Dec 082008

Wand of pleasure rests
between cups of flesh delight
spilling forth white coins
into the sword of her tongue

  3 Responses to “Erocana”

  1. there are so many lovely little twists in here… how “flesh delight” snags my eye and pulls it back when i realize it doesn’t read “fresh delight.” the metaphor of sword for her tongue when it is so commonly used for cock. and separating out your cum into coins rather than referring to is as a stream or spout.

    very very rich and thoughtful. i’m curious as to whether it popped out, with maybe just a little refining, or if it was one of those where every word needs polishing and caressing.

    thank you.

  2. In this case I was thinking of the Arcana in the Tarot and the line about cups popped into my head. I wrote the rest in about three minutes.

    The much harder thing to do was to leave it alone. I was tempted to expand it out with more verses or maybe put it into a Voluptomancer story but in the end I decided that it was good now, anything longer might make it less good.

  3. Thanks for the clarification on the title. I’m not at all up on the Tarot.

    I’ve had poems like that, springing full grown from my head like Athena. Afterwards, I look at them in wonder.

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