Mar 042009

The day passed slowly. I tried to throw myself into my work but it was useless. Numbers, transactions and deadlines were such petty concerns. When I looked at a spreadsheet, all I saw were my boss’s willing eyes. My e-mails were filled with trivial details about work when all I could think about was the dirty things I made Lisa say. My coworkers annoyed me to no end because I knew if they were not here, I could be fucking Lisa.

Just one bite. Ha. That was ridiculous. The beast inside me never did anything small. Just one bite was as foolish as just one thrust, or just the tip of my cock. The truth of the matter was now that I had one taste of her, I wasn’t going to rest till I made Lisa scream my name.

Rage and lust swirled lurked me. I thought about the many times she had micro managed my work. My cock stirred as I thought about those large breasts tightly bound in formal clothes. Anger growled within me as I recalled her many nagging notes attached to my reports. Desire scratched at my control as I remembered the feel of her throat in my hand.

Today I was going to fuck her and my job, my restraint and my common sense could be damned.

It was a Friday and true to form, the sheep in my office began to sneak out early. One by one they trickled out thinking they were being sly. I remember being that duplicitous. It seemed like a million years ago that the riskiest thing I did was try to leave work thirty minutes early. Fuck, I hated my coworkers because they reminded me of who I used to be.

Eventually, I was the last one left. Lisa was still in her office. Out of all of us, she could have left at any time and no one would have said anything. Instead, she had stayed. She knew I was here and what I could do to her and yet she stayed.

How can I act sane and do the right thing when I was surrounded by so much willing prey?

I got up and went to Lisa’s office. I kicked the door open for daring to be closed. Lisa jumped in her chair but then a smile broke across her face. The smell of her pussy filled the room.

“I didn’t think you were coming back,” she said.

I took off my belt and unzipped my pants.

“Is everyone gone?” she asked.

Her questions annoyed me. She was thinking when she should have been trembling. I grabbed her desk and flipped it over to the side.

Lisa shrieked and her eyes widened in shock. That was much better.

I grabbed her by the hair. The thick curls felt great in my hand. “Take my cock out,” I said.

Her eager fingers reached into my pants and pulled my cock out. I throbbed in her hand. She opened her mouth and tried to take me into her but my grip on her hair stopped her.

“Say it,” I commanded.

She had remembered her lesson. “I am a pain loving cock sucking slut,” she whispered.

That would not do. I twisted her hair till she cried out. “Louder,” I said.

“I am a pain loving cock sucking slut!” she said.

I rammed her head onto my cock. Her lips parted just in time. My cock slid right into her willing mouth. Her strangled breathe warmed my cock. My hand kept her pinned to my crotch, rubbing her nose in my pubic hair and grinding my balls onto her chin.

It wasn’t about getting a good blowjob. It was about putting Lisa in her place. It was about invading her mouth with my manhood. It was about her world centering on my cock in her face. It was about my grip on her hair, locking her into a vulgar embrace. That was what made my cock hard. That was what made the beast growl with the Atlanta skyline before me.

Her hands went to my hips. Sometimes she would try to push away and other times she would grip me closer. The man in me liked it when she pulled me to her. The beast in me preferred it when she pushed away.

Eventually I pulled her off my cock. She gasped for hair but then shrieked again as I hooked my hands inside her shirt. My fingernails punctured the clothed and it ripped easily as I pulled it apart. Her blouse, her undershirt and even her bra fell from her body in ragged strips. My nails scratched her breasts as I ripped, digging shallow cuts into her as I exposed her.

God, she had magnificent breasts. Large, pale and topped with light brown nipples, they fell out of the bra as I ripped it apart. I grabbed one and pulled Lisa out of her chair. I bent my head down and bit her abundant mound. My teeth claimed my prize. My tongue licked her scent from her flesh. After years of seeing her breasts hidden away, it felt so good to finally take them for my own pleasure.

I bite too hard. I squeezed her tits too much. I gorged myself on breasts.

After I ate my fill, I released her breasts. “I think it’s time we fuck,” I said.

“Yes” Lisa said, a little too forcefully for my tastes.

I slapped her tit. The outline of my hand joined the bite marks on her chest. Once again I could smell the flush of desire coming from her sex. I slapped the other breast and Lisa moaned. Back and forth, I slapped each breast. The sounds of my open hand striking her tits was awesome, but even better were her moans of arousal.

“On all fours,” I growled.

Lisa dropped to her hands and knees. It was just that easy. I grabbed a hold of her hair and started walking. Lisa followed as best she could, her knees and hands hitting the floor as she tried to keep up.

“Say it!” I yelled.

“I am a pain loving cock sucking slut!” she said.

I walked faster, making her race to keep up with me as I circled her office.

