Mar 022009

She lowers herself onto me, her ass settling into the mount.
Her hands grip my ankles as she impales on my cock.
My fingernails drag across her hips and form red lines where my spurs scratch.
The nipple clamps jingle on her breasts as she gets into place.

Now cowgirl, ride.

She bounces on my cock, a slow trot of moans.
Her thighs clench around mine as she seeks a deeper stride.
The jingle of the clamps mix with slap slap slap of flesh against flesh.
I can feel her cunt squeezing as she rides.

Ride cowgirl, ride.

Her ass bucks against me, harder and harder as she gallops faster.
She uses one hand to hold her hat while she grinds into the saddle of my cock.
I slap her hips, urging her to push harder, slam deeper and bounce higher.
She cries out her pleasure with a country yell.

Come cowgirl, come.

  2 Responses to “Ride of the Cowgirl”

  1. You really capture the unreasonable, unstoppable fire of lust in this.

    Nothing else matters!

  2. Thanks Phantom, that is exactly what I was going for.

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