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Riding the train was hard. This was where I met Eden and my eyes kept looking for her. No one had her golden red hair. No one had her incredible smell. I thought about how she took me. When we meet again, I fantasized about how things would be different. For one thing, I wouldn’t be the one begging.

I got off the train and got on the long escalator to street level. It moved so damn slow. Actually, everyone was moving slow. The crowd reminded me of a herd of cows, not so much moving as much as they leaned and fell forward. I wanted to run. I wanted to push my body and sweat. Instead I was stuck on a slow damn escalator with a hundred people standing lazily before me.

When I reached my office building, I skipped the elevator. It was ten flights up but I took the stairs. Two at a time I ran up the steps. Up and up I climbed, and the longer I went the faster I got. By the time I reached my floor, I wasn’t even breathing hard.

I walked into my office with a cocky grin. I felt great. I felt superior somehow. My only regret was that my work would force me to sit down and stare at a bunch of numbers when I could be outside running the streets.

The smell of pussy hit me as soon as I walked in. It was just as strong as Bee’s had been. My cock became hard again.

“Hey Dylan, feeling better?” Gwen asked.

I stepped closer to Gwen, trying my best to smell her without you know, smelling so hard I snorted. It wasn’t her.

“Yeah, I’m feeling much better,” I said.

She looked at me a little odd. “You look different. Did you get a haircut?”

“Nope,” I said. “I bet Lisa wants to see me right away?”

Gwen nodded. She was staring at me. I wondered if my zipper was undone because she kept looking below my waist.

“Yes, she said for you to come in as soon as you get in.”

I smiled. “Good, let’s get her tantrum out of the way.”

Gwen’s jaw dropped in shock. That was terribly unprofessional of me. Usually I was afraid of Lisa but the smell of pussy was driving me up the wall. I wanted to fuck and if I could figure out who in this office that I could smell, more than likely it was someone who I could fuck. I knew that much now.

I walked past rows of coworkers. The pussy smell grew stronger. I kept licking my lips, tasting the pussy on the air.

“Dylan!” a male voice yelled out. It was Scott. He’s kind of a selfish dick but isn’t most office people? He is always trying to grab all the credit but I don’t take it personally. It’s just the way he is.

There was really no reason why I walked right up to him and got into his face.

“What?” I growled.

Fear spread across his face. “Umm, if you’re feeling better, can you check on the Comcast account for me? I’m running a bit behind.”

“No,” I said. I turned and kept walking to Lisa’s office. As soon as I couldn’t see him anymore, the anger faded away. My mood swings were taking me by surprise. I just hoped I kept my shit together when I talked to my boss.

The pussy smell hit me full force as I opened the office door. I groaned. It was coming from Lisa.

“Sit down,” Lisa snapped. She was trying to be stern but she had no idea how fucking horny I was right now.

God, she was a sexual harassment lawsuit come to life. Lisa was an older woman but she always had thick lovely brown hair that came half way down her back. A round woman, today she was barely keeping her large breasts penned in with a red jacket. Thankfully the weather was too cold for a skirt so she was just wearing black slacks but my eyes were drawn to her shoes. They were some sort of expensive black strappy thing that encased her feet like leather bands. It made me want to bind her whole body in leather.

The beast inside me wanted to fuck. I wanted to keep my job. I pushed the beast down and tried to act normal.

“Feeling better?” she asked. Her tone was sarcastic without an ounce of concern.

“Much better,” I said. My tone was just as sarcastic. Damn it, I was trying to behave but the bitch was pissing me off.

Her jaw clenched. I could hear her heart rate pick up. I could smell her pussy surge.

“Care to explain the attitude problem?” Lisa said.

I stood up. It felt wrong to sit. I wanted to tower over her. I wanted to look down on her. I belonged above her.

“I don’t have an attitude problem,” I growled. “I just want to get back to my fucking job.”

The smell of her pussy grew stronger. The beast was howling inside me. She would be a good fuck.

“Okay,” she said. Her voice was almost quiet. “Get back to work.”

The beast wanted to kiss her. Instead I turned around and left. I closed the door behind me as I left her office. The smell of her pussy subsided just a little. God damn, I wanted to mount her so badly.

There was plenty of work piled on my desk. You miss a day crunching numbers and the requests seem to multiply. We manage credit transactions, making us not quite a bank and more like a glorified traffic cop. The finance world is constantly moving money no matter who is sick or turning into a sexual predator.

The math became an escape. The hard numbers and accounts occupied my mind. There is no oral sex in verifying a state to state transaction. There are no nipples to pinch in a weekly summary. More importantly, the work was normal and sane. I didn’t understand why I could smell every time Lisa rubbed her thighs together but I sure as Hell knew that the Bellsouth account was being over charged.

