Feb 182009

At some point you have to realize that you are a writer and not a short order cook. You can’t spend all of your time trying to guess what your readers want to read. You can’t hold off on your story until you find out if your readers want lesbians or onions in your story. Write something delicious and your readers will thank you.

I call it porn. Your prickly readers want to call it erotica. The fact is your Catholic spinster Aunt thinks that what you write is going to send you to Hell so seriously, why quibble over what we call it?

Give yourself a schedule and stick to it. It is more important to post X number of good posts a week than it is to write a dull piece ever day. I know having a daily blog is sexy but unless you are a billionaire porn genius, you have other shit to do. Figure out your limits and embrace them.

Your own libido is the best judge of content for your writing. Not interested in writing every sweaty grope? Then don’t write it. Don’t give a shit for descriptions? Then drop them. You won’t get published by Penthouse Forums but you will make something in your own voice. That’s the one thing that is completely yours, why waste it?

Living, suffering and wanting fuels porn writing. If you have nothing to write, stop writing and go back to living for awhile. Make yourself miserable. make yourself happy. The writing will come back.

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