Dec 262008

I wanted to make sure that during a zombie apocalypse that people listen to my girlfriend. She is very smart and always advocates shooting people once they get bitten. She also looks really good in a tight t-shirt.

I saw The Spirit yesterday and I highly recommend it. Insane is the best way to describe it. At first i was worried that Frank Miller was just making Sin city 2 but as I recognized more and more scenes, I began to understand that Miller has been inspired by Eisner for a very long time. I almost look at Sin City as a Spirit tribute now.

Besides, Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson are screen melting hot in this movie. Dayum. There was a lot of 40’s noir visual porn on that screen.

I leave for Puerto Rico this morning. I will be there till the end of the year. It will be awesome and I am dying to take a ton of pictures. I am also thrilled to get away from a keyboard for a solid week. Wehoo!

When I return, I plan to start posting the bdsm werewolf story and start working on a new long story. I’m flipping between a Sword and Magic fantasy porn epic or the sequel to the bdsm story. I could go either way but a long vacation has an amazing power to focus what you really want to do when you come back from paradise.

  3 Responses to “Erotica Threat Level: December Sunburn Pink”

  1. Safe trip, see you next year ;)

  2. You DO have a smart girlfriend and the tshirt looks great on her!

  3. I saw The Spirit and left the theater feeling a bit eh’ish about it. However was delighted with the trailer for Xmen Origins – that had me more excited than the last batch of orgasms I had (and they were damn good ones at that) :P

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