Jan 282009

It was Friday night when I awoke again. My body still hurt but the aches had faded some what. My underwear was a mess from all the times I climaxed in my sleep. Thank God I didn’t feel hot anymore. Whatever fever I had was finally broken.

I stripped down and climbed into my shower. The cool water fell on my body and washed the semen away. For ten minutes I just stood there and let the cold water cover me. After sweating for so much, it felt good to be embraced in near ice.

Despite the cold water, my erection was still there.

When I got out of the shower, I saw myself in the mirror. My chest was unrecognizable. It was covered in dark black hair that stretched all the way down to my cock. I touched my chest, thinking maybe I had picked up some sort of lint when I noticed something more impressive. Underneath the hair was muscle; hard, solid dense muscle that sure as hell wasn’t there before.

I checked out the rest of my body. My little gut pouch was gone. There was actually the beginning of definition on my stomach for the first time in my life. My hands kept wondering around my body. My ass was firm. My thighs were strong and firm. I had biceps and triceps that I could clearly feel. No wonder I felt so sore. My body felt like it had been working out for a year and apparently, I had the muscles to show for it.

That certainly explained the exhaustion. I wasn’t hungry though. Maybe I had crossed over into some sort of weird too hungry to be hungry phase, but food seemed unnecessary. I had no desire for it.

What I really wanted was to get laid.

My pants were too tight so I had to get out an older pair from a few years ago. The only shirt I could find that would fit over my chest now was a XXL I had bought by accident. For some reason, I didn’t even bother to put shoes on. Barefooted just seemed right for tonight.

I stepped outside my apartment and walked to the railing. The wind felt great. I was on the third floor and I could see down across most of the parking lot. It must have been around 6 because cars were flooding on a constant pace. People were coming home to their families, their lovers or their empty apartments.

I breathed in the air. It smelled like pussy. I breathed in deeper. My cock throbbed. It smelled like wet panties.

Barefoot, I ran down the stairs. My body took the steps three at a time with ease. I didn’t question my new fitness; I was too busy following that smell.

I left my apartment building and walked down the parking lot. I passed two buildings and the smell grew fainter. I backtracked to the second building. My nostrils were flaring, trying to suck in more of that sweet smell. Up the stairs I went and I followed the smell to apartment 206.

I knocked on the door. For a moment I wondered what the hell I was doing. If a woman answered, what the fuck was I going to tell her? If it was a man, what the fuck then?

A surge of anger lifted through me. If the woman had a man, then that mother fucker was the one who needed to worry.

The door opened and through the small crack I could see young blonde woman. Christ, if she was legal she must have been in college. Something inside me didn’t care though. Legal or not, I could smell her pussy and I wanted it.

A lie sprang to my lips. “Is Amy here?”

A look passed her face. “No, I think you have the wrong apartment,” she said.

I recognized the look on her face. It was disappointment.

“Oh man,” I lied. “Do you know which apartment she’s in?”

She was hardly paying attention to what I was saying. Her eyes were all over my arms and chest. Her mouth was slightly open and I got the feeling she was taking big gulps of air. It was very weird.

“No, sorry,” she said. She opened the door wider. “Have I seen you before?”

She probably had around the apartment complex. I knew I had seen her before. I had dreamed about her during my sick period, along with a hundred other women. I recognized the short blonde hair and the bright blue eyes though. In my dreams, we were in some dark club where naked people were being spanked and this cute girl was begging me to tie her up.

At this point I had lost all sense of risk aversion. “Oh wait, I think I have seen you at the club.” I looked around suspiciously. “You know, the really dark one.”

Her eyes lit up. “Oh wow, I knew I had seen you before. Come on in.”

My cock throbbed. Fuck, that was easy. I felt shame at having deceived her but not enough shame to turn around and leave. I needed her too badly.

Her apartment was pretty sparse. There was a futon in front of a television and a small dining room table that doubled as a computer desk. Georgia University banners were everywhere so my college student hunch was correct. It was pretty common in Atlanta. Rich kids had parents who would rather buy them a nice apartment rather than assort with the riff raff at a dorm. In an apartment, they were less likely to meet drunken frat kids trying to get in their pants.

Instead, she had met me.

“My name is Bee,” she said. “That’s my scene name. Do we give real names outside the club?”

I had no idea. “Best not to,” I ad-libbed. “My name is Dylan.”

She kept looking at me. I’m not sure if she was expecting me to do something or if she was regretting her decision to let me in. For a moment I felt a bit of panic that she was going to see through my lies. I had this urge to just make a run for it but something stopped me. Who am I kidding? I stayed because I was so damn horny.

“I’ve seen you at the club,” I lied, “but you were always surrounded by other guys.” Not a bad assumption to make on a lie.

Bee bit her lip. “Yeah, being the new sub in a leather group gets you a lot of attention from guys. I was warned about that by my friend, Heather. You should have approached me. Most of those guys are old enough to be my dad.”

