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It was a bad day to be hunted by a beautiful woman.

I noticed her while I was waiting for the MARTA train. It was a dreary day, and her red hair with yellow streaks caught my eye. While everyone else wore coats and jackets, all she wore for warmth was a tight red sweater. Even at a distance, I could tell she was beautiful, but I averted my eyes.

At the time, I thought I looked away because it had been a bad day at work. My boss, Lisa, had chewed me out right before I left work. My ex-girlfriend Karen had left a nasty message on my cell letting me know that once again I forgot to track down some CD she had left at my place. To top it all off, my coworker Scott had taken credit for one of my ideas. I was wallowing in self-pity, and a beautiful woman was an unwanted distraction.

Looking back on it now, I know the truth. I looked away out of self-preservation.

A few minutes later, the woman was walking near me. I was facing the train track, but I could see her out of the corner of my eye. I could smell her, something sweet that made my throat dry. I stared straight ahead as she walked behind me. I heard her pause, and then she kept walking. When I thought she was far enough away, I turned and sneaked a look at her back.

She looked over her shoulder at the same time I looked at her. She smiled and nodded.

I blushed. She had caught me sneaking a look at her ass. I remembered how much Karen had scolded me for looking at her ass. Karen had felt that looking at a woman’s ass — even if you are dating her — was somehow sexist. I could still hear her self-righteous tone. Not for the first time, I wondered if I would ever forget that nagging voice.

The train arrived, and I was glad for the chance to get away from that embarrassing scene. I stepped in and found a seat as quickly as possible. I held my breath as people filed in, wishing that it would be empty enough that no one would have to sit next to mine. You never know what kind of people you might end up near.

The doors closed, and no one was sitting with me. I let out my breath. When I breathed back in, I smelled her. I snapped my head around, and there she was, five rows behind me.

She was still looking at me. Her arms were folded over the top of the seat in front of her. She was leaning forward, as if ready to leap up at any moment.

I turned back around, confused and even a bit alarmed. What if she was going to confront me? What if she was toying with me just to embarrass me at some point? Shit, why would such a beautiful woman even be looking at me?

The train thundered to the next stop. I kept my head forward, resisting the urge to look back at the woman whom I knew was staring at me. The train halted, and the doors opened. While the doors were open, I couldn’t smell the woman’s perfume. When the doors shut again, I realized I could smell it even stronger now.

Trying to be as nonchalant as possible, I slowly turned my body sideways. I took great care to act like a man stretching his legs. I glanced behind me as casually as I could.

She was now sitting two rows behind me. She had one of the strands of her red hair wrapped around a finger. When our eyes met, she winked.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Now I knew she was messing with me. I got a little angry. I didn’t know what her game was, but it had been a long day. I was not in the mood to be screwed with. I just wanted to get home, make dinner and watch TV.

To comfort myself, I thought of various cool things I could say to the woman. I imagined her trying to accuse me of looking at her ass and then I would say something devastating and witty. In my imagination, I handled confrontations with poise and dignity.

The train stopped again. As the people loaded and unloaded, someone sat down beside me. Of course, it was she.

All the cool things I had been going to say died on my tongue. She leaned toward me, just enough so that her sweater-covered breasts pressed against my arm. I was very aware of just how heavy they were.

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her jeans. She squeezed my fingers around her thigh. I wanted to say something but I was paralyzed. All I could do was look at those blue eyes of hers.

“How many more stops till your place?” she asked.

“I get off at Dunwoody,” I said.

Her fingers tightened painfully around mine. “No, I will be the one getting off. You might if you’re lucky.”

I didn’t know what to say. “Are you propositioning me?”

She laughed. “I want to fuck you. If you have a problem with that, too bad.”

My cock hardened. This was too weird to believe. “Is this a joke?”

Her fingernails dug into my hand. “Shut up, now.”

I did. The train kept going, and I didn’t know what to do. Was this some sort of trap? Was she going to mug me? What would Karen think? Should I make a run for it when we got off the train?

Now that she was sitting next to me, I was braver about looking at her. She had on pink lipstick the color of candy. I didn’t see a shirt underneath the sweater. As I kept looking, I wasn’t too sure she was even wearing a bra.

I squeezed her thigh. There was no give as with Karen’s chubby legs. It was like squeezing a brick.

My train arrived at my stop. The woman stood up and held onto my hand. I followed her through the train station. I noticed several men giving me jealous looks. They couldn’t figure out how a guy like me was with such a hot girl. They didn’t know that I was her prey.

“Do you take the bus, or do you have a car?” she asked.

“I have a car,” I said.

“Good, we might fuck there,” she said. “I can’t wait.”

My cock throbbed again. “Wait, we can’t fuck in the parking garage,” I said. “They have security. We’d get in trouble.”

She spun around on me. Her lips curled into a snarl. No, that wasn’t quite right. I’ve dated an angry woman. I work for an angry woman. This wasn’t anger. This was something else. It was hunger.

“What is your name?” she asked.

“Dylan,” I said.

“Dylan, listen very carefully,” she said. “We are going to fuck when I say we fuck, and you are going to fucking thank me for fucking you. Understand?”

I could feel my face blush. I wanted to tell her to fuck off, but damn, she was so sexy. Honestly, was it any worse than something Karen would say? And this girl was so much fucking hotter.

