Feb 062009

Hi, I’m Claire Currie. You may know me from a series of erotic fictions know as the Collette-Ashbee Collection. I’m filling in for Mr. Richards today as he has called in sick. Being a melodramatic writer, he claims he ‘has some sort of rare infection from beyond the stars.’ I think he just has has a head cold, the big baby.

No matter, I shall be filling in for him all weekend. I may organize his links better or I might just stay on this couch and read all weekend. I haven’t decided. After what he put me through in his last story, I think I deserve a vacation. Ask me questions or go to one of the links on the side and read Mr. Richard’s stories. Personally I feel that ‘BDSM Beach’ doesn’t get half the attention it deserves.

Regular blogging should resume on Monday. I bet Mr. Richards writes one of those weird Apocafuck things he enjoys so much.

Oh, this image was drawn by the ever talented Alex.

  4 Responses to “A Message From Ms. Currie”

  1. Get well soon, Sean!

    And Ms. Currie, make sure you do at least something – us men are hopeless sometimes.


  2. I meant “Shon.” This is the problem with typing what you hear in your head, hahaha.


  3. Ms. Currie says: “That’s okay, Shon himself can’t spell for shite sometimes. I’m tempted to re-tag all of his entries. He has a shocking amount of fetishes in his stories for them not to be organized.”

  4. Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. Perhaps some Vicks vapor rub, box of Puffs (plus lotion w/ vicks, chicken noodle soup, and some Claritin-D will comfort you? Hmmm, think they will send me some free products for mentioning them here? :)


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