the lobby. I was 10 when I last saw it and seeing it again did funny things to my sense of time.

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