Jan 262009

Last year I had this idea for a short story. It would the last match of some incredible volleyball tournament set on Dr. Von Madd’s secret sexual laboratory. I had been trying to prune my stories down to smaller and smaller portions. I had this theory that people online had very short attention spans and what erotica needed to do was get shorter to the point you could read a story literally between television commercial breaks.

The problem I had with the volleyball story is that it exploded in my mind. At first I was going to write about the final minutes of the last game, but questions kept surfacing: where did the players come from? Where are they playing volleyball? Is there a prize? Is there a penalty? What were the other matches like?

It was also a period where I was pretty depressed. Divorce is hard, really really hard. I was rebuilding my coping mechanism for depression and I just needed something fun to do. The idea of doing an epic story about athletic volleyball women set in a ridiculous tournament really appealed to me. It would be like a summer mental vacation.

Looking back on the story, it was pretty damn ambitious compared to what I had written before. First of all, volleyball is a sport and sports writing has it’s own challenges. You have to describe physical actions that you may visually recognize as a sports fan, but if you are a non-volleyball fan, how do you follow a story without getting lost?

Second, a volleyball team involves two players. I really hate stories where the point of view shift, but I figured if I split the povs among chapters, it wouldn’t be so jarring. The character of a Laura came first and easy. She was brash, fearless and always feminine. Essentially she was every tomboy I had every fallen in love with. Victoria was harder in that if she is not as fearless as Laura, she becomes a stick in the mud. It took me forever but when I reallized Victoria was not cautious but just dominant, then she has her own storyline already suggesting itself.

The third factor was that I decided to make the story a tribute to the videogames of my youth. Streetfighter 2 was my god in High School and I wanted to capture the same pseudo international feel of that game. I also wanted to have bonus levels between matches to break up the possible monotony of volleyball matches. Portal was my final inspiration as I added the holographic Otto to comment and heckle Laura as she tried the challenges.

In the end I was really pleased with the story. The erotic science variations on the volleyball games are pretty funny in my opinion. The interaction between Laura and Victoria is some of my favorite dialogue. The fact that I sneaked in a coming-of-domme story amuses me to no end. All in all it’s a very ridiculous sex story about sports, domination, erotic science and friendship. I’m proud of it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Part Two
Part Three
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  4 Responses to “Volleyball Island Madd-ness”

  1. Dunno if I ever told you at the time, but I really enjoyed this story, more than I thought I might. I could almost picture it like a TV show. “Next week on ‘Von Madd Laboratories’, a special, touching story about two women who really give their all. And tits.”

    But, I mean, volleyball? Sure I watch it, but just to ogle the skinny chicks in their little bikini’s. Mmmmm, bikini’s. Jumpin’ around, half-naked.

    Wait, what were we talking about?

  2. Thanks. I think the “And tits” part is dead on :)

    My female friends hated the idea of a volleyball story. They assumed it would be about skinny girls and suntans. Their violent reaction was a huge inspiration. I just had to see if I could make such a hated sport interesting to read.

  3. “…justhad to see if I could make such a hated sport ientersting to read…”

    and you did!

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