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Thursday night was trivia night. In Atlanta, bars and pizza places will pick one night a week when they have a DJ host a trivia game. You’re encouraged to form teams, and you submit answers over the course of several hours. During this time, you keep eating and drinking while trying to remember which artist did the song “Cat Scratch Fever.”

Which is why after a week of fucking women, I was killing an evening at the Pizza Oasis. It’s the one night a week that I see my friends from college, Martin and Ben. Considering that most of the trivia is from the ’80s and ’90s, it gives us a chance to talk about old times. Our team always consists of us and whoever our girlfriends are at the time. That night, we had Valerie, who was seeing Martin, and Ben’s girlfriend of two years, Tina. We’ve actually come close to winning the game a few times. I was trying to be normal. I wanted to be normal. I thought my friends and the game would ground me and keep me from thinking about the new creature that lurks inside me.

That night, I was playing like shit. I couldn’t remember the names of hair bands or the winners of “American Idol.” Martin really poked fun at me when I missed the name of a Star Trek actor.

“Damn, Dylan,” he had said. “You need to get a new job. It’s sucking out all of your brain power.”

I faked a laugh. Martin smiled at his own joke and then turned to repeat it to his girlfriend. While he talked to Valerie, I snuck another glance at Ben’s girlfriend, Tina. Her red hair was in a ponytail that looked like it was perfect for pulling while fucking her from behind.

I could smell her pussy, which meant I knew she would enjoy a little roughness with her fucking.

She turned a little and then looked away. Tina had been stealing glances too. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I had been with too many women lately to not recognize that look. She was thinking about it, too.

“So what have you been up to?” Ben asked.

“Nothing,” I said for the 50th time that night. What could I say? Could I tell them about the delicious Hispanic woman I’d fucked in my car that day? Could I tell them about how she would squirm on my cock when I twisted her nipples? How do you tell your friends about your incredible string of sexual conquests?

The sad thing was that I really wanted to. I was dying to talk to someone about it, but I couldn’t do it. These were my friends.

“Nothing exciting,” I repeated.

“Man, I wish that were true at my job,” Ben said. Ben was a project developer for his company. Every month, he had to create a new program from scratch. He bitches about it all the time, but he also loves it. I don’t blame him’ it is a great job. I was often jealous of it.

It would almost be fair if I fucked his girlfriend tonight.

No, no, no, no. Fuck. That kept happening to me all night. For some reason, my friends were irritating me, and sex seemed to be the only cure. The beast inside me hated my friends. They just seemed so fucking self-centered. How could they not notice how different I was? I had biceps like a damn pro wrestler and not once had they asked about them. Wouldn’t fucking their girlfriends be a good way to pay them back?

No, no, no, no.

My thoughts also kept wondering back to Tina. I didn’t know why. Usually, if I fucked once a day, the beast inside me was sated. Tonight was different. I was horny again, and God damn it, Tina smelled so good.

“Are you depressed about Karen?” Martin asked. He was startled by my laugh.

The thought was pretty ludicrous. The fact is, I had forgotten about her. When I wasn’t fucking women, I was spending time with my expanding trophy collection. Every piece of underwear I kept was better than a DVD for memories. One sniff, and I could remember every detail about my prey. Who had time to think about annoying ex-girlfriends?

“Hell, no,” I said. “The bitch keeps leaving messages on my phone. According to her, I have two CDs of hers, a shirt and a baking pan.”

Valerie wrinkled her nose at the “bitch” comment. “Sounds like you have some unresolved anger issues with her.”

I smiled. “Yes, I do. I’m pissed at how much bullying I used to take. Every call she makes is an attempt to reassert herself over me. I’m pissed at myself for not realizing it before now.”

“What made you aware of it?” Ben asked.

I turned to him and saw Tina looking away again. “I just got smarter, I guess.”

The DJ announced the answer to the last question. Some people groaned, while others cheered. He began the next question, and I couldn’t bring myself to care. Being asked about Karen had just irritated me more. Karen was part of my old life, and I was realizing that my friends might never understand about my new life. I had this horrible yet wonderful beast inside me, and they couldn’t begin to know how that felt. I reached for another piece of pizza, then I stopped myself. Speaking of things I used to put up with, how in the world had I enjoyed Trivia Night? It was like someone invented it to put all our useless knowledge to work.

