Dec 152008

My friends have a nasty accusation about me that is totally true. They say that I always take the hard road. If we are playing a game and the choice of characters is between a handsome powerful archeologist or a man in a wheelchair who has asthma, I will always pick the gasping paralyzed man. When I play Team Fortress I pick the slow ass Soldier because no one else will. As soon as I realize there is a logical safe choice, I opt for the harder to play choice. It’s like success in itself bores me.

On DeviantArt, one of the artists there is about to start a web comic about sexy pirates. He’s having a contest where people send in scripts. Part of me suspects that he is at a loss himself on what to write with his characters. I mean, can you imagine me soliciting short stories about my BDSM werewolf before you guys have even read one of the stories about him?

Plus, writing a comic strip is a big learning curve. You’re not just writing dialogue, you’re scripting static visuals. You’re counting on an artist to convey what you can more easily do with a paragraph. It also has to be flirtatious with implied sexiness without nudity. Shit. It would be so much easier just to write a story about my own damn characters and do as much sex as I like. The whole contest is one gigantic pain in the ass.

Which is maybe why I am doing it. It is a form of writing I haven’t tried before. I can poke at it and curse and sweat and get frustrated and then produce something. It might stumble along like a one legged turtle who’s near sighted but that extra difficulty just makes it interesting.

  2 Responses to “Writing and Scripting”

  1. I had a web comic for a short bit, not a sexy one, but just one. It was very difficult to do, but it was still fun that I tried.

  2. t’sade- I am discovering how difficult it is with every new day lol.

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