Jan 122009

The captive courtesan looked out her barred window. The cool breeze from the ocean soothed the whipmarks on her flesh. The roaring of the sea drowned out the rough sex happening in the cell next door. For a moment she daydreamed about being outside and under the sun once more.

But that would mean she would have to leave the dungeon. She would have to leave the iron manacles, the insatiable soldiers and the cruel fortress Captain. She would have to be a woman again and not the plaything of evil men.

She whispered her thanks to the bars that kept her where she wanted to be.

  2 Responses to “Fiction: Behind Bars”

  1. Sexy, evocative, beautiful…but i can’t help thinking that it’s just plain dangerous for someone who identifies more with the Captain than with the courtesan to know these thoughts so well…

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