What I couldn’t understand was Gwen. I have had a small crush on our receptionist forever. Long legs and straight blonde hair were one of the best combinations known to man. I’ve lost count of how many times I have fantasized about her but today was different. I couldn’t smell her pussy. I couldn’t hear her every breath. It was like she didn’t exist and even when I pictured her naked, I couldn’t get an erection.

But when I thought of my boss, it took all I had not to walk into her office and fuck her. That would be just for starters. The beast wanted to make her beg for my cock. She would have to choke my cock down before I would deign to let her pussy have it. And when I did give it to her pussy, it would be with her bent over her desk. The beast would make her cunt mine.

People began to leave. It was lunch time and I hadn’t even noticed. I got up and left the office. I had to get away from Lisa. I had to get away from her delicious pussy before I did something stupid.

That’s when I thought of the food court. Our office building was part of a group of buildings that linked up to tiny mall. It was a fast food trap, utterly useless to shop for anything but a hot meal to get you through the rest of your work day. Today though I realized it might satisfy my more pressing needs. If I couldn’t give Lisa to the beast, maybe I could give it someone else.

I walked into the center of the food court. Crowds of suit clad people surrounded me. Some ate to escape the stress of their job while the others refueled as fast as possible so they could return even sooner. It was where stress and exhaustion collided over plastic trays and Styrofoam cups.

But here in the center, I could sense other things. Above the smell of fried foods and bad Chinese, the smell of pussy overcame all. Through the roar of cell phones and plastic forks I could hear heartbeats coming closer. In a sea of suits and briefcases, some people were as bright as stars.

I thought about Eden. Did she have the same insistent beast inside her? Did she have to go searching for strangers to fuck just to get through her day? I thought about how she had raped me and I knew it was the case.

A woman caught my eye. She was a curvy woman with curly brown hair that framed her face. She was wearing a black dress that was very professional but somehow I knew she had a tattoo of handcuffs on the small of her back. Any other day I wouldn’t have given her a second glance but I was different now. Now I could smell how wonderful she was. The beast approved.

I used to have trouble walking through crowds but today I weaved through them as easily as deleting old accounts. Lines and floor of traffic are pretty insignificant compared to the task of reaching the woman you want to fuck. Men knew to get out of my way. Women were glad I hadn’t chosen them.

She didn’t see me till I was right beside her. Our eyes met and I could hear her heartbeat soar. Discretion never entered my mind as I grabbed her by the hand.

“Let’s find somewhere to fuck,” I whispered.

She blinked. Her mouth opened and closed. A smile formed. “Okay,” she said.

I led her through the crowd. I debated heading to my car. I considered taking her back to my office. Luckily, I found what I needed. There was a small store that had closed recently. They used to sell office stuff, things like pens and notepads. It went out of business and the mall owners put those annoying makeshift wall partitions up to block the store. It was designed to hide the stink of economic failure from the rest of the mall. That suited me perfectly.

I stepped behind the wall, still holding onto the woman’s hand. For a moment she hesitated but only a moment. The doorway to the store had one of those chain wall things that came down like a garage door. It was no problem. I reached down and with one hand, ripped the door off the bolt that had pinned it down.

“Holy shit,” the woman said.

The beast liked the look on her face. It was fear mixed with lust.

The store was just an empty space. There was no light except for what peeked over the top of the wall partitions. The only thing left of the old store was a few shelves. They would serve my purposes.

“What’s your name?” I said.

“Janet,” she said.

“Well Janet, my name is Dylan,” I said. “Before we fuck, I have a few little rules you need to follow.”

She nodded eagerly. “I understand.” The smell of her pussy told me she was happy to have some rules.

I pulled her to one of the shelves. Taking both of her hands, I raised them above her head placed them on the highest shelf. When I looked down at her, I caught her trying to sniff my neck.

“Rule number one,” I said. “Do not move your hands.”

She smiled. “Will you punish me if I do?” Her eyes were hoping I said yes.

“I’ll punish you by not fucking you,” I said. I unzipped my pants and stepped out of them.

“Holy,” she said when she saw my cock. I was hard of course. My cock felt bigger than usual, although that could just be my imagination.

I lifted her skirt up to her waist. Janet swayed back and forth, trying to tease me and seduce me. She didn’t know that the smell of her pussy seduced me first.

Her panties were a shiny blue material. I pulled them down and tossed them aside. Her cunt was right in front of me, a tiny patch of hair pointing down to her clit.

“Rule number two,” I said. “Ask me to eat you.”

“What?” she asked.

My fingers reached for her pussy and I pinched a fold of skin. She cried out but I noticed she didn’t move her hands.

“Okay, okay,” she said. “Please eat me. Please, please, please, umm, I forgot your name.”

“It’s Dylan,” I repeated. Then I dived into her pussy.

When I am in this state, eating pussy is like falling into a pool of cunt. I don’t have the self control to tease or be subtle, I just lick. My mouth does the fucking; my tongue thrusting and over and over into that sumptuous cup of desire. I gorge.

