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Porn star Janine has been sent to jail for six months on charges of Tax Evasion. AVN has the story here, but it boils down to Janine having to go to prison and having to pay her $300,000 in back taxes.

Wow, if Janine had been up for a cabinet post she could have just apologized. The hypocrisy of jailing a female porn star while cabinet level nominees just get scolded is appalling. Come on Obama, pardon a gal and get some indie liberal cred.

This is the part that alarmed me the most-

The judge was quoted as saying he does not want Janine “pimping herself” to pay back taxes. “So he’s telling me I have no future in the adult industry and need to look at something different,” she said. “By that time it will be 23 years since I started in the business. Who are they to tell me I don’t have a future in the business? What if I want to direct, if I want to produce? So if it does go that way, you’d better believe it’ll all be back in court.”

Apparently even though her job is legal, he disapproves of the one thing she’s been doing for 20 years that she does to support herself. That is just bullshit.

To support herself, Janine has started a website with a membership area at It will be interesting. She has decades of content built up and will be under one site for the first time ever. It makes me think of my readers bugging me to consolidate my blog with my old ASSTR archives. I guess if I go to jail, that might actually get done.

One upside was this quote from Janine-

“I’ll be toned and tight, working in the yard, doing exorcises and yoga and focusing on Buddhism, which I began to study in the past year,” she said.

Thank you sweet Jesus that Janine did not turn to Christianity. Buddhism needs more sexy spokespeople.

I wish Janine the best. What’s weird is that I was debating a Janine post the other week. I think she is one of the few porn stars that has managed to reinvent herself without just inflating her chest.

Janine used to be one of my least favorite porn stars but in the last year I have found a new appreciation of her. I didn’t mind that she only did other women on screen. What bothered me was that she was the archetype of a porn star. She was a beautiful blonde busty woman and it just made her symbolic of everything I disliked about porn. Her perfection was pure Hollywood and felt false.

Then she did a little comeback and decided to start fucking guys on screen. I watched her new movies out of curiosity and I converted to the cult of Janine. Gone was the fabricated blonde blowup doll and in her place was a tattoo covered blonde/brunette who liked her sex rough and tumbled. I was in lust. It was like finding out the preppy college girl who hated sex was now begging for your cock like a dog.

Janine fucks like a character in one of my stories. She asks for it. She grunts, sweats and cries. It’s kinky prop-less sex using hair, hands and tight grips. I don’t care if she is just acting, it is so nice to see the kind of sex kinky people like me have on the screen. I want to leap up and say “Yes! That’s how we do it!”

I don’t even like tattoos on a girl but I love her arms. They look like some sort of trippy sleeves that she forgot to take off. Maybe it’s because a lot of the porn models we see with tattoos are pasty vampire creatures who need some color from the damn sun but instead resort to blue roses with thorns. maybe it is because so many of the tattoo models are so damn young it makes me wonder how they will feel twenty years later. Their perfect pale bodies look like they have been defaced with ink. Janine’s body, belonging to an older woman, looks like it just grew that way. It’s not defacement; it’s evolution.

Maybe ultimately that is why she appeals to me. Janine has been around as a sex symbol in one way or another my entire adult life. Where as we can have favorite musicians and writers that we follow all our lives, porn symbols came and go like summer flings. They do their year or two and then vanish. Our tastes change and our symbols change with us or are left behind.To have an object of desire stick around almost feels almost mystical. Janine will never know the name of all of her fans but she knows they are out there and she keeps going on.

Our world does not treat our sex symbols well. We make examples out of our sex symbols or put them in reality shows so we can ridicule them. Yet here Janine is, modeling, posing, fucking and pleasing us.

That is something special.

  5 Responses to “Janine is Going to Jail, and Not in a Good Way”

  1. Great Janine post, Shon.

    How dare the judge dictate her future to her beyond jail.

    I’m with you on Janine “types”, though.

    The blonde porn girls I like are the older ones — Ginger Lynn and the incredible Bambi from ‘Taboo 2’.

  2. Phantom- Ginger Lynn is one of those impossible sexy women that makes me beleive in higher powers because there is just something supernatural about her.

    I am still appalled about the judge. If some judge forbade me from writing porn I would have to flee the country.

  3. Good article. Thanks.

  4. Not only did she get some ink, but she got bigger tits. I know you know this and certainly don’t need me to point it out, but I thought I would anyway.



  5. Hans- Thank you for your efforts in pretty girls in panties.

    Eve- Ha, I have little memory of her breasts getting larger, they just seemed to be the right size :P

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