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2009 is going to be one interesting year for sex blogging. Sex blogging has sometimes been a counter culture thing which is easy to do when you have a conservative authority in political office. When you have assholes with power clamping down on sexual expression, talking about blowjobs becomes an act of political defiance. with a friendlier more liberal administration, sex isn’t quite the act of rebellion it was a few years ago.

The downswing of the economy is also going to have an effect. As luxury spending declines, people are going to need more free entertainment. Hell, they are going to just need entertainment period. The thing about economic depressions is that they are just plain depressing. People are going to need some cheering up.

Personally, I also think 2009 is going to represent a saturation point in expertise. Even the most Luddite of my coworkers have personal niches of the internet that they use for news, information and entertainment. In the past you could start a blogspot account and declare yourself an expert on sex. Now you have a ton of competition if you decide to go that route. Google by itself is a better sex educator than I had available when I was a teenager. I think sexperts are going to be an endangered species and I am curious as to how they will evolve. My own guess is that they will have to be a hell of a lot more entertaining.

On a similar track I think sex bloggers who just link to other more interesting sites are going to be in for a rude awakening. I think they are useful when they specialize in something and then focus on bringing you all the news related to X, but I think the days of linking to tits, asses and the occasional true life sexploit are over. As users become more savy with finding the things they want, the less need they have for blogs that are nothing more than highlight reels of other blogs.

I don’t know if erotic fiction will become more popular. Our culture works so hard at making people feel guilty about their sex drives that the number one need people have about sex is assurances that they are not the only pervert in town. They would rather read about a plain act of intercourse that happened for real rather than a creative sex act that only happened in the imagination. Erotica will always be around in some form or another, but I feel like people want sex blogs to read like a letter to Penthouse Forum regardless of how authentic it might really be.

As for myself, I am planning more fantastic fiction. I have a supernatural bdsm story coming up this month, tentative plans for a sword and sorcery long story and lots more Librarian stories. I might not have any tits to show my readers, or stories about how I banged people you never met, but I do have a metric ton of creative energy and an imagination that gets easily bored. 2009 is going to be a wild year on this blog but I will make a promise now to my readers: you’re never going to be bored.

  5 Responses to “Erotic Predictions and Promises”

  1. *fangirls*
    Bring it on! :D
    Suddenly 2009 looks a lot brighter. :p
    As for the promise, at least to me, it feels like something you’ve already proven to us time and time again and do so naturally while enjoying it. There’s no need to make a pledge. :) I look forward to you exploring and following wherever your imagination takes you this year, all the best for the year.

  2. G’day! Just recently found this blog & am very happy I did. I’m a big fan of your earlier stories from when you were putting them out at the time (now found on asstr, esp. Hero of Delightia, Her Cabin Boy, Thigh vs. Thigh, etc). I was quite saddened when you seemed to disappear and am very glad to see you are still writing.

    From what I’ve read so far, you certainly haven’t lost your touch or style. I have not to date come across anyone who could tell as satisfyingly fun an erotic action or fantasy (high fantasy, that is) story as you. I look forward to your next story and very much so the sword & sorcery story you mention tentatively. I’d love to see some more erotic ‘action’ (a la Thigh vs Thigh or Flora Kraft) or pirate, or maybe scifi stories. But hey, where ever your muse takes you.

    As I said, glad to see you still writing. I’ll be reading. In fact, I’ve some catching up to do.

    Happy new year!

  3. Mystique- Thanks :) I’m glad it looks natural to someone.

    Anonymous- Thanks, it’s always nice to know the older fans are still reading. I have been thinking about my action stories a lot lately and they have been inspiring the sword and fantasy story. Thanks for tagging along this long :)

  4. “but I do have a metric ton of creative energy and an imagination that gets easily bored. 2009 is going to be a wild year on this blog but I will make a promise now to my readers: you’re never going to be bored. “

    And that’s a promise I look forward to seeing kept!!

  5. Aha! You haven’t disappeared! Good! (Says she who regularly disappear for months on end)

    2009 will be a fabulous year. Enjoy it.

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