“Again!” I yelled.

“I am a pain loving cock sucking slut!” Lisa said.

I was almost running I was walking so fast.

“I am a pain loving cock sucking slut!” she yelled, this time without me asking.

I dropped her hair and she collapsed on the floor. With my foot I roughly pushed her onto her back. She looked at me greedily as I unzipped and pulled down my pants.

“Lift your legs up,” I commanded. “Hold your knees and spread your legs if you want my cock.”

Lisa obeyed. Her shirt rode up as she pulled her stocking clad legs apart. I looked down at her and took it all in: her gasping mouth, her marked tits, her open thighs and her black panties. She was my boss transformed into my slut.

I dropped down between her legs. My hand ripped the panties from her body. Her sex waited and I laughed at the lack of hair. My boss kept a tidy area to be fucked.

“Who is my slut?” I asked.

Lisa swallowed. “I am, please fuck me!”

I mounted her. On the floor with the fallen desk beside us, I took Lisa. All of my aggression, all of my frustration and all of my lust inside me came pounding through my hips. With my cock I nailed her to the floor.

One hand went to her hand and pinned her down. My other hand went to her throat and I could feel her purr as I tightened my fingers. In the madness of my fucklust, I realized she had done this before. Someone chokes her and it turns her on. Was it her husband? A secret boyfriend? Or just something she fantasized about?

Jealousy swelled within me. It didn’t matter who she did this with because she was with me now. Lisa was my pain loving cock sucking slut and I was going to get my due. I fucked her harder. I squeezed her throat tighter. With every part of my being I tried to take more from her.

I think she climaxed. She briefly let go of her legs and cried out. One growl from me and she grabbed her legs again. Her pleasure was no excuse to disobey.

My beast craved something more. I don’t know if it was the moon or if I was still pissed about her criticisms on the Delta report, but I wanted more. I pulled out of her and realized exactly what I needed.

“Roll over,” I growled. She groaned and moved far too slowly. I pushed her over and ripped her skirt off. Her ass, that’s what I wanted.

My cock, covered in her cunt juice, pushed into her ass. Lisa cried out as I opened her. Inch by inch I pushed in. Inch by inch I claimed her tight ass. Inch by inch, I satisfied that wicked thing that howled within me.

Short hard thrusts penetrated her ass. My hand went to her hair and raised her head up. I could hear her groans better that way. I took her ass, but the really sexy part for me was hearing her moans of disbelief and desire.

It was in her ass that I climaxed. All of my fury came out through my cock. I filled her ass with come and only then was the beast sated. Only then could I let go of her and pull out. The fucklust was gone and I was myself again.

I looked down on Lisa. She was panting with her body sprawled on the floor. I thought about what I had just done. I had taken my boss. The beast had made it’s demands and I had given in once again. Fuck.

“We need to talk,” Lisa said.

I ignored her. I put my pants back on. Talking was for normal people. I fucked women who loved to be fucked hard. There was nothing to say. Shit, what could I possibly say to explain this and save my job? And whatever I said would be a lie because now I knew how weak I was. Whatever promises I made to Lisa or myself, the beast would over rule and I would happily fuck her ass again.

So I left. I walked out of her office and headed for the train. It wasn’t till I went to pay for my ticket that I realized what was in my pocket.

It was the tattered shreds of Lisa’s panties.

To be continued.

  7 Responses to “Fiction: The Wolf Inside Part Eight”

  1. I adore all your writing, the rawness, primitiveness in this one – just delightful, in a leaving me wet, aching and wanting more kind of way ;)

  2. *whistles*
    This has got to be one of the harshest, most intense chapters I’ve seen you write; that felt like the height of the story in which he gives into his primal side, I felt tense just reading how pent up his emotions were.
    From now on will there be some kind of resolve to sort himself out, I wonder.
    Feels as if it couldn’t get anymore intense than that?
    (However feel free to prove me wrong) ;)

    I’ve been in lurksville for a spell so should send a email really, but just mentioning on a very late note of ‘congrats’ on your engagement.
    All the best for the future. ^^

  3. Musns- Thanks :) I think primitiveness is the best word for this one.

    Mystique- You have pretty much nailed the story arc. Poor Dylan knows he has no self control when it comes to the beast.

    Thanks for the congrats :)

  4. The way to make the world a better place through erotica;

    1/- Keep Max Hardcore in the pokey.

    2/- Put Shon Richard’s on every syllabus in every school in the country.

    Any questions?

  5. Absolutely fantastic and even hotter than that. Got me going and I love you for that.

  6. mandingo -lol, thanks. You have me wondering what a Richards syllabus would look like.

    t’sade- Thank you bunches for commenting.

  7. uhmmm… what Musns said… I need to go uhhh… yeah…

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