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What do you do after you fuck your boss like a dog? I mean, she’s going to fire my ass at any minute but it is a Friday so maybe she’ll wait till Monday. I guess I should go get roaring drunk at a bar. Or maybe I should start looking for a job right this moment so I won’t get kicked out of my apartment and have to shack up with one of my friends. I just made my boss beg for my cock and left her naked body on the office floor; I was not entirely sure what to do next.

I went home. It seemed like the only safe option. Ever since moon became full, the horrible beast inside me has been insatiable. If I went out, I might fuck a cop or face fuck a teenager. I didn’t trust myself. My desires were greater than my sense of self preservation. It was depressing as fuck.

So you can imagine how I felt when I came home to find my door unlocked.

The beast inside me liked to fuck but it had other primal urges too. A sense of territory was high on that list. I kicked open the door and looked for my intruder. Time slowed as I surveyed my home. My CD rack was a mess. There were books missing from my bookshelf. I saw a stranger’s coat on my couch.

There were noises coming from the bedroom. Silently I stalked down the hallway. My hands curled into fists. I bared my teeth, ready to fucking eat the idiot who was invading my space.

It was Karen. Of course. My ex-girlfriend was going through my dresser like she fucking lived here. No doubt she was looking for some trivial piece of clothing she swore she left behind.

I had moved so quietly, she didn’t know I was here. It gave me time to look at her. I hadn’t seen her since she left me. Her brown hair was shorter and it had blonde streaks in it now. She had lost a little weight, not enough for other people to notice but I did. The expensive watch she wore was new. She should have spent that money replacing the shit she swore I still had.

“What are you doing here?” I said.

She jumped and I enjoyed her shock of fear.

“Dylan! You scared me!” she said. She ignored my accusation and made one of her own. “Where the fuck did you get all of these panties?”

My trophy drawer was open. I growled and stomped to the dresser. “Those are mine!” I yelled.

She jumped when she saw my reaction. She couldn’t possibly understand why I was so angry. Every piece was a memory locked forever in cotton and pussy juice.

“Who have you been fucking?” she said. “Were you cheating on me when we were dating?”

It was my turn to ignore her question. I grabbed her by her short hair and physically pulled her out of my bedroom. She screamed and it was good. When we reached her coat in the living room I let go of her hair.

“Get out,” I said.

“Fucker, that hurt!” she said. She held her head like I had ripped her scalp.

That is when I smelt it. Her pussy was filling the room. Karen was turned on. She said she hated it but she wanted more. She could be my prey and I knew she would learn to beg for it too.

“God damn,” I said. I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall.

“Dylan!” she yelled.

Oh I knew that look that was in her eyes. That mix of fear and anticipation. God damn.

I took a deep breathe. Her pussy was wet. Images filled my mind. I learned everything I needed to know. She liked the hair pulling better. She wanted to be punished. She wanted to suffer, just a little.

God damn.

I put my hand on her blouse and cupped her breast. Karen moaned.

“Is it really that simple?” I said. “All of your nagging, all of your constant criticism, it makes so much sense now.”

“What?” Karen said. “You’re hurting my throat,” she whined.

My grip tightened. “See? What you did right there. You whine and complain nut not because you want me to change. God damn, all of those times you pestered me to eat more salad had nothing to fucking do with my health. Every time you bitched at me to change the channel had nothing to do with what I was watching. No, you were a nagging bitch just to see if I will do something about you.”

Her lips contorted with anger. “Don’t try that macho bullshit about women wanting to be beaten and fucked! Let go of me right now!”

I let go of her breast and reached between her legs. My hand pressed against her jeans. The heat was incredible.

“You might think it’s macho bullshit,” I said. “And you know what? Some times I do think it’s macho bullshit. The thing is though, some people get off on it. It makes them weak in the knees, it gives them shivers and they fantasize about it all day long. It’s macho bullshit but for some people, not everyone, just a small number of people, it’s everything they ever wanted.”

She looked at me. “How do you know that?” she said very quietly.