Leather group? My dreams were more accurate than I thought. What was more disturbing to me was how much I could see right through her as she talked. Her face was flushing ever so slightly. Her nipples were hardening under her bra. I could smell her pussy as if it was right in front of my face. I could hear her heart beat. She found me attractive and she was excited by the idea that I was part of her group.

“Well, I’m here now,” I said. I walked to her and her eyes lit up. I put my hand on her shoulder and she shivered underneath my touch.

It wasn’t courage that motivated me; it was pure fucking need on my part. I didn’t know how the people in her group did things and I was afraid that I would do something that would give that away. But at the same time, I knew what I wanted and somehow, I knew what she wanted too.

“Bee, I’m going to tie you up,” I said. I was shocked by how similar my words were to what Eden had said to me. Then I was just plain shocked by what I said. I mean, what kind of girl would consent to that from a stranger? She would have to be out of her mind to not call 911 and kick my ass out.

Bee purred. “Okay,” she said.

It was like a beast awoke within me. It sprang into action. I was surprised that she had agreed but my body was already moving. I reached for my belt but I wasn’t wearing one. Instead I reached for hers, unfastening it and pulling it off her body while she giggled.

“Oh wow,” she said. “I have some handcuffs if you-“

“No,” I growled. Handcuffs seemed wrong. They would be too easy. I wanted to exert myself over her.

I spun her around and pulled her hands behind her back. Bee immediately crossed her wrists. Damn, she did want this. I wrapped the belt around her hands, wrapping the thin leather like it was string. The belt cinched down tightly around her wrists.

“Ow, tight,” she said.

“Good,” I answered. Her discomfort was important to me. “Now what else do we have to work with?”

She turned around. “I bought some rope online. It’s dark red.”

I shook my head. I grabbed her shirt and lifted it up. She was wearing a small white bra that covered her petite breasts. With her hands bound, I couldn’t get the shirt past her shoulders but that was okay. It got stuck behind her head, pulling her neck down.

“Oh neat!” she said. “We should have a safe word, right?”

Safe word? I remember hearing that term once in a movie but I wasn’t sure. “What word do you use?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Bee said. She was so damn perky and excited. “You’re the dom.”

I closed my eyes and listened to that horny swirl of emotions within me. It quickly answered.

“Mercy, that’s your safe word,” I said.

I pulled her shorts down. Her panties were white with red hearts. I paused as the smell of her pussy almost overwhelmed me.

“Is there something wrong?” she asked.

I shook my head. Looking around, I saw what I needed. She had five or six belts hanging over a door knob. I grabbed one and wrapped it around her ankles. It was important to hobble her, to limit her movement and trap her.

Her pussy grew wetter and I could smell every drop.

“Do you do breast bondage?” Bee asked. “I’ve always wanted to try that.”

I stood up and looked at her. Anger rose in me. “No,” I said and then I hooked my fingers into her bra and ripped it open.

Bee squealed in delight. “Oh my god!”

The pink nipples were so hard. I wanted to bite down on them. I wanted to suck on them and feel her squirm. Despite how badly I wanted her, I struggled to control myself. She was helpless and I was not thinking straight. This felt like rape and it was becoming very hard to care.

“Ask me,” I said. My voice was low.

“Ask you what?” Bee said.

“Ask me to bite your nipples,” I demanded.

She bounced on her toes. “Yes, bite my nipples, sir!”

She shrieked as my head dived down. It might have been the ‘sir’. It was her term but it was an acknowledgement of submission. I had never been into that kinky stuff before but hearing her say that one word unleashed me.

I bit her tender nipple. I bit down so hard, sucking her young breast into my mouth.

Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes. This is what I needed.

I pushed her bound body against the wall. She nearly tripped with her hobbled ankles. Her body hit the wall hard and I didn’t care. Now that I had her permission, allowed myself to enjoy her.

I ravished her breasts. I licked, sucked and bit like they were the first tits I had ever touched. In a way, they were. No breasts ever tasted so sweet, no breasts seemed so soft and tender.

Better yet, I could smell the effect my sucking was having on her pussy. God damn, that was intoxicating.

When I finally stopped, her tits were covered in bite marks. Clarity swept over me. I had done that? Every inch of those small breasts showed my teeth marks.

“Oh you play hard,” Bee said.

Yes, I realized I did and I wasn’t finished. Looking at her, topless with her shirt still on and her ankles bound, she still seemed too free. I needed to control her.

I grabbed another belt. I slipped it around her knees. I locked her knees together and pulled the leather hard before tying it off.

Another belt went behind her. I wrapped this one around her elbows, pulling them together until she couldn’t put them any closer. She cried out as I tied it down, but she never asked me to stop.

The last belt went around her neck. I’m not sure why. I think I just wanted to put her on a leash. My cock throbbed as I saw how helpless she was.

“Oh wow,” she kept saying. I grabbed her by the chin and brought her face close to mine. She breathed in hard and I could feel her body tremble.

