Mar 182009

Dr. Otto Von Madd looked over the employee list for level 9. It was after normal working hours and after a long day of testing prototypes and fucking brilliant scientists, Dr. Von Madd needed a little recreation. It was a little game he liked to call, Employee Pool.

He thought about his aunt, Hiltrude Von Madd. Every Von Madd was a genius but not every Von Madd was a scientist. Hiltrude had no use for books or data. Her great passion was playing pool in all of its incarnations. The stunning brunette could make the cue ball spin twist and follow a path that defied gravity.

The other things that defied gravity were Aunt Hiltrude’s breasts. The great weights of her breasts always seemed to float up and threaten to escape her cleavage. When she bent down to line up her cue stick, the beautiful white expanse of cleavage would hang upon the table like twin moons.

“Otto, pay attention,” Hiltrude would scold. There was always a smile on her face when she said it. A shimmer of straight brown hair framed her face. “I wear these shirts to distract my opponents but you must learn to ignore it and focus on the balls.”

“Yes, Aunt Hiltrude,” the 14 year old Otto would said. His hormones back then were relentless. He had discovered twenty different ways to masturbate but his cock was hard all the time. It would be another 8 years before he realized the trick to being horny was to enjoy being horny.

“The secret of pool is force,” Aunt Hiltrude would say. “One single application of force applied in one single spot can set off a cascade of events.”

Young Otto knew what she was talking about. If he could slip his cock into those tits just once he knew it would set off a cascade of semen on his part.

Aunt Hiltrude tapped the cue ball. The white ball spun around the solid red ball in front of it and bounced off a yellow striped ball. The striped ball hit a ball with green stripes and sent it into the side pocket. The cue ball continued on its path and rolled a solid blue ball away from the corner pocket.

“One single action, Otto,” Aunt Hiltrude said. She stood up and her breasts floated with her. “Any one can rake and push balls into a hole, but it takes an artist to accomplish it with only one thurst at a time.”

She bent over the table again. This time Otto tried to not look at her chest at all. His eyes went to her backside as she bent over at a perfect angle for fucking. Or at least, what young Otto thought was a perfect angle for fucking. He didn’t have all the geometry worked out yet but as he watched Aunt Hiltrude’s ass lock into position, he felt like he was about to make a break through.

The pool stick moved and the balls knocked together. Even in his adult years, the sound of pool balls hitting each other will give Otto an erection. Otto tore his eyes off his aunt and watched as more colored balls sank into dark holes. They moved in complicated arcs as if they had a life of their own.

Aunt Hiltrude placed her hand on his hair and ruffled it. “I like you Otto, better than your sister by far. I like you because you listen, and although I don’t think you care a wit’s end about pool, I can tell you’re learning something. What are you learning I wonder?”

Otto felt his cock surge as she touched him. “I don’t dislike pool,” he said. Otto winced as his voice changed octaves.

She laughed. “That is a start. Maybe you just need to find a variant you enjoy more.”

Dr. Von Madd shook his head. He spotted someone on the employee list that would be a worthy shot. Dr. Harry Jennings was a respected physician working in the Biorhythmic Paddling Division. His profile said he was only interested in very thin women who had a remarkably lower intelligence than himself.

Dr. Emily Stoper worked in Dr. Jennings’ department and could not be described as thin in any sort of truthful body shape evaluation. She was also significantly smarter than Dr. Jennings and will most likely become the head of the Division in another year. Surveillance reported that Dr. Stoper was attracted to Dr. Jennings but so far, Dr. Jennings has politely turned down her advances.

Dr. Von Madd ran his fingers through his hair. He could do something as easy as bombarding Dr. Jennings’ sleeping quarters with subliminal whispering designed to make him have erotic dreams of Dr. Stoper, but according to Otto’s personal rules, a week of subliminal messages is not a single action. He could assign a makeover specialist to Dr. Stoper to make her more appealing to Dr. Jennings’ personal tastes, but again that lacked the elegance of a solitary act of force. This was going to be hard.

“That is what makes it fun,” Aunt Hiltrude would say when he asked about the difficulties of a certain shot. “We are Von Madd’s, Otto. Easy is for other people.”

Aunt Hiltrude wiggled her shoulders. Her glorious breasts hypnotized Otto again. She laughed and Otto felt a new kind of arousal. It was the feeling you get when you realized someone was flirting with you. Aunt Hiltrude never went to college but she knew how to make a lesson stick.

“The harder something is the more magnificent are our achievements, Otto.”

Hiltrude Von Madd had passed away a 33 time World Champion of Pool. The reason she had only won 33 times was because Hiltrude said winning every year was easy. She would spend the off years playing around the world in the worse bars she could find. Playing on bad tables was more challenging.

Dr. Von Madd looked back at Dr. Jennings’ profile. Dr. Jennings lost his virginity at the age of 16 to a woman who owned an orange grove. Dr. Von Madd thought about Aunt Hiltrude and the knocking sound of billiard balls.

He put in an order for Dr. Stoper’s regular perfume to be replaced with an orange scented one. The order was for only one morning before reverting back to normal. Dr. Stoper would have one day to enjoy her slight advantage and maybe finally score with Dr. Jennings.

It was a good move. Dr. Von Madd was certain Aunt Hiltrude would approve. More importantly, Dr. Von Madd felt that brief glimmer of understanding with regards to why his favorite Aunt loved the game so much. That was an exquisite feeling.

He looked back over the employee list in search of another move.

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  1. I absolutely adored this – I’m not sure if it was because of Otto’s reminiscing or the comparison of pool to sex or the standard pool game to the employee pool game; in any event, regardless of the reasons – I really liked this one alot.

  2. Musns- Thanks. I had a lot of fun combining a few of the things I love the most.

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