“Oh, I know this one!” Ben said. “It was 1996!”

“Are you sure?” Valerie asked breathlessly. I didn’t know the question, but getting the next 10 points was important to Valerie. I hadn’t seen that much urgency since I made that advertising executive beg for my cock the other day.

“I’m sure!” Ben said. “Tina, write it down and turn it in before our time runs out!”

My cock stirred. It took me a moment to realize it came from watching Tina obey. I grabbed that piece of pizza after all. The smell of cheese and pepperoni couldn’t cancel out the smell of pussy, but I was going to try.

“Hey, guys,” Martin said, “did I tell you about the system we’re auditing?”

I sighed. Martin explained his new job and the problem-solving process they were using. To be honest, I was jealous again. Martin could tell us how he fixed the issue of recurring charges on an unfixed rate, but I couldn’t share my discoveries.

I couldn’t tell them about how I only seemed to smell women who had submissive fantasies. I couldn’t describe how my body was getting in better shape every day. Somehow, my body was attracting those women to me, and I was having fun figuring out my limits. Every day, I was making new observations about my sexual stamina or my ability to find just the right kind of woman to fuck by smell alone, and I had to keep all that to myself.

It was making me feel damn lonely at a table of people I called my friends.

The really annoying thing is that I could have joined in their conversations. I knew what they were talking when it came to systems and process documentation. If I had just focused, I knew all the answers to their trivia questions. For just one night, I could have been just like my old self and been involved in the things they cared about. I didn’t have to be lonely.

But the beast inside me smelled Tina. She kept stealing glances at me like a teenage girl working up the courage to pass me a note. She was Ben’s girl, but all I wanted to do was throw her on the table and fuck the shit out of her. That made me a very bad person.

The thing is, I was starting to like being that bad person more than I liked being the guy who used to enjoy Trivia Night.

A foot touched mine under the table. I knew whose heel it was. This time, when I looked Tina in the eyes, she didn’t look away. I knew I could have her.


I got up. “I’m feeling pretty warm,” I said. “I’m going outside to cool off.”

“OK,” Martin said.

“Want some company?” Tina said.

Yes, yes, yes. “No,” I said.

It was a fucking crowded place. The slowness of other people irritated me as so much did these days. I began to push, using my solid body as a wedge. I worked my way to the door. I was almost there when something caught my nose.

It was pussy. More importantly, it was pussy that didn’t belong to Tina.

The smell belonged to a round girl with pitch-black hair. She sat with a group of five other young women. I recognized the bored look on her face. She wanted to talk about other things. She wanted an adventure.

I walked right up to her. In the past, I would have never approached a woman sitting with her friends. Tonight, my beast could not have cared less. Those other people weren’t worth my notice. The only one that mattered was the woman who shared my thoughts.

I bent down to her face, the smell of her pussy overwhelming me. The bar was loud enough that I could speak to her without anyone hearing us.

“I can tell by looking at you that you don’t want to be answering stupid questions all night.”

She smiled. “Yeah, it’s a little boring.”

“I am willing to bet that what you would really like to be doing is getting stripped down and tied up. I am betting you would rather be on your knees sucking cock than sitting here sucking down drinks. In fact, I am damn sure you would rather be used like the happy slut you are instead of pretending to be a good girl here with your friends.”

The smile faded from her face. For one brief second, I thought I had overstepped myself and made one hell of a mistake. Then her cheeks flushed, and I saw her eyes dart to her friends. She was wondering how I read her mind.

“You’re right,” she said.

“What’s your name?” I asked. Prey were easier to manage once you had their names.

“Mandy,” she said.

“Mandy, I’m Dylan,” I said. “Come with me if you want to be used.”

I left her. My heart was pounding with the thrill of another catch. The crowd was just as thick, but now I pushed through the mob of them like the non-people that they were. I didn’t need to look behind me to know that Mandy was following.

