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Once upon a time, there lived a magnificent Island Princess. She was the most gorgeous Princess in the entire world. Her hair was as black as a winter night while her eyes were as bright as a spring day. The fullness of her breasts were greater than a summer sun while her waist moved with the grace of a falling Autumn leaf. She was the greatest natural wonder of the Island, if not the world.

Now the Island Princess was always looking for new treasures. Her father, the Island King would buy her almost anything because he loved his daughter so much. Merchants knew this and would sail in on their boats loaded with jewelry, art, clothes and chocolate cookies. The Island Princess would inspect these wonders and buy only those prizes that were as beautiful and unique as she was.

One day, she saw a wonderful parrot locked in a cage of gold. The parrot was very large for his size and his feathers were as brilliant as the rainbow. The Island Princess most admired his blue eyes. They kept staring at the dark globes of her breasts no matter where she moved. If there is one thing the Island Princess loved more than anything else was another admirer.

She bought the parrot for the sum of a hundred white pearls. Her servants carried his great cage back to her room. As soon as she closed the door, the parrot shook his golden cage.

“Island Princess, I have waited years for this moment!” the parrot said.

The Island Princess was flattered. “You are quite clever for a bird!”

“I am not just a parrot,” he said. “I am in fact a Prince from a faraway island! Once, years ago, an evil witch cursed me into being a parrot. She said that I would never be a man again until I was kissed by the most beautiful Princess in the entire Ocean! I flew around for years before a man captured me and locked me in this cage. Please kiss me, Island Princess, and I will transform back into a handsome prince!”

The Island Princess considered this. He was a very striking parrot. People of Royalty often have trouble with jealous witches so his story was very plausible. On the other hand, a person of her stature can’t be going around kissing just anybody, even if they were a Parrot Prince.

“You said you were handsome?” she asked.

“Very handsome!” the Parrot Prince said. “When I was a Prince, I would bed a different woman every night and sometimes a different woman in the morning.”

“That’s very impressive!” the Island Princess said. “But a Prince could have any woman he wanted. Did your women enjoy the experience?”

The Parrot Prince puffed his chest. “Every woman I took to bed screamed with pleasure and fainted with delight!”

“Oh my!” the Island Princess said. She took off her cloth girdle. “Tell me, if you were a man again, what would you do with my breasts?”

The Parrot Prince bobbed his head as he tried to look at both breasts at once. “I would squeeze them with my powerful hands before I took a tender bite with my teeth. I would lick each nipple before covering your breasts in kisses.”

“That sounds very nice,” the Island Princess said. She slipped off her grass skirt and turned her bare bottom to the Parrot Prince. “And would you show my ass the same respect?”

The Parrot Prince rattled the cage. “I would grab your perfect ass with my hands as I held you to me! Light taps I would give you, never in anger but with love. I would warm your bottom every morning until you begged me to stop.”

“That sounds even nicer!” the Island Princess said. She turned around and her hand moved between her thighs. Standing naked before the Parrot Prince, she touched her royal garden.

“And what would you do to me here?” she asked.

The Parrot Prince tried to stick his head through the cage bars. “First I would slake my thirst, for it has been years since I tasted a woman there. I would lick, drink and have my fill of your most sacred place. I would find the special part of a woman that few men know and I would lick that part till you scream.”

The Island Princess’s fingers stroked the part he spoke of. She was very impressed. She thought only the wise servants who washed her knew about that part. Her breathing became faster as she imagined what he would do there.

“And then?” she asked.

The parrot Prince stared at her fingers. “When you are as wet as the ocean, I would take my royal manhood and enter you. I would open you and fill you with all of my might. I would make up for years of being a parrot by making love to you for seven days and seven nights!”

“Would you make love to me on my bed?” the Island Princess asked.

“Yes!” the Parrot Prince cawed.

“Would you make love to me on the floor like an animal?” the Island Princess asked.

“Yes!” the Parrot Prince cawed.

“Against the wall?” the Island Princess asked.

“Yes! Yes!” the Parrot Prince said. “On the beach, on a table, on a boat and all over the damn Island! My royal manhood would take you over and over until your throat was hoarse from screaming!”

The Island Princess screamed right there. Listening to him and imagining his need pushed her over the edge. The Island Princess massaged her climax out of her damp garden. Knowing the Parrot Prince was watching her just made her orgasm all the more powerful.

The Parrot Prince had no release of his own. Excited, he kept talking.

“And once I am a man again, I will make you my favorite slave! You will wait on me hand and foot as I take charge of your boring kingdom and make an Empire of the Ocean! My army will sail forth and bring the treasures of the world to us and you will be dressed in the finest gold chains! So kiss me, Island Princess! Kiss me now and begin your lifetime of servitude to a real man!”

“Excuse me?” the Island Princess said.

The Parrot Prince did not notice the change in the Island Princess’s tone. “Do not fear! You shall be my favorite concubine when I conquer the Ocean! I will have a hundred lovers but you will be the one I love first every night.

“Hmm,” the Island Princess said.

“Now kiss me!” the Parrot Prince said.

“Maybe later,” the Island Princess said. “Maybe much, much later. For now though, tell me again how much you want to taste me.”

And so the Island Princess teased and kept the Parrot Prince talking. His passionate words were the only affection she would accept from him. She never kissed him and he kept telling her about the wonderful things he would do if he was ever a man. For you see, the Island Princess was as wise as she was beautiful and she knew one simple truth: a sweat-talking bird in a cage is worth more than an asshole Prince in the bush.

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  1. “a sweat-talking bird in a cage is worth more than an asshole Prince in the bush”


    Thanks for the lovely story today!

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