I leaned in close to her ear. I took another deep breath. “I have this beast inside me now. It knows these things. And those panties you found? Each one of them belonged to a woman who’s greatest dream in the world was to held down and fucked.”

Karen groaned; a low sexy groan she sure as hell never did when we fucked. She looked at me and waited. I could hear the pounding of her heart. Her pussy wanted me. Her body was tense as she thought about the depredations I could make her suffer.

The beast inside me wanted her. Fucking my boss was nice but humiliating my ex-girlfriend would be priceless. Karen would be one incredible meal.

I let go of her. “Get out,” I said.

She shook her head no and started to take off her shirt. I stopped her.

“Get out” I said.

“Why?” she whined.

“Because you would enjoy it,” I said. “You would like it, just like every other woman has but I realized something: it’s not a gift I want to give you. Those other women, they were just as much a victim to their desires as I am. I like them. They are a lot like me. You though, are a total bitch who made my relationship hell. I don’t want to do you any favors. I don’t want you to be as happy as the women I fuck. Get the fuck out and never come back.”

“Asshole!” Karen spat.

“Maybe,” I said. “But I do want to thank you. I mean, I can smell your cunt and the beast wants to fuck you more than it has wanted to fuck anyone, but you know what? Tough shit. I can control my beast when it comes to you. That means I can control myself with anyone if I really want to. Maybe that’s been my problem all along; maybe I had no self control because I really didn’t want to stop myself after all. With a pain in the ass like you though, I don’t have a problem at all.”

“Asshole!” Karen yelled.

“And quit leaving me messages,” I said as I pushed her to the door. “Get on with your life, Karen. Go get fucked by someone who doesn’t despise you like I do.”

“Asshole!” Karen screamed as I shut the door in her face.

I took out my cell phone and called Lisa. I was horny as fuck but I had so much more control. I had to tell her that today was an aberration and I could control myself.

She answered on the first ring.

“Hey Lisa,” I began, “look I need to tell you something.”

“Dylan, we need to let some of our staff work from home,” she said. Her tone was so meek, I almost didn’t recognize her. “The home office has been flirting with the idea and I didn’t like it myself, but I think it would be best. You can do your job just as well at home than at the office. Your pay and benefits will stay the same of course.”

“Uhhh,” I said. I was speechless.

“And to be honest,” she continued, “you’re making some of the staff nervous. Scott pretty much pisses himself when I tell him to ask you for help. Hell, technically it would mean working less hours. As long as you get your work done, who cares how long you take?”

I smiled. More time to hunt. No more coworkers and their stupid demands. I could work all day without the smell of pussy to distract me and then I could spend my nights looking for prey.

“Dylan?” Lisa asked. “Please say yes. It would be best for everyone, don’t you think?”

The beast roared. My hand went to my pocket where I put Lisa’s panties. I was horny and the beast wanted to fuck again. So did I. Together we made our decision.

“Lisa,” I said, “I’ll consider your offer if, and only if, you get your ass over to my apartment and suck my cock. Understand me?”

There was a pause on the phone. “Where exactly do you live?”

Everything was going to be just fine.

The end.

  18 Responses to “Fiction: The Wolf Inside Part Nine”

  1. Read the last bit, smiled and thought “Awesome.”

    You rock, Shon.

  2. Thanks Musns :) I wasn’t sure how people would take the ending.

  3. I don’t know… this story didn’t really seem like Shon, somehow; it was missing something. Maybe it’s that you’re not as experienced as a writer with the dom male perspective? Some kind of depth or truth seemed to be missing; I don’t know how to describe it.

    I hope this doesn’t ruin your day or anything. I like your stories with both dominant and submissive female characters. It could be just me. Still, I’ve liked other stories written from dom male perspectives. If you consider that this story is a series of mostly disconnected episodes without an overarching plot, you’ll get a sense of how I feel about the protagonist’s personality as well.

