Nov 172008

I like it when she runs.

It starts with teasing. She finds a button and she pushes, pushes and pushes. Her head weaves as her the full bloom of her ego comes to the forefront. She challenges me, she provokes me and then she goes one step too far.

And I growl. If I was a fog my ears would flatten. I stand up and she knows that I am pissed. Not angry mad pissed, just not going to take it any more from her pissed.

She laughs and then she runs.

I chase. I have to. She saw the rising tsunami of my anger and she runs for cover.

I’m taller so I’m faster than her.

I’m stronger so she can’t keep the doors closed.

I’m enraged, so she can’t wrestle me off of her.

I take my revenge. Her nipples are mine to bite. Her mouth is mine to use. Her ass is mine any way I want it.

Her cunt pays for her crimes.

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