Feb 252009

My self control was slipping. I thought I had it controlled. My one pussy a day diet had kept me from doing anything stupid. Fucking a woman at lunch time had distracted me from making a move on my boss, Lisa. The smell of her pussy would drive me crazy but getting in a quick snack would tame my cunt hunger until the office closed.

It wasn’t much of a plan but it had worked so far.

Things had changed. It started last night when I almost fucked my friend Ben’s girlfriend. Her pussy was calling to me. Her flirtatious glances were begging for it. I managed to not fuck her by finding different prey but when I woke up this morning, I still had his girlfriend’s smell in my nose. She was a missed opportunity and instead of making me horny, it was making me angry.

She was mine. I could have had her. No, I should have had her. She was willing, and she was hot and god damn it, my beast was pissed that I didn’t take her.

I couldn’t shake that anger. As I sat on the train this morning I thought about the things I could have done to her. I also thought about how much it would fuck up my life to sleep with a friend’s girl but that was even weirder. Like, I knew it was wrong to betray a friend like that, but I couldn’t connect to an emotion inside me that cared. Last night she should have been my bitch.

The moon was full last night. That is important for some reason. I know this because when I close my eyes, I can feel where the moon is. Maybe I’m imagining it. Shit. Maybe I’m imagining all of this. I can’t tell anymore. I can’t think straight. Ever since Eden fucked my brains out, I haven’t been doing anything rational. So far it had been fun, but there can be consequences. In this economy I didn’t need to be fucking around with my job security by fucking my boss. I knew this but all I can think about is how much I keep denying myself. I think about how my self control is all I have left right now.

I dominate women, but my cock dominates me.

The office stank of Lisa. No one else could notice but I did. I could smell her cunt. When I focused, I could sense that her cunt would moisten at a little verbal abuse. When clenched my fists, I just knew she would love to have my fists clenched in her hair.

The computer screen stared at me. My work sat there. All of the deadlines and benchmarks were as meaningless as the trivia questions last night. God damn, how did people go through life worrying about this shit?

A small bite. That’s all I needed. I didn’t have to fuck her, I just needed a taste. One little taste and maybe the beast inside me would go back to sleep.

I got up and headed for Lisa’s office. Someone called my name, no doubt wanting to tell me something unimportant about our jobs. I ignored them and kept walking. If it was really important, they would have tackled me. Or at least, that is how my mind was working at the moment.

Lisa’s door was open but I closed it behind me. Lisa looked up at me and her face filled with color. She could feel it too. I could smell it.

“What do you want?” she asked. There was no challenge in her voice. I looked at her, trying to see the old boss that used to scare me. She had a red shirt on today with buttons waiting to be ripped. Her thick brown hair was around her shoulders at that certain length Atlanta women seemed to stop at. She was wearing a skirt today and her black stockings tempted me from under the desk.

No wonder I couldn’t control myself. The woman was asking for it. She had to be.

Just one bite. I didn’t want to get fired. I didn’t want to fuck my boss and get laid off. Just one bite and then maybe I wouldn’t smell her pussy any more. Maybe that would be enough for the beast.

“You know who I want,” I said. I walked towards her desk.

Lisa pushed back on her seat. Something in my eyes made her draw back. God, I prayed she wouldn’t run. I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t chase her.

I walked around to her side of the desk. Thankfully she merely turned in her seat. I sat on her desk, relishing the casual way I disregarded her property.

“You know who I want,” I said again. “I want to hear you say it.”

She stared at me. Her chest rose and fell. She gripped the arms of her chair. I wondered, did she smell me too. Was my desire for her as distracting to her as her cunt was to me? I looked in her eyes and I knew the answer to that.

“You want me,” she said.

My hand went to her throat. My thumb and fingers were right under her jaw. I squeezed. Oh that felt so good.

“And do you know why I want you, Lisa?” I said. She tried to shake her head by my grip was too tight.

“It’s because you’re a pain loving cock hungry slut,” I said.

She moaned and I could smell the fresh desire between her legs. I hated her. I hated her for being so damn horny. I hated her for what she awoke in me.

I also loved her. I loved Lisa in that moment when I had my hand around her throat.

“Say it,” I whispered.

“What?” she said.

“Say you’re a pain loving cock sucking slut.”

Her eyes flashed with indignation. I wasn’t fooled. My other hand grabbed her breast. Her shirt and bra offered no protection as my fingers clamped down around her ample tit. She winced but she made no move to escape.

“Say it because that’s who you are,” I commanded.

She looked away. “I am a pain loving cock sucking slut.”

My grip on her throat tightened.

“Look me in the eyes and say it.”

Lisa looked at me. Loathing and lust warred behind those brown eyes. “I am a pain loving cock sucking slut.”

My hand left her breast and rested on her thigh. True to her nature, she parted her legs. I slipped my hand under her skirt and moved towards her sex. Lisa groaned and then whined when my hand stopped short of her sex.

“Say it,” I repeated.

“I am a pain loving cock sucking slut.” She whispered.

“And you want me to touch you there, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she moaned. “But lock the door first.”

I tightened my grip around her throat. She gasped. I fought back the surge of anger that had pushed me.

“I make the rules, bitch,” I said.

“I’m sorry,” she said quickly.

I pulled my hand out from her skirt. The disappointment on her face was priceless. When I let go of her throat, I thought she was going to cry. I wanted to fuck her, but damn, I think she wanted it more.

“I am a pain loving cock sucking slut,” she offered without me asking.

I stood up. My cock was hard and heavy. I could unzip and slide into her mouth in seconds. I had choked her with my hand but now I was dying to choke her with my cock.

Just a bite. That’s what I had promised myself. Damn it, just a bite.

“I am a pain loving cock sucking slut,” she said again.

“Yes you are,” I said. I turned around and walked out of her office.

Just a bite. The look of fear she had. The feeling of her throat under my hand. The look of lust. The feel of her breast. The look of disappointment when I left. It wasn’t sex, but it was domination and I hoped it would be just as good. I hoped it would be enough to quench my hunger for her. I hoped the beast could be satisfied with this little snack. I hoped this one little bite would keep me from doing something stupid later.

I was wrong.

to be continued.

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  1. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I want more!!

    Damn! I have missed your stories.

  2. Dee- mission accomplished :)

  3. You are a wicked, wicked man Shon Richards.

    I love it ;).

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