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Erica glistened. She was a sparkling jewel where the hot sun caressed her bare skin. The perspiration ran down the insides of her bare arms and the narrow space between her breasts. Blindfolded and set into the opened window like a diamond, she had hours to appreciate her position while she waited for Thomas to return home.

The beautiful Plantation style farmhouse stood on an open tract of land surrounded by fields that stretched to the horizon. This was Thomas’ home; his since even before the marriage, but this room was hers. The window, the highest in the house, was visible for miles. That was of course, if anyone was even watching.

The wind rose, and Erica felt it soothe her nipples and give her a temporary respite from the hot sun. She was bound in Thomas’ favorite position, nude and suspended half-way out from the window by her arms which were pulled back and cuffed to the windowpane inside the house. Her legs were bound tightly together with rope and then secured to rings in the floor that prevented her from taking a single step or even spreading her legs. Erica’s long red hair was wrapped into a braid that came down over her leather collar. A tiny silver chain linked her collar almost invisibly to the inside of the house and it was taut enough that Erica was forced to lean out at a forty-five degree angle. The bondage was undetectable from the outside; as it appeared that Erica was simply leaning, topless and blindfolded, from her window.

She moaned when the wind died down. She shifted in her bonds as she tried to push more of her sweaty breasts into the failing wind, but the straps her husband had installed held her tight. She knew he wouldn’t release her until she was exhausted and flushed from the sun. And until then, He didn’t want her falling out of the window, especially from three stories up.

This was a fetish Erica wasn’t sure she understood. She suspected that he convinced her to move to this home out in the middle of nowhere just so he could play this game. On days like today, she became “Rapunzel in her Ivory Tower,” waiting for her prince to return from town, to charge up the staircase and into her room, to growl the fantasy name in her ear as he took her bound form from behind and repeat how much he loved to pull up to his driveway and see his slut waiting for him like a prize.

Suddenly, Erica heard a whistle and she froze. Sometimes the farmers in the area cut through Thomas’s property on their way to each other’s fields. What if one of those men was down there right now? Thomas often hinted that the farmers gave him strange looks when he was in town, and that some of them acted like they were dying to ask him about his Ivory Tower. Erica was never sure if he was teasing her or not, and right now, her mind was racing to remember if the whistle she just heard sounded like a bird or an aroused farmer.

Erica listened. The whistle wasn’t repeated, but she still couldn’t relax. She could feel a full body blush coming on as she pondered her vulnerable position. Had one of them seen her? Maybe a young man or perhaps an older man? Would he be shocked and run home to call the sheriff? Or would he sit down and gawk?

Erica felt a tingling in her sex at that last thought. What if he was sitting there right now? He could be sitting on the fallen tree Thomas never cleared. For that matter, he could be sitting with his pants around his ankles, masturbating furiously while he stared at his naked Erica. She could be causing an orgasm right now and not even realize it!

She shifted in her bonds and clenched her thighs tighter. Just the thought of being an anonymous orgasm donor was turning her on. Her thoughts multiplied and toyed with the permutations. Why stop with one farmer when a whole group could be down there? An entire work crew of farmers could be masturbating in silence as they watch the sweat fall from her hard nipples. Maybe one of them will get frustrated with just masturbating and force open the door to the house. While Thomas is in town shopping, a gang of horny farmers could be fondling and fucking her helpless body right now!

She rubbed her thighs together in frustration. “Hurry Thomas,” Erica moaned uselessly. When Thomas left her like this her mind always wondered towards the most deviant ideas. Being bound forced her to explore avenues and fantasies she would never consider but when she was blindfolded with only the sun and the wind to kiss her naked body; erotic dreams were all she could think of.

Erica then wondered if Thomas was outside taking pictures again. He had surprised her one morning by leaving a picture of her on her pillow while she slept. She was shocked to suddenly see herself from his point of view. She looked brazen, shameless and golden in the sunlight. For a brief moment she understood his game. Leaning out of the window she was a symbol of power and beauty. Erica wondered what she was thinking of when he took that picture and if he could read the fantasy in her mind from the points of her nipples.

The door slammed and Erica trembled. She prayed that it was Thomas, and not one of her wild ideas come to life. After a moment she heard footsteps on the stairs. Closer and closer the steps came to her room and Erica’s heart pounded as her uncertainty grew. The steps were heavy enough for a man, but which man?

Erica strained against her bindings. Would he fuck her hard this time, bouncing her against the windowpane till he erupted in her sex. Or would he sit beside her, calmly reading whatever he bought from town and slowly tease her with strokes between her thighs. One day, he simply untied her and brought her mouth to his cock. He ejaculated strongly between her lips and then left her frustrated for the rest of the day. Erica could feel her pussy throbbing as she remembered that day, and she promised herself she wouldn’t let him get away without fucking her today but she knew it was a lie. He was her Prince, and she was his Captive Slut in her Ivory Tower. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

The door to the room opened, and she heard the pad of feet approach her. Erica wanted to say something to the unknown man but the rules forbade it. She was Thomas’s captive and completely at his mercy. If it were Thomas, then she would be rewarded for obeying. If it wasn’t, then there really wasn’t anything she could do.

