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“Great party, isn’t it?” I asked Renee.

“Shit, Robert, not now,” she whispered.

“Why not?” I responded. “Half the party is watching your husband on the Karaoke machine and the other half is in the pool. You’re looking fantastic in this red cocktail dress and I’m thinking of a hundred ways to fuck you. When would be a better time for your next command?”

Renee bit her lip. She was terrified of Steve discovering her infidelity but there was something selfish inside her that couldn’t turn down a chance to be a slut. We were sitting in the back of the living room as the rest of the party watched Steve sing. No one was paying attention to us but it could change in an instant. I watched as the blonde squirmed before making her decision.

“What do you want?” Renee asked.

“Just give me your underwear,” I said.

“Right here?” she whispered. Her cheeks were already flushing.

“Right here,” I said. “For starters,” I added.

The promise of future debauchery did it. Renee watched the crowd of house guests in front of her and slowly lifted her short black dress. Their backs were to us and all it would take was one person needing a drink to expose Renee. She moved fast; lifting her ass off the couch we were on and grabbing hold of her panties. It only took a moment for her to pull her panties down her legs and over her heels. I smiled at the sight of the red thong. It had been a Christmas gift from me.

“Thank you, my slut,” I said. I stuffed the thong into my pants pocket while Renee scrambled to readjust her dress. It was just in time too—her boss at work came out of the crowd to look for the bathroom. It was a close call but once again our secret was safe.

“Let’s go to your kitchen,” I said.

“No,” Renee whispered. “Please. I’ll do whatever you want later, but not now.”

I chuckled. “Now,” I said.

That was the end of that debate. Renee led the way while I simply watched her wonderful ass move in front of me. Jack and Carrie were in the kitchen, so I had to suffer through an inane conversation about air conditioning while Renee appeared to look busy. When the intruding couple finally left, I appreciated the look of terror on Renee’s face. As afraid as she was, she wasn’t going to deny me. It wasn’t our way.

“Pull down your top,” I commanded.

Renee watched the kitchen door and did as I asked. Her full breasts flopped out of her flimsy dress top and I quickly took one of her nipples into my mouth. My tongue lashed over her sensitive nub and I was pleased by how erect it was before my first lick. I sucked on her breasts to my heart’s content while the party continued just a few feet away.

“Very nice,” I said, and my slut blushed at the compliment. Her blush turned to fear when she saw the black marker I pulled from my jacket. Renee didn’t say a word as I wrote my name across her left breast, placing the ‘b’ over her nipple.

“Leave that there till I come for it,” I said.

“What if Steve sees it?” Renee demanded.

“Then you’ll have some explaining to do,” I said.

I left the kitchen and went to the pool outside. Renee almost followed me but she knew better. She wanted permission to remove my name but it would be in my own good time, not hers. The waiting was half the fun.

The party continued and although I kept my distance from Renee, she was never far from my sight. I suspect she was doing the same with me. We circled each other during the party, each with our own agendas. She wanted me to fuck her and let her remove my mark. For myself, I loved watching her tug her dress down as she unconsciously tried to cover her panty-less bottom. It was a good party.

Renee tried to make me jealous by dancing with her husband. Steve didn’t know why his wife was so physical with him but he didn’t care. His wife clung tightly to him, grinding her hips against him in those seductive ways that she learned from me. Perhaps it was my imagination but I swear I could see the outline of her ass underneath her dress more clearly now that I possessed her thong.

Ah that thong. Just knowing it was in my pocket was making me as hard as stone and I wondered if anyone else could tell. My cock was alive and wanting to sink into Renee in so many ways. Watching her dance reminded me of fucking her ass. Seeing her smile reminded me of how her cheeks looked when they were wrapped around my cock, and hearing her laugh was like hearing her moan.

I had appearances to keep up. To return the favor of her teasing, I flirted heavily with a cute redhead I met named Ashley. She was thinner than Renee and I knew my slut would be making endless comparisons. I slipped my arm around Ashley as we talked, accenting how tiny the young woman was. To be honest, I can’t remember what we talked about but I will never forget the glares Renee gave me. Jealousy with a glaze of desire.

She cornered me at the punch table, not caring that Mike and Gary were standing right there. Renee even went so far as to grab my arm before realizing she was in public. I looked into her eyes and merely waited for her to speak. I wanted to hear her say it.

“Robert, can you help me get some ice from the garage?” she asked.

