Dec 102008

Dr. Ben Harris was confused. He looked down at the Von Madd Laboratories assignment order and then back up at the woman said she belonged here. This couldn’t be right.

The woman was a cheerleader. She had two fluffy pom-poms; colored purple and white. She had on a very short purple skirt and that barely came down over her ass. Wicked thigh high leather boots covered most of her legs. The white top was one of those half shirt things where you tie it in the sweet spot of her cleavage. Her generous breasts were being held back only by the miracle of knot dynamics. Even her hair was cheerleader quality; golden blonde locks that came down her back.

“Yes,” the woman said. “My name is Amber and I am a Personal Cheerleader.”

Dr. Harris nodded. “Yes, I get that. But why are you here in Stress Test lab 17?”

Amber smiled. “I’m here to help you of course, silly!”

Dr. Harris frowned. He certainly could use the help. There were 750 Extendable Vibrators Version 3.0 to test before it could be mass produced. They had passed through Customer Pleasure Testing and Personal Satisfaction Testing and now they were due for his department. That mean he had to place each one inside a machine that applied simulated vaginal and anal muscle force until they broke. He would record what pressure broke the vibrator and then put another one in breaking. Due to an unfortunate personnel reshuffling, he was the only person assigned to his lab. That meant hours and hours of watching vibrators crumble under interesting pressures.

“So, do you have an engineering degree?” he asked the blonde.

She giggled. Dr. Harris noticed it made the knot on her top vibrate.

“No way,” Amber said. “I have a Bachelor’s in Physical Ed.”

Dr. Harris kept frowning. “Do you have experience operating a Vag-Ass Press 3000?”

Amber shook her pom-poms in a negative manner. “That sounds dirty!” she giggled. “I am contractually forbidden from operating any laboratory equipment actually.”

Dr. Harris scratched his head. He was new to Von Madd Laboratories. He finally got his Masters in Engineering and was snatched up by a very attractive headhunter within a month. He knew Dr. Von Madd had some unorthodox methods, but Dr. Harris had spent too much time in the Stress Test Lab to really get an idea of how things worked here.

“I don’t understand then,” he said. “How can you possibly help me?”

Amber did a jump in the air. She split her legs out wide and her skirt flew up. Dr. Harris had an eye level understanding about her lack of any underwear. She landed on her feet and struck a pose with her pom-poms.

“See?” she said.

“Umm?” Dr. Harris asked. He was finding it very hard to think straight.

“I’m a Personal Cheerleader, silly!” she said. “I can do a hundred different cheers to keep you in a good mood while you work. I can also make cheers up. Here, I’ll show you. What are you working on?”

“I am measuring the pounds per square inch upper limit on a new brand of vibrator prototypes,” he said.

Amber tilted her head to the side. She scrunched up her nose as she thought.

“I got it!” she said.

“Clap your hands, stomp your toes, Dr. Harris is going to break some dildoes! Go Dr. Harris!”

Amber then kicked her right leg in the air high enough to flash Dr. Harris again.

“Okay,” Dr. Harris said. “That was very umm, interesting, but I have a lot of work to do and think you would be too distracting. I’m a serious scientist with some serious work to do.”

Amber frowned. “What’s the matter, don’t you like cheerleaders?”

“Actually, I don’t,” Dr. Harris said. “The cheerleaders at my college always dated the football team and had no time for real students.”

Amber nodded. She dropped a pom-pom and stepped up to Dr. Harris. Looking him right in the eye, she grabbed his crotch. With amazing accuracy, she gripped his cock through his pants.

“So you’ve never had a handjob from a cheerleader, right?”

Dr. Harris groaned. His cock hardened in anwser.

“And you’ve never sucked on a cheerleader’s tit? You’ve never held a cheerleader’s head down while she sucked on your cock? You’ve never seen a cheerleader do a handstand while you eat her pussy? And I guess that means you’ve never had a cheerleader chant your name while you fuck her tight little ass?”

He couldn’t anwser. Her fingers were doing something amazing below his waist. How could she stroke him so perfectly through his clothes?

“Pom-poms really develop your wrist muscles,” Amber said to his unspoken question.

She did a twist with her hand and Dr. Harris climaxed. He held onto her as came, his hands going to those amazingly fit shoulders of hers. Amber took his weight easily as she milked him dry.

“See?” amber said when she let go. “Do you feel happier about your work?

“Oh god yes,” Dr. Harris said.

“Good!” she beamed. She snatched up her pom-pom and clapped them together. “Now let’s get to work and see how many you can test by lunch time. And I’ll tell you what, keep working till lunch without a single break and next time you come it will be on my breasts.”

Dr Harris was feeling motivated already.

  10 Responses to “Fiction: Personal Cheerleader”

  1. Dr. Otto Von Madd’s employee motivation strategies are extremely clever. He really is a genius.

    And so are you, of course– I LOVE “Due to an unfortunate personnel reshuffling, he was the only person assigned to his lab. That meant hours and hours of watching vibrators crumble under interesting pressures.” It’s brilliant writing.

  2. I was going to say that I wanted a personal cheerleader, but I think my wife would not approve. And I don’t think she can do handstands. Hmmm… she might wear the skirt if I asked nicely.

  3. miss blue- Thank you. My own genius girlfriend pointed out that it was a silly thing to test for but I pointed out that it was a *funny* thing to test for.

    bluewords- Personal Cheerleaders should be a right guaranteed by the government in my mind.

    Hmm, I think blue is my favorite color today.

  4. Goddess, that is absolutely lovely. Thank you! And I really, really want to hire one for work now.

    Really, really.

  5. T’sade- Thanks. I think Personal Cheerleaders might be a new growth industry.

  6. “Fix that database
    Yes you can
    If you can’t do it
    No one can!
    Go-oooo Programmers!”

    I’m not sure it works in all situations…

  7. bluewords- Ha, that’s pretty good actually.

  8. oh, i did so need this tonight! thank you for the laugh and the, um… motivation.

    (and also, since I don’t do twitter, thanks for the Blackadder Zombie concept. nice to find another fan…)

  9. Oatmeal- To do this day when I watch House, I just feel like Hugh Laurie is doing a Blackadder impersonation.

  10. I can’t believe life has gotten so damn busy I’m EIGHT posts behind!

    This was awesome, I can’t decide if I want to be a personal cheerleader or the laboratory scientist ;)

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