Oct 212008

‘Tao of Photography’ is a beautiful book that encourages photographers to use Tao principles in their photography. It encourages the photographer to escape their preconceptions, their judgments and their own expectations to create art. I am terribly oversimplifying the book but I find explaining Taoist ideas is a lot like explaining your dreams. You know what you were feeling at the time of the dream, but you might never get someone else to feel the same way you did.

I bought the book to help with my photography and the irony is that I take far less pictures now. I like composing pictures for my photography but after reading the book I am far more sensitive to when I am in a creative mind set and I do my best to take advantage of it right there and then. In photography that means grabbing a model, some props and a location. For writing it means I start telling the story right there. As you can see, writing is just easier.

I find it funny how restrictive I can be on myself as an unpaid erotica writer. I have a Librarian story that I plan to post next week but I thought of a new story today and I almost didn’t write it because I felt that readers might get bored with the same characters again. I’m writing a long BDSM story and interrupting it for this extra Librarian story seems like a lack of discipline. I have two Halloween stories that would be more appropriate for the month so shouldn’t I be working on them instead?

The answer is simple: write the story that is in me now. A year ago I wouldn’t have done that. That’s crazy but it’s how it is.

I never think that stories come from a divine place or some sort of magic muse but I do think that the energy and will to do the work needed to tell those stories might be. Writing can be a pain sometimes but when it is not, when it is bubbling and flowing like sex then it feels like magic. I feel like Harry Potter wielding the One True Ring while getting a blowjob from Lara Croft. When you get that feeling, it’s crazy not to write whatever is pushing that feeling through you.

Being more creatively spontaneous goes against everything I do actually. I like schedules. I love making lists. I play resource management computer games for fun. Hell, I like making big long stories and their outlines. I still plan to do that. The change comes from knowing when to stop and seize a creative moment when it happens without talking myself out of it.

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