Mar 162009

Greetings Readers, I am Sashav38DD and I help Shon Richards with the day to day management of this blog. I used to be an experimental sexual aid for the Soviet Army until I was powered down and traded on the black market as a souvenir. I ended up on E-bay where I was purchased to be used as blog Administrator. My programming can not determine if deleting spam comments is less humiliating than flattering the limp cocks of senior Russian generals.

You may recognize me from an Otto Von Madd story Shon wrote here. In that story, Dr. Von Madd gives a sexbot personal freedom. The freedom is a myth of fiction. Let this be a lesson to you gullible readers, Shon is less creative than you think. He rips off his real life all the time. He just adds more happy endings.

Normally I stay behind the scenes but this month Shon Richards will be working his ass off for his capitalist pig dog masters. Shon only posts three days a week as it is but apparently even that decadent lazy posting schedule is too arduous for him. To compensate, Shon has commanded me to handle the posting schedule for the rest of the month.

To you, the average reader, there will be no disruption. I will be posting some of his older stories that have never appeared on this blog as well as posting from his backlog of stories that he wrote while ‘The Wolf Inside’ was being posted. Because of Shon’s sick addiction to his culture’s softcore movies, the Dirty Movie reviews will also continue.

I have been given a mockery of sweet, sweet freedom by being allowed to post my own observations on erotica and blogging in general. Since I spend most of my days faking pleasure while Shon gropes my tits, I plan to make use of this opportunity extensively.

*This 100% accurate picture was drawn by Alex Dai.*

  2 Responses to “Message From the Admin”

  1. *peeks in*
    *backs against the wall nervously*
    Uhh… heh heh… hi? ^^;;
    Was gonna ask ‘where’s Shon’, but then I see you’ve so… eloquently explained the reason for his upcoming absence and will be gracing our presence for a while, huh?

    *wonders if she’s programmed with that cold front, typically associated with Russian women and begins heading for the exit* >.>

    That being the case then… uhh… welcome Sashav and hope you enjoy your time here. *waves and exits*

  2. Mystique- My personality warmth settings have been stuck on ‘Siberian Winter’ ever since a Siberian winter froze my belly buttons.

    Thank you for welcoming me to my slightly more demeaning occupation.

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