“Listen,” I said. “I want to rip off your panties and fuck you.”

“Okay,” she said.

“No!” I growled. My fingers tightened around her chin. “Look, listen. Once I pull those panties off, I am going to fuck you. I am going to fuck and fuck and fuck till I can’t move anymore. It might take all night. So think about that, because once I start I don’t know if I’ll stop. Understand?”

Her eyes were afraid but I could smell her desire too. Stupid silly girl. I wanted her to say no. I didn’t want to know what I would do next. I wanted her to reject me and stop this before I fuck the shit out of this young woman.

“Fuck me, sir,” she said.

I tugged hard on her leash. She squealed as she stumbled towards me. At first I was going to fuck her on her bed but I couldn’t wait that long. I dragged her to the futon and then pushed her face down onto the flimsy cushion. She started to roll over and my foot pinned down her shoulder.

My pants were off in a second. I kneeled behind her and pulled her slightly up by the hips. I stuck a pillow under her hips, keeping her ass and pussy up at an angle. Now she was ready for me.

The tip of my cock was right beside her pussy. I hesitated. Bee whimpered.

“Is something wrong?” she asked. “Want me to beg again?

I laughed. “No, this time I was just teasing you.

I slipped into her. I impaled her with my cock, thrusting deep into that young tight pussy. God, she was almost as wet as I was hard.

We fucked. Well, I fucked her. Bee just took it. My cock slammed into her and pinned her to the futon. With her legs bound together, she could hardly move. All she could do was moan from every body shuddering thrust.

With each thrust, I changed. My guilt about lying to her faded away and was replaced with pride from having captured her. My hesitation about fucking a bound woman turned into excitement about fucking someone helpless. My worries for her feelings were forgotten as I worried only about getting what I wanted. I turned into a fucking, grinding humping beast of a man.

For fun I grabbed her arms. They were bound straight back and I lifted them. It drove the top part of her body deeper into the flimsy futon. I bet it hurt but God, she kept moaning. I needed her to hurt. I needed her to know she was mine to fuck as I please.

I needed to know she was mine.

My body was unstoppable. I had more endurance than I had ever had before. In and out, my hips kept pumping. In and out, my cock kept fucking. In and out, my thighs kept ramming back into Bee.

Bee came first. Her body shook and I could hear her scream into the futon cushion. The smell of her pussy changed ever so slightly, urging me to fuck just a little bit faster.

When I climaxed, it was with a roar. After masturbating endlessly, it was nice to come inside a pussy. My fingers clenched around her arms as I came, adding new bruises to her skin.

My head cleared a little. The beast inside me grew quiet. The overwhelming craving faded just a little. Fuck, did I not use a condom again?

I pulled out of Bee. With the flush of orgasm upon me, it felt like I was looking at her for the first time. The belts were so tightly wrapped around her body, I was taken back by how cruel it looked. I started to take the belts off, whipping them off her body like a guilty man.

“Oh God, that was so cool,” Bee said. “No one’s ever done that to me before. Can we do it again?”

The guilt fell off of me. The beast was growling within me. I didn’t want to be responsible or thoughtful. Bee was looking at me like I was a god. I wondered what her mouth felt like.

I let the beast take over again. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head down to my cock. Her lips opened and took me in. It wasn’t as good as her pussy, but the act of keeping her head down on my cock was just as good.

It was going to be a long night.

to be continued.

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  1. Fucking fantastic. I like your inner dialogue, it drives the tension, and is never gratuitous. I also love your descriptions of the smells. Once again, I’m impressed.

  2. p.s. I liked your background music suggestion, too.

  3. Miss Blue- Thanks. I was really worried about the inner dialogue and I’m glad it works.

    Ha, ‘Hungry’ was one of those songs in the playlist I used for writing this story.

  4. DAMN good, Shon. DAMN, DAMN good. More chapters, please. Aaargh, I can almost taste her young pussy!!

  5. I love you.

    Very hot, and very sexy.

  6. Hey Shon, I’m a big fan & long-time lurker around here.
    The unique sensibilities of your voice are amazingly coherent from all of the Dr. Madd stories to Cell Phone Slave (I know, I’ve got a lot more to read still) and now this deliciously beastial story.

    I had stop my lurking because of this gem:
    “I recognized the look on her face. It was disappointment.”

    This remindes of the brilliant new Tim Roth show that debuted tonight on Fox, “Lie to Me”. It’s about a scientist who studies behavior tells, facial and otherwise. The overall format is kind of a cross between Bones and House. I think you’d love it.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  7. Sam- lol, glad you liked it.

    T’sade- I love you too. I’m glad you liked it.

    Alex- Ha, I’ll have to check it out. Dylan recognized disappointment because his life has been one big disappointment till now.

  8. Shon…fucking hot. Just FUCKING HOT!

  9. Musns- lol, thanks.

  10. That was fucking great, omg i need more of this story….please.

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