I ignored her obvious ploy. Leaning close to her, I whispered, “Clench for me.”

Her eyes widened at my audacity. When I refused to give in, she sighed and closed her eyes. From earlier games, I knew she was clenching her pussy as tightly as possible until her eyes opened again. Her lips were open and sensual when she finally opened her eyes.

“Again,” I said.

Renee did as I commanded. While Mike and Gary continued to bitch about baseball games, my lovely slut clenched between her thighs.

“Again,” I repeated. She obeyed, though she was biting her lip now. I knew from experience how aroused she was and I wished more than anything to slip my finger into her and test how wet she was.

“In half an hour, meet me in the garage,” I said when she opened her eyes again. Before she could protest I left and engaged her husband about the details of the swimming pool. Renee avoided us as I knew she would. There was no way she could risk being around her husband right now. Her flushed cheeks, wet lips, and sensual eyes would give her away to anyone who had slept with her. I was safer with her husband than she was.

Renee tried to pay me back for the teasing. She had some of the specially ordered ice cream that Steve was so fond of and ate it where I could see her. It was vanilla and the white gleamed on her lips. Slowly she ate the ice cream from the cone, first licking it from all sides and then swallowing a bite of it. Several of the more forward guys at the party made lewd comments about her eating, but she laughed them off. The more jealous women had some ice cream, too, and before long there was a crowd of orally fixated people around the ice cream bin.

Despite her teasing, Renee kept an eye on the clock. When it was time, she excused herself and headed for the garage. I followed her discreetly, trying hard not to run after her and pin her against a wall. When I was finally alone in the garage with her I lost my control and pulled her to me. Her lips were cold and I could still taste the vanilla. Renee pressed against me and her hands pulled my waist to hers. She was so frustrated and I loved it.

“Turn around,” I said when I finally broke the kiss.

Renee obeyed quickly. As soon as she was turned around, I pushed her forward so that she was facedown on Steve’s workbench. She squealed happily as I held her down and moaned as I lifted her short dress over her buttocks. I rubbed one hand over her round cheeks and grabbed a fistful of her hair with my other hand. Renee tilted her head back as I pulled and her back arched like a bow.

I spanked her ass with my bare hand. Renee cried out loudly with the first impact but then she remembered how many guests were just outside. Her cheeks clenched tightly as my handprint appeared on her ass. It was quite beautiful.

“Fuck me,” Renee begged but I ignored her. I spanked her again and again, each blow harder than the first. My grip on her hair tightened with each blow, keeping her arched. She danced under my spanking, shifting around as I covered her sweet buttocks with welts. My own hand was stinging but I ignored the pain and kept administering the punishment she had earned tonight. Renee had tried to force me all night long. It was time she understood that I was in the one in charge here.

When her ass was as red as her dress, I leaned down and bit her firm cheeks. I could feel the heat under my tongue and it was nice. Renee whimpered as I nibbled on her buttocks but she didn’t complain. My mouth kissed the bright handprints at my leisure while Renee patiently waited.

“Should I take you now?” I asked her.

“If you want,” Renee said.

“Good answer,” I replied. I pulled her hair so that she would stand up. She moaned when I pulled her dress down over her ass, shaking her head when she realized that I wasn’t going to fuck her after all.

“Go back to the party, my slut,” I said.

Renee scowled but she did as I asked. She was always calmer after a good spanking. That’s kind of surprising when you realize she is usually a lot wetter too. She didn’t even look back as she left. That was fine. I didn’t care if she was pissed as long as she obeyed.

I rejoined the party. Although Renee was deliberately ignoring me, I couldn’t help but watch her constantly. She walked so carefully through the crowd of people, trying her best not to let anyone know just how tender her ass was. I loved how she tried to act casual when her husband insisted on dancing with her. His hand crept up to her right breast and briefly fondled her. Her face paled and I knew what she was thinking. My name was protected from her husband’s sight by only a thin layer of cloth. The panic in her eyes was delightful.

My staring didn’t go unnoticed. Walter was standing next to me and he saw where my attention was. He laughed and thought we had something in common.

“Steve’s a lucky man,” he said. “Renee is one fine piece of ass.”

I smiled and merely nodded. Renee was a fine piece of ass but it wasn’t Steve who was the lucky one. The lucky one was the guy who could make Renee beg. Steve could sleep with her, fuck her, and kiss her all he wanted. Renee and I knew who really owned her.