“What’s your name?” I said.

“You haven’t earned that,” she said. “Where’s your car?”

I showed her. It was on the top floor of the parking deck. There were few cars left, as most of the other commuters had already left for the day. It looked like it was about to rain. I could smell ozone mixing with whatever that perfume was that she wore.

When I unlocked the car door, she stepped behind me and unzipped my pants. I didn’t say anything. I knew who was in charge here.

She reached into my pants and grabbed my cock. I moaned, but she shuddered. I knew then that she didn’t just want this, she needed this.

“Get in the car, and pull your pants down,” she ordered.

I did what she said. I also pushed the seat back as far as it would go. My cock was hard in my lap. If this was some sort of a trick or trap, this is when she would spring it.

Instead, the beautiful woman unzipped her pants. She yanked her jeans down to reveal no panties whatsoever. Covering her sex was a lush bush of red hair. She kicked off her jeans and threw them into the car. The woman then climbed into the car, slamming the door behind her.

She straddled me. With one hand wrapped around my cock, she guided me up into her. Tight, scalding heat engulfed my cock. She took all of me, growling like a beast as I slid up into her. I just sat there, gasping and moaning from the perfection of her pussy.

“You want to touch my tits, don’t you?” she said.

“Yes,” I said.

“Too bad,” she growled, and I was not surprised.

She grabbed my headrest and fucked me. There wasn’t a lot of room for her legs, but she was so damn limber. One foot was on the edge of my seat next to the door, while the other was on my gear shift. Her legs moved like pistons, lifting her body up and down on my cock.

I put my hands on her breasts, still covered by that tight red sweater. I could feel her nipples. I could feel how heavy they were. Like a kid in high school, I groped her breasts while respecting her boundary of no actual touching. It was humiliating, but it was also damn hot.

The car shook with our fucking. The windows fogged up almost instantly. The collision of her ass hitting my thighs was starting to bruise me. She let go of the headrest and grabbed my shoulders. Her fingernails dug deeper and deeper as she tried to drive my cock deeper and deeper inside her.

Sweat was dripping off her and onto me. I looked into her eyes; they were narrow slits. She was panting, her body straining to keep up with her own fucking. I let go of her breasts and watched them bounce underneath her sweater. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was primal. It was feral. I can’t explain how I felt except to say I admired her. It was like her entire being was focused on just one thing — fucking the hell out of me.

I could feel her tightening around me. I knew she was about to climax. I don’t know why I hadn’t already. I guess I was too afraid or shocked. As her climax came closer, she did something that really surprised me.

She kissed me. Just like the fucking, it was ruthless. Her mouth dropped down on mine, and her tongue entered me. She took my mouth, and I was stunned by how fierce she was. She was a stranger, but I had never been kissed with so much passion.

When she climaxed, she screamed into my mouth. It was a roar of triumph. She stopped fucking me as her body shook. We paused. She was exhausted, and I was afraid to move.

“Come,” she said. “You may come.”

I stayed still.

She sighed and reached down. Her hand gripped my cock. She stroked me. The tip was still inside her, but she was stroking me hard and fast.

I came within seconds. In contrast to her animal scream, I could only whimper as I shoot inside of her.

“Oh, God,” I said. I looked into her eyes and tried to think of something, anything that could sum up how I was feeling. I had nothing.

She rolled off of me and into the other seat. She took her jeans and started to put them on. I felt a surge of panic. Was she just going to leave?

“Wait, what’s your name?” I said.

She sighed. Her face was different now. That hard hungry look was gone. She just looked tired.

”Eden,” she said. “You deserve that much.”

“Do you do this often?”

She laughed, and there was no joy in it. “I’m trying to cut down.”

Eden opened the car door, and I tried to stop her. “Hey, do you want dinner or something?”

She paused. “You were dinner. Go home, Dylan. Your little adventure is over.”

Eden got out of the car. I sat in the car with my pants still around my ankles and watched her go. I was fucking exhausted, but I didn’t want her to go. She seemed sad about something, and I wanted to help. I watched her go back into the train station. I didn’t even get out of the car. Fuck, I can be such a pussy.

She was wrong, though. My adventure was just starting.

to be continued,

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  1. Okay, that is cool. See, I would have probably stopped with this story, instead of started with it. Cool, cool, cool*. Can’t wait for the next part.

    *”When I tell you she was cool, she was red hot, I mean she was steamin'”

  2. Thanks. Zelzany once said his short stories were the first or last chapters of novels he never wrote. That’s usually my policy so it’s nice to have an idea you like so much you want to keep writing.

  3. *will come back with legible comments, when her brain isn’t still fried from how hot the scene was*
    Pleasantly surprised, I thought he was going to fall victim there and then in the car.
    (It seems to be a long term thing with her, perhaps?)
    As always, you keep us on our toes, this looks set to be another wild and thrilling ride, so no need to be nervous ;)

    PS: Will you pace the chapters every 2 days or so like the volleyball stories?

  4. I actually felt like doing something like that last night…sighs.

    Hotness, look forward to the next installment.

  5. Mystique- I’m not sure. I have seven parts so if I did two a week starting next week, it would be done the first week of February. I am not sure of this story would work in twice a week chunks. I’ll think about it.

    Musns- Seize the wolf I always say :)

  6. Definitely a fantasy and story I want to read more on :D

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