It was cold outside. The brisk air felt good on my face. The moon was bright, nearly full but not quite. For some reason, looking at it made my cock throb.

“I’m here,” Mandy said beside me.

I took her hand. My first thought was to fuck her in my car but I wasn’t so sure now. The wind felt great. The bright light of the moon was invigorating me. I was feeling stronger by the second.

“Here,” I said when we reached my car. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face in for a kiss. She stumbled towards me, but that was all right. I caught her. With my mouth locked on hers, there would be no escape.

I loved how she trembled while I kissed her. It was lust. It was fear. It was a terror of the unknown.

When she was breathless, I broke the kiss. “On your knees,” I growled.

She dropped to her knees. I was surprised by how easily she obeyed. No matter how many times it has happened, I was still blown away by the way they mirrored back the need I had for them.

I wrapped my hand in her hair. “Unzip me.”

With shaking fingers, she unzipped my pants. I didn’t have to tell her to reach in. She pulled my cock out, and her fingers clenched around it.

“Suck me, Mandy,” I said. “Suck me in the parking lot like a good little slut.”

If she had any second thoughts, my hand pushing her mouth onto my cock dissolved them. My cock entered her mouth just as easily as my tongue had minutes ago. The only protest was a deep moan that vibrated on her lips.

I wondered if she could taste the woman I fucked for lunch today. Did she recognize that musky scent that was all over my cock? Maybe that was why she was moaning. Maybe my little prey had bisexual fantasies as well.

Fuck that. Tonight, she sucked cock. My hand stayed in her hair, twisting it any time I felt she was slowing down. The pain made her groan, but she picked up the pace. In time, she learned to facefuck herself with my cock.

The moonlight illuminated us. In the soft white light, I watched Mandy devour my cock. Her black hair would disappear in the darkness and then reappear with a ghostly sheen. Hidden away between the rows of cars, we were safe from prying eyes, but I felt wonderfully exposed as I watched my cock slide in and out of her mouth. It felt right to be outside. I was tired of hiding who I was.

“I’m going to come in your mouth, Mandy,” I said.

Her eyes snapped up to look at me.

“And you are going to swallow every drop,” I continued. “And if a single drop falls, then there will be hell to pay. Understand me?”

A moan was her answer. I wrapped her hair in both my hands. Her hands went to my hips, and she held on as I thrust into her mouth.

I howled as I climaxed.

Like a good slut, Mandy swallowed every drop. My cock was covered in her spit when I finally pulled out. She looked up at me, breathless and excited.

Pulling her by the hair, I lifted her to her feet. She leaned against me on weak legs. I pushed her against the car and unzipped her pants.

Mandy whimpered. Her hips bucked against me. It was a cold night but heat radiated from between her legs.

Inspired, I lifted my knee between her thighs. “Hump my leg,” I said. “Hump till you get off, Mandy.”

She obeyed. God, I loved the women I find now. Her hips started to buck, and her hands held onto me. The moonlight fell on her desperate face. She was desperate to climax, desperate to please me and most of all, desperate to give in to her own desires.

She didn’t howl when she climaxed, but her wonderful whimpers were just as sweet.

Afterwards, she stripped off her pants right there in the parking lot. Shivering, she pulled off her wet panties and handed them to me. I stuffed them in my pocket, knowing I had taken a piece of her for later.

She thanked me as we headed back inside the bar. I didn’t say anything, but I understood her completely. Our friends are so much easier to deal with when we had just been fucked.

“We almost sent out a search party for you,” Ben said.

I smiled, making sure I had Tina’s eye. “Maybe you should have,” I said.

To be continued.

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  2. Wonderful! Worth the wait every week. “Sounds like you have some unresolved anger issues with her.”– pure dialogue gold. It says a lot about the whole situation.

  3. Miss Blue- Thanks :) I think unresolved best sums up Dylan in a nutshell

  4. Mmm, that was absolutely fantasic. I love the prowling bits, the smelling of submissives, even the internal conflict. Mmm, I love it.

    *fans self* Yummy.

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