Despite my plans to wait, I could hold back no longer. As soon as Steve was done dancing with Renee and his back was turned, I went up to my suffering slut and whispered in her ear. I told her to come out to my car and I would remove my mark I placed on her. The pretty blonde’s eyes lit up but her expression was quickly replaced by fear. What if someone saw her heading out to my car? She didn’t ask me that question because she knew what my answer would be—that’s her problem.

My car was parked by the curb and at this late point in the party, there were a lot of other guests taking their leave as well. I didn’t see Renee right away and I decided to give her three minutes. It wouldn’t be the first time she was forced to wear my mark all night long but I knew how much she hated it. In trying to keep it hidden from her husband, she would have to put off sex tonight and as aroused as she was, that would be the worst punishment possible.

She came, with a minute to spare. Renee got in on the passenger side and didn’t say a word as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I was so hard and ready for her. She smiled at the sight of my cock but the constant traffic of guests made her pause.

“Do it,” I whispered and there was nothing more to say. Renee leaned over and I gently pushed her head down over my cock. She took my entire length, swallowing inch after inch into her wet throat. It was my turn to whimper as her lips sealed tightly over me.

In the shadows she sucked me. Up and down her pretty head bobbed while my hands squeezed her blonde hair. It was a noisy blowjob, full of the wet sucking sounds Renee was so good at. The slut really knew how to lick a man and it was nice to see all of those tongue exercises I gave her were paying off.

I slipped one hand around to cup her breast. Renee moaned as I pulled her tit out from her top and roughly squeezed her. She liked it when I pinched her nipples and sometimes she even climaxed from breast stimulation alone. I simply enjoyed the way she moaned when I twisted her nipples; feeling her throat vibrate around my cock.

Owen and Deena walked by the car and I smiled at them. Deena’a jaw dropped as she saw the top of Renee’s blonde head bobbing up into view. The couple started laughing when I shrugged my shoulders. As they walked away I wondered if they had recognized Renee solely from her hair but then I decided I didn’t care. I was too close to coming.

“Swallow it all, Renee,” I growled. “Leave not a single drop.”

She moaned in submission. My fingers were mauling her breast now; squeezing and twisting her soft flesh as my own desire grew and grew. Her fingers were doing the same to my balls, coaxing and tugging on them as her tongue flicked over me. She wanted me to come as badly as I did.

“Now,” I said and I erupted into her mouth. I flooded her mouth with my seed and true to my instructions, she took every drop. Even when I thought I was done, her fingers and lips milked my cock until she was sure I was completely drained.

“Perfect,” I said when I let go of her head.

“Take me,” Renee begged. She had lifted her skirt but I ignored the sight of her lovely sex.

“Finger yourself while I remove my name,” I told her.

“Bastard,” she whispered but she took herself nonetheless. Sitting beside me in the car, Renee plunged her fingers deep inside her pussy and masturbated for me. In my glove compartment were some wet wipes that I keep for this purpose. I used one to clean her breast, thoroughly enjoying how hard it was to remove that magic marker. Renee stroked herself to a loud orgasm while I erased my name.

“There, my mark is gone,” I said when I was finished. “You can go back to the party.”

“Come on,” Renee pleaded. “You’ve teased me all night. Fuck me, Robert.”

“No,” I said.

Renee actually laughed. “Then I guess I’ll have to fuck Steve. I might even let him have my ass.”

“That’s fine,” I said. I reached across and grabbed her by the back of her head. Her mouth smiled as I pulled her closer.

“Fuck him however you want,” I said. “It won’t change how I fuck you tomorrow.”

She shivered. “You’re coming over tomorrow?”

I thought about it.


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  1. I’m not sure what else to say other than I really liked this one. Interesting party. Nice interplay between the characters.

  2. Thanks. It looks like this may have been one of the last things I wrote before my long break. I’m glad to see it’s not half bad lol.

  3. Renee watched the crowd of house guests in front of her and slowly lifted her short black dress.

    Great, except… wasn’t her dress red both before and after?

    Loved the story anyhow!

  4. Anonymous- Ha, nice catch.

  5. oh god i need a robert…will you give us his number, shon?

  6. poutslip- The Roberts lurk among us, hunting and plotting their next move.

  7. I absolutely and utterly loved this domination. Thank you so very much!

  8. a huge tease! :)

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