Jan 212009

I was exhausted when I got home. I mean, sure, I had been fucked silly, but this was a different kind of tired. It took everything I had to climb the stairs to my second-floor apartment. My body was dragging. I fell on my couch and just laid there. I was breathing as hard as if I had just ran a marathon.

And damn, did I have the worst hard-on. The hottest woman in Atlanta had raped me, and I was ready to go again.

I was debating what to eat for dinner when I passed out on the couch. I hadn’t even taken my shoes off yet.

I woke up around midnight sore as hell. My legs and arms were killing me. I hadn’t hurt this badly since I had been dumb enough to move into my apartment by myself. Every muscle ached as though I had been lifting washing machines.

I was sweating almost as much as Eden had been in my car. I stumbled to the air conditioner and saw that it was 70 degrees in my place. What the fuck? Did I catch the flu from her?

Thinking about the flu made me realize something. I hadn’t worn a condom. It never came up, and quite frankly, I had been too blown away but what was happening to think about it. Now I realize how stupid I was. Girls you meet on the train who fuck your brains out are definitely what we call a high-risk situation.

Fuck it. I was too hot and sore to think about it. I was also damn horny again. I took some ibuprofen and stripped off my clothes. I hit the lights and fell on top of my bed.

I dreamed of sex.

I dreamed of my downstairs neighbor. I didn’t know her name, but I had seen her 100 times walking her Great Dane. That dog always barked at me as if he knew that I was checking out his owner. I couldn’t help it; she had beautiful long, curly, black hair that fell halfway down her back like a satin sheet.

In my dream, the dog was sitting on the floor whimpering as I fucked his owner. She was on all fours as I pulled her hair back with my hands. Her ass would shake with every pounding thrust I gave her.

I made her pant. I made her whimper. At one point, I even made her bark.

She did it all. She did everything I made her do, and she did it with a smile on her face. She was happy to be my bitch.

I awoke in my bed. My underwear was sticky with my emissions. I had come in my sleep like some fucking teenager.

I stumbled to the bathroom to clean myself off. Damn, I had never seen so much semen. I kept cussing as I wiped myself. It was easier to focus on the mess than it was on the horrible dream I had. Why was I dreaming about humiliating someone during sex?

My skin burned. My muscles were still on fire. I should have taken more medicine, but I was too exhausted to think. I went back to my bed and collapsed again.

I dreamed of the apartment manager, Tera. She was a big blond woman with even bigger tits. I picked this complex to live in partially because I had fantasies of one day asking her out. Instead, I had ended up masturbating to thoughts of her for a month until I met my ex-girlfriend.

In my dream, there was no shy masturbating. I dreamed of walking into Tera’s office and demanding a blow job. She was shocked. She was offended. She was completely turned on.

I forced her to her knees and tore off her blouse. Light blue veins ran through her white flesh. Her immense breasts were putty in my hands as I fed her my cock. I squeezed her tits and twisted her nipples until she sucked me just the way I wanted.

Tera masturbated as I fucked her mouth. I ordered her to do it, and she gladly complied. When she climaxed, I could feel her mouth vibrate on my cock.

I awoke again to another mess in my underwear. My body was feeling worse. I couldn’t find the will to sit up. I just laid there and wondered what the fuck was going on.

My cock was still hard.

The sun was out, and I dimly realized I was late for work. I didn’t care. It occurred to me that I should see a doctor but I fell back asleep before I could make a decision.

I dreamed about a black woman. I didn’t know her, but I recognized the apartment she was in as being in my building. She was inviting me into her place while she stripped off her clothes.

She told me she wanted to be dominated. She told me how her husband thought she was perverted. She told me about the porn she read and the books she hid with her vibrator. She begged me to do something about it.

In the dream, I was angry. I was not somebody’s gigolo. I wasn’t here to make her dreams come true. I was here to take. I was here to fuck.

I slapped her. It made her smile.

I pinned her down to the floor. It made her moan.

I fucked her. One hand was on her throat, and other hand was grabbing a brown breast as I pumped her. She lifted her hips to my thrusts and bared her neck to my grip. She wanted it. I gave it to her, but I also took it from her.

This time, the phone woke me. It was mid-afternoon. My cock was painfully hard, and I was pissed that I hadn’t climaxed. My body still hurt, but my anger motivated me to answer the phone.

“Dylan,” an icy female voice said. It was my boss, Lisa. “Where are you? Do you have any idea what time it is?”

I should have been apologetic. Paul got fired last year for not calling in sick, and I had done the same stupid thing. I should have begged her forgiveness.

“Listen,” I said with a snarl, “I am sick. I feel like shit, and I am mot coming in to work. Deal with it, and leave me alone!”

I slammed the phone down. My cock was still hard and sticky from the last load I’d shot into my underwear. The room smelled of sweat and come. I had missed dinner and breakfast and now lunch. I wasn’t hungry, I was just horny.

I started to jack off. No lotion or tissues, it was just me and my hand. I couldn’t wait long enough to do anything but grab my cock.

I hadn’t been this horny in years. I couldn’t focus on any one thing. I thought about fucking Tera’s breasts. I thought about fucking my downstairs neighbor from behind. I thought about fucking my boss in the ass.

I climaxed again. The orgasm felt great, but there was no release of tension. I wanted more. I needed more. I needed to thrust my cock into a woman and feel her take me.

I fell asleep with my cock still in my hand.

I dreamed of sex.

To be continued.

  5 Responses to “Fiction: The Wolf Inside Part Two”

  1. The is going to be a very interesting ride. I’ve read the first and second portions and it’s got a real hook to it.

  2. Well, that was an incredibly hot little story. I loved the first part, that got me going very nicely, and the second was a nice setup for what is later. Yummy!

  3. Anonymous- Thanks :)

    T’sade- I was really proud of that second part and I’m glad it wasn’t just me :)

  4. Once again, I’m behind in reading (woe, I slip from the status of your groupie).

    Hot…I wanted to be all the women he dreamt of. I’m left hot, wet & aching…

  5. Whenever I feel depressed and I want to make myself laugh, I come back to this chapter and read “I made her pant. I made her whimper. At one point, I even made her bark.”

    And I fall about in hysterics. Of course, it’s the endorphins. But still, it works.

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