A swish through the air told her that the man had selected a paddle from the wall and was practicing. Her heart pounded so hard she thought it would leap from the window. It must be Thomas she felt. A stranger would have asked questions she thought. A part of her wasn’t so sure. Perhaps the stranger had seen her blindfolded in the window and guesses the game she played. The stranger may feel entitled to use her as he wished just because she was so vulnerable! Despite her fear or maybe because of it, Erica could feel her sex began to leak with desire.

She jumped as the first blow landed. Her breasts jiggled and her collar tightened against her throat. The sudden shock of the blow stung hard at first but slowly faded. That was when he hit her again.

The blows were hard but Erica could take them. Her buttocks flattened under the force of the paddle and Erica knew that welts were forming on her ass. The man stuck both cheeks equally, tanning them to a golden red till they glowed to his preference. Trapped as Erica was, she could only twist and writhe in the smallest increments as he covered her round ass in punishing spanks.

The trapped woman tried to guess if it was Thomas or not from the style of the spanking but she was too excited to think straight. All she could think about was the heat spreading on her skin. Her own desire was clouding her judgment to the point that she almost wished it was a stranger.

Erica was gasping when the spanking stopped. Her breaths were coming out in great gulps as she heard the man’s pants drop to the floor. Despite the burning in her ass she was smiling from ear to ear. Her tormentor had to have her. He couldn’t tease her any more.

He slipped his hard manhood between her bound thighs. The binding of her legs together ensured the tight fit and she recognized Thomas’s gentle but steady penetration. Thomas sank himself into Erica slowly and Erica moaned as he opened her. The bliss of being filled added to the burning sensation of his stomach when it pressed against her sore buttocks. Erica was literally in a state of heaven.

“Erica,” Thomas whispered as he fucked her ever so slowly. “They’re watching you right now.”

Erica gasped. Whether it was from the fucking or his words she couldn’t say. “Who?” she demanded but she could guess.

“The farmers, I didn’t catch their names,” Thomas said calmly as he continued to fuck her. He didn’t mind her breaking her silence. The long even strokes were obliterating her thought processes but she struggled to question him.

“You’re lying,” she said, but even she realized how unconvincing she sounded.

Thomas laughed. “How can you be sure?”

Erica moaned as Thomas picked up the pace. His stomach slapped against her buttocks while his balls bounced against her bound thighs. He was using the hard pace she loved so much. No, he was using the pace she craved but all she could think about was if she was really being watched.

“I can quit and let you free,” Thomas offered between grunts.

She knew he would. Erica always had that freedom. One word and he would release her with no hard feelings. He may even make love to her. Thomas had done it before and she knew he would do it again.

Erica said nothing and Thomas continued to pound her. How could she? Being his Rapunzel was her gift to him and if he wanted to show his gift to strangers, then that was his right.

He drove his cock into her faster, grabbing a hold of her braid for support. Erica moaned as he pulled hard on her braid, tilting her head and exposing her collar to her possible watchers. She hoped they appreciated the sight of her jiggling breasts. Erica hoped they could see the sweat fly from her body with every thrust. The Captive Slut hoped they were jerking off into the lawn at the sight of treasure they could never have.

His climax was fast and passionate. Her own climax followed and she screamed out her pleasure to the outside world. Thomas kept fucking her, invigorated as much as she was by the exhibitionism. Erica simply took his fucking, climaxing several times again before he had his second and final orgasm.

Later, he took her blindfold off before releasing the rest of her sore body. Erica didn’t see anyone outside but that didn’t prove anything. As he freed her limbs, Erica noted how completely sated and alive she felt. She also saw the smile on Thomas’s face.

Erica didn’t ask him if he was lying or not. It didn’t matter. She was his Princess and in the Ivory Tower, fantasy was as good as the truth.

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  1. Beautiful.

    p.s. “anonymous orgasm donor”– sweet!

  2. Miss Blue- thanks! When I was re-reading it, that line jumped out at me too lol.

  3. I agree, beautiful story. Well written and quite hot, too.

  4. Just lovely.

    Now I’m wishing you had one of those fabulous sketches (that you occasionally commission and post up) of her in her bondage hanging out the window. Nevermind, the image in my head is probably better (grins)!

  5. “…fantasy was as good as the truth.”

    Yes, indeed.

    Thank you, as always.


  6. Erila- Thank you very much.

    Musns- I think I wrote this story for a website that had illustrations for every story. So out there in a membership area somewhere is a picture lol. Your imagination will probably be better :)

    Eve- Yeah that is certainly a line I still beleive in.

  7. That was so hot – thank you for giving me a new setting for my fantasies :)

    xx Dee

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