Dec 142008

I’m updating my template this weekend and in hindsight, maybe working on it at midnight was a bad idea. For example, I seem to have lost all of my link on the side but I did get labels working for once. Hopefully this will all be presentable by Monday.

  3 Responses to “Messing Things Up”

  1. While it is close to Sunday, I do indeed read on Saturdays. Curse of insomnia, I’m afraid. “Nothing to see here, move along.”

  2. New post = automatic read.
    I think I have some mental trigger within me.
    Weekday, weekend? Day, night?
    Doesn’t seem to matter funnily enough. >.>

    But thanks so very much, I didn’t mind waiting a while but you’ve seem to have gone out of your way ^^;;
    Already happily delving and getting lost in the Otto achieves, getting my (more than needed) dose of medicine.
    Sincerely appreciated <3
    New reader also says ‘thank you’, they now have something to keep them occupied when they can’t sleep at nights.
    (Though I suspect they won’t sleep cause they’re too busy reading, but hey it’s for a good cause!)

  3. Bluewords – I find I read webcomics on Saturdays and catch up on a month at a time on the comics with actual plots. I do love it as a tag though.

    Mystique- It was starting to annoy me how when I clicked on the Otto label only the last ten stories appeared. When I got your e-mail I was like “Let’s do this shit.” The biggest issue was that I used a very arcane funky html code to enable my ‘Whole Posts’ and so far the new blogger templates don’t support that old code. On the other hand, it is lovely to click one button and have every single story appear.

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