  4. It’s over?!!
    Already?!? O.o

    This chapter has got to be the closest to my most favourite of the lot, if not joint 1st. When I read the part when he saw his girlfriend raiding his room, it was all I could do not to rub my hands in glee for the humiliation that was to occur.
    Truly, his revenge for his misery was priceless, I wonder if you wrote that last chapter with a smile, as I was reading with one as the scene between his ex unfolded. :)

    Since BDSM is a realm that doesn’t instantly appeal to me compared to other sexual related preferences, I had a feeling for a story as deep as dark as this was that some chapters would be hit and miss with me, simply out of not having the ability to relate with the characters or to the concepts that unfolded in the scenes.
    However the imagery, description and focus on other bestial aspects related to raw, animal instincts were felt all too well. Through your writing, I could envision and appreciate the concepts of it all, thus I still enjoyed reading it.
    It’s the same feeling I had with the cellphone sex slave series, so consider it an opinion from someone not totally involved in the BDSM scene.

    As a writer, you still rock my world as proven time and time again with various other pieces of fiction of various genres and with your imagination; I still had fun with this story, so thanks for writing and sharing with us. ^^

  5. a(male)- I know what you mean. The biggest challenge in this story is I didn’t have a big external action scene to strive for. Instead I was trying to make all of the conflict internal which is something I am not sure I have ever seen from a dom male perspective.

    I also agree that I felt like Dylan’s personality fades in and out but I was okay with that because I think some doms feel the same way when they first realize what they like. I still see my older dom acquaintances go through these periods of obsession where literally nothing else matters except the next time they tie someone up. Dylan’s personality is something I hope to explore more in the next story with him.

    Mystique- I think the fun and challenge of ‘coming of slave/dom’ stories is that you get a chance to explain the feelings to a vanilla oriented audience. Once I had my beast metaphor, I realized I could explain a lot about being a dom without having to include the psychological reasoning I see in other stories.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the last chapter because I must have rewritten it a dozen times. In the end I felt that few things make one feel as powerful and in control than being able to reject someone from your past.

    I am tickled your world was rocked :)

  6. I liked the structure of the story, and thought it was well told with “vignette” style chapters. I liked the internal conflict, and thought it was pretty well done. The final chapter was a pretty good resolution, being marred by a few typos and one inconsistency (he kicks in his door, but his ex doesn’t hear him? Dunno.) I think there were a few bits that need more explanation, which seem to indicate that there is more to the story. Who is the chick at the start? How does the “infection” get transmitted? Obviously not all the time, or everyone would end up being a dom “werewolf”. It could be magic, or it could be some sci-fi type of pathogen that doesn’t affect everyone. We need answers. We need another story.

  7. Bluewords- Thanks. I am now wondering about that door myself.

    “We need answers. We need another story.”

    Yeah, we do. I have two more stories planned. I feel better about my third story than I do my second but that’s why I haven’t written it yet.

    I wondered how much to explain and I wondered how much I should spend on Eden. One thing I kept in mind was how mind numbing I find psychological discussions of the origins of bdsm in people, but yet people like answers. Answers are nice that way. My story needs answers and I need a way to reconcile that.

  8. Yeah, I love you so hard. Absolutely fantastic ending. Not gutteral, but still wonderful. Yummy!

  9. Effortless reading in a good way. The ending may not be as strong as the rest, at least emotionally, but equilibrium and wisdom are good ingredients for a happy end. Wis-dom lol, chapeau.

  10. T’sade- Thanks. I am so glad you liked the ending.

    Anonymous- Wis-dom lol. I should make a t-shirt.

  11. I really enjoyed this story, Shon. Makes me want to meet the protagonist!

    xx Dee

  12. I’ve been away for a while and wow… this was a great story to come back to.

    *see you on Twitter*

  13. jaenelle- Thanks :) *Waves on Twitter*

  14. Outstanding. Excellent combination of some werewolf and some BSDM.



  15. Eh – I’m having a dyslexic day, apparently.

    BDSM! But, you knew that. :)


  16. Eve- Ha, I didn’t even notice :)

  17. I wonder if Dylan can smell me?

    I’m gonna go dig in the archives and look for other gems.

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