Nov 192008

Dr. Paula Penberg was in a hurry to get to her laboratory this morning. Last night she had made a breakthrough self-mending fishnet stockings. The first trials had shown promise and she had forwarded the results up the Von Madd Laboratories chain of research. If the tests today proved conclusive, Paula might revolutionize fetish clothing for the next century.

As she entered the Innovative Fashions Department, she took a moment to admire the sign hanging above the entrance. The Von Madd Laboratories Employees of the Month board was a constant source of amusement to her. There were no names on the board. All that was ever displayed were erect cocks and very moist looking vaginas. The cocks and the vaginas changed every month, although Paula’s expert eye recognized that some genitals made return appearances.

Paula thought it was a brilliant mockery of the competitive nature of other laboratories. At her past jobs, scientists were terribly competitive and constantly back stabbing each other for more recognition. Paula felt that the science was the important part, not the glory. She always took the Employees of the Month sign as proof of Von Mad Laboratories dedication to the art of Erotic Science.

She walked into her laboratory and discovered her boss, Dr. Otto Von Madd himself waiting for her. He was holding a gold plaque in one hand and a strange phallic device in the other.

“Sir?” she asked in surprise.

“Congratulations Dr. Penberg!” he said. “You’ve earned your place as an Employee of the Month!”

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“The self-mending fishnets work?” she asked. Her first priority was always her work.

“They work extremely well!” Dr. Von Madd said. “In fact, in one test they self mended to the point of encasing the wearer in a web. Applied Bondage Restraints is going to do a side study.”

“That is great news!” Paula said. She paused as he handed her the plaque.

“For Exemplary Work in the Fields of Fetish Clothing Innovation, Dr. Paula Penberg is awarded the Employee of the Month for November 2008!”

“There really is an Employee of the Month?” she asked.

Dr. Von Madd held up the purple phallus. “Oh yes, now please remove your pants and underwear. We’ll need to take your picture.”

She smiled. “That is a very amusing joke, Doctor.”

Dr. Von Madd wasn’t smiling. “There is no joke, Dr. Penberg. This is for science. Now please strip.”

Paula did as he asked. After all, didn’t Dr. Von Madd possess over 6000 patents? He was a world renowned genius. Science was what he did.

Slipping out of her pants was easy enough but Paula hesitated when it came time to take off her sheer blue panties. It was an odd thing to strip for your boss, even if it is an erotic scientist. She knew sexual harassment was a condition of her work contract but distantly she always suspected that was a joke too.

Paula was starting to realize that there were fewer jokes here than she first thought.

When she was bottomless, Dr. Von Madd pushed her gently to her chair. He knelt down between her legs and parted her thighs. His strange purple goggles hid his eyes, so she wasn’t sure if he studying her shaved sex or admiring it.

He placed the purple dildo at her sex. It was surprisingly warm. Up and down he slid the dildo; gently opening up her vagina. A slight vibration emanated from the dildo. It was so faint Paula almost missed it. Once it began to slide into her, the vibrations increased till they were impossible to ignore.

“Oh,” Paula groaned. “Is this part of the prize.”

Dr. Von Madd didn’t look up from her sex. “Prize? Of course not. This is to increase arousal so that we get an accurate measure of your Depth Sensitivity.”

The dildo pushed further in. Paula groaned as it expanded and lengthen. She gripped the table behind her as the dildo filled her better than any cock had ever done.

“Oh, I see!” she said.

Dr. Von Madd let go of the dildo and placed his hands on her thighs. His fingernails scratched her as he leaned in for a better look. Paula resisted the urge to grab his hair. The increasing vibrations were making it very hard for her to control herself.

Dr. Von Madd began to speak. “Did you know that all the major breakthroughs in time displaced orgasms have been made by men who possessed cocks that leaned to the left?”

“What?” Paula said. The dildo was stretching against her g-spot.

“And did you know that women who have a clitoris smaller than average tend to make the most breakthroughs in humiliation techniques?”

“Ahh, no, I didn’t know that,” Paula said. She didn’t understand how, but the dildo was now twisting inside her. The feeling was better than divine.

“It is quite fascinating,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Genital isometrics shouldn’t have any impact on cerebral achievements but my data says otherwise. It could all be garbage but you never know. I’ll keep collecting data from my best and brightest till I prove it one way or another.”

The dildo was pulsing now. It moved back and forth, shifting its weight like an experienced lover. Paula could feel her toes curling but she possessed enough awareness to think about Dr. Von Madd’s methods.

“Do you measure all of your Employees of the Month?” she asked.

This time he did look at her. “I must admit that I have a talented male and female staff that usually does this. I mean, I can’t be measuring cunts all day long.”

“Then,” Paula said before a spasm of pleasure made her gasp. “Then why are you here now?”

He looked back down on her sex. “Because your work was brilliant.”

Paula climaxed instantly. As soon as she came, the dildo flew out of her body and into Dr. Von Madd’s waiting hands. His goggles were clicking, no doubt taking pictures for his data. Paula realized it was also for the board outside her department.

Dr. Von Madd stood up. “Congratulations on your achievements,” he said.

Paula was still panting. She was starting to see the benefits of employee recognition after all.

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  1. I so do love the last sentence. :) Well done.

  2. Thanks :) Knowing when to cut is always the challenge.

  3. Lovely, as usualy. Otto sounds more and more like the boss I want to have and the boss I want to be. :)

  4. What lurks behind those goggles, I wonder?

  5. That was just fantastic. Once again, I really want to work there …

    xx Dee

  6. A- Science!

    Dee- I suspect Von Madd Laboratories is always hiring.

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