Oct 052008

Michael Yan’s ass hurt. He thought it was appropriate. The Monastery of the Master of Spanking apparently only had the hardest stools in the world for their guests to sit on. Michael suspected there was a deep meaning there but he was too much of an American to know what it was.

He sat there along with ten other Chinese men who happened to share his same birthday. Lo had gone inside some grand hall to discuss his merits with the other monks. From what Lo said, the monks were debating whether or not to even test Michael because he was born in America. From what Michael understood, reincarnation was old fashioned when it come to traveling.

Michael had tried to engage the other candidates in conversation but none of them spoke English. That didn’t stop the others from talking to each other. Michael closed his eyes and let their incomprehensible speech lull him into a trance.

It was quite peaceful actually. The chatter had it’s own rhythm and Michael began to imagine a form of spanking that would be based on speech patterns. He had thoughts like these all the time but for once, he suppressed his sense of shame long enough to explore the idea in his mind.

The chatter stopped. Curious, Michael opened his eyes to see why they had stopped. Standing before him was the most beautiful he had ever seen. She was older than him, at least forty years old but in her eyes saw something he had never seen before. It was understanding.

“You,” the beautiful woman said in terrible English but with a wonderful voice. “Come with me.”

“Um, sorry,” Michael said. “I am supposed to wait here for the monks.”

The woman smirked. “And do you always do what old men tell you to do?”

Michael thought of his father whom he always seemed to infuriate. “No,” Michael said. He stood up and followed her.

When the beautiful woman turned around, Michael looked down at her bottom. Although she was heavily wrapped in robes, Michael could see the shape of her ass underneath. It was the most beautiful ass outline he had ever seen. A tear came to his eye.

They walked down halls and through doors.

“What is your name?” Michael asked.

“Mei Rou” she said.

She led him into a bedroom.

“Umm, my name is Michael,” he said.

“I know your true name,” she said. “You were thinking about spanking. I saw the look on your face. My beloved had the same look many many times.”

“Who was your beloved?” Michael asked. He found a strange sense of anger within him towards this asshole that Mei called beloved.

Mei Rou smiled. “He was you, in another life.”

She unfastened the belt to her robe. It fell around her ankles. She was nude underneath her robe. Mei Rou turned her back to him and showed Michael her ass. It was just as beautiful as he had imagined.

“I have to tell you,” he said. “They don’t know if I am really the Master. They still haven’t decided.”

Mei Rou shook her head and moved to the bed. She bent over in a graceful motion like a Queen. Her ass was higher than her head. She looked over her shoulder towards him and smiled.

“And how will they know?” she asked. “Tests? I was the favorite concubine of the Master. When he died, I served Shi Da. He was a good man, but no Master. I am the only test you need.”

Michael swallowed hard. Desire was filling his mind but what made him hesitate was just how beautiful Mei Rou’s ass was. He was afraid. He wanted to be the Master of Spanking just to be worthy of spanking that ass.

“Strike me,” Mei Rou said. “I have waited twenty-five years to feel the hand of the Master again. Spank me, your most faithful lover.”

Michael closed his eyes. He let go of his fear. When he opened his eyes again, the sight of the most perfect ass in the world greeted him.

He started by touching her ass gently. He ran his fingers over her smooth skin. He cupped the curves of her bottom with his hand. His hand squeezed a little and he felt her ass clench in response.

His heart pounded so hard he could hear it. It was a mighty drum calling him to action. It was a rhythm that begged for an answer.

The first spank was so light that only a trained concubine like Mei Rou could even feel it. She groaned in pleasure. The light taps peppered her bottom, striking her like gentle raindrops on her perfect skin.

Michael increased the force. Using both hands, he smacked her bottom like a drum. He didn’t think, he just let his hands do what they pleased. Sometimes only the tip of his fingers struck her bottom while other times he hit her ass with the full length of his hand. In minutes her entire ass was turning red.

“Oh thank you,” Mei Rou moaned and Michael smiled. He hadn’t even started.

The spanking went faster. Michael didn’t allow himself to think as his hands went faster and faster. He smacked her ass in time with the rapid beating of his heart. He delivered painful blows to her bound bottom that made him wince. He struck so fast that if it wasn’t for the constant roar of skin hitting skin, he wouldn’t be sure his hands had touched her.

Michael spanked and spanked and spanked. The sounds of her ass being struck joined in chorus with his the pumping of his heart. The sounds of Mei Rou’s moans accompanied the beats like a melody. The whistling of the air as he swung his hands joined in harmony. He began to chant his praise for Mei Rou’s bottom, giving lyrics to the music they made together.

After a time, the spanking stopped. He slowed down to the gentle patter that he started with. With one final touch of his finger on her tender ass, he ended the song with Mei Rou’s shuddering gasp.

He stepped back and she collapsed on the bed. Mei Rou rolled over and screamed as her spanked ass touched the silk sheets of the bed. She opened her legs and held her ankles.

“Master, fuck me,” she said.

He did. When he slid into her, he felt something strange in his chest. It wasn’t till he started to thrust that he knew what that feeling was. The missing piece of his heart was no longer missing.

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