Only dimly was I aware of Janet. I heard her moans and they are as inconsequential as the sounds from the mall. When her legs spasm and her hips twist, my hands pin her down so I can resume eating. When she climaxed, I only noticed because her pussy becomes even more delicious. She’s not a person or even a lover; she’s just lunch to the beast inside me.

When I have eaten my fill, my desire shifts. I stand back up and look Janet in the face. In the dim light I see that her face is flushed. Her lipstick has bite marks. Lucky for her, her hands are still where I placed them. For some reason, the turns me on more than her pussy did.

“Your pussy needs my cock,” I said. She nodded.

I unzipped my pants. “Say it.” I said.

“My pussy needs your cock,” Janet said. It was barely a whisper.

I grabbed one of her breasts. Her shirt and bra gave her no protection as I squeezed. She winced but I could smell the fresh desire going to her pussy.

“Louder,” I said.

“I need your cock,” she said. It was no longer a whisper but she was still trying to be quiet.

I released her breast and grabbed her legs. She squealed as I easily lifted her up. She wasn’t a small woman and I doubt she had ever been lifted like this before. Hell, I had never lifted anyone like this before. I guess we were both lucky.

“One more time,” I said. My cock brushed against the lips of her sex. My arms were the only thing keeping her from being impaled.

“Yes, please, I need you,” she said. It wasn’t as loud as I wanted but that was enough for the beast. Her helplessness and her need to be taken was enough.

I lowered her onto my cock. My new body had no trouble handling her weight. My fingers clamped into her thighs, holding her steady as my cock opened her up. Once I was completely inside her, it was just as easy to lift her body back up. Oh yes, I loved my new strength.

I watched Janet’s face as we fucked. Disbelief was such a turn on. She held onto that shelf for dear life, as much afraid of disobeying me as she was of falling. Janet had nothing to worry about. Her body was in my arms and I wasn’t letting go till I was done.

The people continued about their business. The thin partition walls blocked none of the sound coming from the crowd. Normal people ate, walked and talked on their cell phones. As I fucked Janet in my arms, I actually felt sorry for their mundane lives.

Janet climaxed. She clenched her eyes and bit hard enough on her lip to draw blood. I kept fucking her.

She came again. Her moans were loud with none of the discretion she had before. Pleased that she found her voice, I took it from her with a kiss. My mouth was still wet from her pussy but I took her mouth with the same hunger.

It was my turn to climax. I cried out but I kept kissing her, as if my orgasm was no reason to interrupt my taking of her mouth. My cock emptied into her cunt but it was another ten minutes before I stopped thrusting. Fucking had become more than about orgasms. It was about taking until you were done.

When the beast was finally sated, I gently set Janet down. Her legs wouldn’t support her body at first so I held onto her till she got her balance. I took pride in her inability to stand. It had become my new standard for a good fuck.

Janet leaned on me but she didn’t look at me. She kept saying “Wow” over and over like she had just climbed off a roller coaster. It was shock, pure and simple. She had been going through her ordinary day and then she got fucked silly. That was not a simple thing to process.

“Where are my panties?” she asked.

I bent over and scooped them up. “They are mine now,” I said.

Janet nodded. “Okay,” she said. “That was great, but umm, I should head back to work.”

I almost laughed. She made no attempt to stay in touch. It reminded me of Bee. The sex was great but it was also too overwhelming. This wasn’t normal. This wasn’t how civilized people acted.

She left first. I pocketed her panties and came out later. The only pussy I smelled was the taste of Janet on my tongue.

The beast was satisfied. My fears and worries were slowly coming back. I was nervous as I stood in that empty store, wondering if security was going to walk in at any moment.

It was safe to go back to work.

to be continued.

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  1. I have to say I’m enjoying this story, and one main reason is because the main character, I forget his name (Dylan), is _reasonable_. This isn’t so much of a fantasy that he just runs around fucking everything that moves. There is an actual story happening, besides the fun sex. Well done.

  2. Bluewords- Thanks. When I wrote the outline for this story, my second question was “Guy can find submissive women and fuck them, boo-hoo, poor baby.” Even though I think I avoided that, it’s nice to have it confirmed by a more neutral party :)

  3. This story is truly amazing. Very erotic, but Dylan is a fully-developed character. I can’t wait for each new chapter.

  4. Anonymous- Thanks. I always hold my breath on if a male character is liked by the readers.

  5. I liked the comparison of the lunch time crowds to Dylan’s work.

    And well I just like the story…all of it, leaves me hot as hell and aching.

    Damn you…

  6. Wow, the wording and pace are so strong the sex is almost a subtext to the force, tension and purpose. Each to his own, but for me it was like the rush of very mean heavy metal. Thanks and congratz.

  7. Musns- Damn me :)

    Anonymous- Thank you, thank you for noticing the heavy metal vibe I was shooting for.

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