Oct 162008

The current long story I am writing has a lot of rough sex. I laugh as I type that because I shy away from cutting, asphyxiation and punching, which means that my version of rough sex would seem like Sandra Bullock movie to someone like Tess. I write scenes of fucking that lightly touches on ideas of humiliation and coercion but really, how rough can it be when it’s all consensual?

It’s got me thinking that I need a new term. Maybe I should call it Rude Sex. The guy shoots his load in an inconvenient place and says unflattering things. The women don’t mind having ripped clothes and use four letter words. Slut, bitch and whore are terms of affection. It’s the kind of sex that gives boys the wrong idea about women but gives some women delicious warm feelings inside. It’s the kind of sex that gets you uninvited to blogger parties.

Man, I got turned on just typing that. I need to get back to writing some more rude sex.

  2 Responses to “Rough Stuff”

  1. cool, i was just thinking about this terminology problem yesterday. i like your idea. rude sex is a great term, because it doesn’t have widespread preconceptions, and it’s more specific than ideas like “dirty sex” or “rough sex.” the more i think about it, the more it makes me smile. i’m gonna do my best to spread it around, ok?

  2. Please spread the term around. I need every help I can get as I wage my one man war against language.

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