Oct 302008

It was a silent cab ride back to their room. Mr. Dillon read the new book the collection had bought. Claire just tried not to groan too much as every bump in the road was transmitted right to her sore bottom.

They said nothing as they walked into the lobby. The manager breathed a sigh of relief that Claire was fully clothed. She didn’t care. Walking was reminding her of how much her ass hurt, and she just wanted to make it back to their room.

Once they were inside, Claire could hold back no longer.

“You lied to me,” she said.

“ ‘You lied to me, Mr. Dillon,’ ” he corrected.

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Claire scowled. “Mr. Dillon, you told me that by playing the role of a domineering woman, I could seduce Mr. Sweitz. He wasn’t seduced at all! I just pissed him off!”

“You aroused his passions,” Mr. Dillon said. “I call that seduction.”

“If you wanted him to spank me, why not have me adopt a character who likes that sort of thing? Why did I have to go and make him angry?”

“Whining does not become you,” Mr. Dillon said. “And we tried that, remember? Your version of Sandy was pathetic, so I thought a different approach would be better.”

“You could have told me,” Claire said. She took off her skirt and looked at her ass in the hotel mirror. The welts were turning purple.

Mr. Dillon laughed. He stepped up to her and put his arm around her. His hand brushed against the damp moss of her pubic hair. “And are you telling me you didn’t like it, Ms. Currie?”

“No, Mr. Dillon.”

Mr. Dillon removed his hands. “Here, take the book and bend over the bed.”

Claire groaned. “Are you going to spank me, too?”

Mr. Dillon unzipped his pants. “Bend over, Ms. Currie, and flip to chapter 7.”

Claire bent over the bed. Her glasses slipped forward as she looked down. She opened the paperback book and flipped till she came to the chapter he requested. That is when she felt Mr. Dillon’s hand on her hips and his cock at the entrance to her sex.

With one long, slow thrust, he was inside her.

“Start reading,” he said.

Claire groaned as her sore ass came in contact with Mr. Dillon’s body. “Yes, sir,” she said.

“Martha trembled in fear,” Claire began. “She knew she was in trouble. She was late coming to rehearsal, and because of her adventure in the parlor, she never had gotten a chance to study her role as she had been asked. Ted had asked her to come to his office to discuss her dereliction in her studies and performances. She was sure he was going to kick her out.”

Claire paused as Mr. Dillon slowly fucked her. After 10 really nice strokes, she continued.

“When Ted walked in, the first thing he did was push Martha down into the hard wooden chair.

“ ‘You have been very naughty, Martha,’ he said.

“ ‘I can explain, sir,’ Martha said.

“Ted slapped her. Martha cried out, and he slapped her again. Her cheeks burned from the touch of his hand, but Martha realized that she felt another burning between her thighs.”

Claire stopped again. Her own ass was still on fire from the brutal spanking, but like Martha, Claire felt an even greater fire from Mr. Dillon’s cock. His pace was slow but relentless. He plunged within her like he owned her. He fucked her at his pace and for his pleasure.

“Keep reading,” Mr. Dillon said.

“Ted grabbed her by the hair while with his other hand he opened his pants. His enormous cock was hard and pointed at Martha’s face. She remembered how big it had been when he fucked her yesterday. She remembered how it had threatened to tear her apart. When he pulled her head to his cock, Martha screamed in protest. He gagged her protests with his cock.

“Martha choked on his cock, but he forced himself into her. She was humiliated at this new perversion. Who lets a man put a cock into her mouth? What kind of woman would let her tongue touch the veined member? Worse, what kind of woman would shiver as Martha was doing? Could she be enjoying such debasement?”

“I think so,” Mr. Dillon said. He began to fuck Claire a little faster.

Claire moaned her agreement and kept reading. “Martha sucked on his sweaty cock. She licked the salt with her delicate tongue. She tried to push him away, but Ted’s iron hands kept forcing her down. His balls were pressed against her chin, and Martha’s nose was buried in pubic hair. Martha struggled as his giant cock reached the back of her throat, but he would not let her go.

“He fucked her mouth. He fucked her lips as roughly as he had fucked her cunt yesterday. Martha realized that eventually he would spend himself, and she was horrified at the thought of swallowing his seed. As horrible as that was, Martha felt that familiar tingling in her cunt that told her that it might also be fun.”

Mr. Dillon groaned. His hand dug into Claire’s hips. His slow, casual fucking had transformed into fast, hard thrusts. Her spanked ass bounced off his body, and each bounce sent a delicious shiver of pain up her spine.

Claire lost her place, and she would be punished for it later, but she kept reading.

“Martha kept fingering herself, just as Ted had told her to. She remembered what the stage manager had done with his fingers the other day, and she touched her cunt just like that. Martha buried her fingers, getting them deep inside her. She imagined Ted’s cock there, fucking her cunt just like he was fucking her mouth.

“Ted’s hands wrapped themselves in Martha’s long brown hair. He was pulling so hard that tears were rolling down Martha’s cheeks. It didn’t slow him down at all. He used her cruelly, interested only in his own pleasure.

“Martha’s pleasure was increasing. She was going to come. She was going to come on her own fingers like some sort of harlot. She was going to come with a man’s cock inside her mouth. Oh, how horrified her aunt would be to see her now!”

Claire paused as her own desire overwhelmed her. Reading about Ted’s cock in Martha’s mouth made Claire desire a cock in hers. Her ass was stinging from the contact with Mr. Dillon’s body, feeling like she was being spanked all over again. His cock felt perfect inside her, and she wanted nothing more than to have inside her always and forever.

“Keep reading, Ms. Currie,” Mr. Dillon said. His voice was deep and demanding. He was close. It was time for them to both reap their reward.

“Ted’s cock shot into Martha’s mouth. Martha was surprised by how much she liked the taste. It filled her mouth, and slid down her eager throat. Her tongue milked his cock for every drop.

“At the same time, her cunt had its own climax. She clenched hard around her fingers, squeezing herself with pleasure. She kept thrusting inside herself, riding one orgasm after another.”

Claire’s reading was harshly interrupted. Mr. Dillon had grabbed her black hair and yanked her head back. He was thrusting harder while he pulled her hair. Claire knew he was going to climax. Like a good librarian, she squeezed her cunt tightly to help him on his way.

Mr. Dillon shouted, and Claire felt him climax. Her own climax happened instantly. His pleasure was her pleasure.

When he let go of her hair, Claire slumped forward. Exhaustion overtook her. The spanking, the fucking and the reading had done her in. The afterglow had taken the last of her strength. She couldn’t possibly move another muscle.

“Not bad, Ms. Currie,” Mr. Dillon said. “I have compiled a list of characters you need to study next. I have a rigorous schedule of erotic archetypes you need to master, and I will test you on each and every single one. When I say ‘test,’ I am of course referring to comprehensive fucking and spanking while you maintain your character.”

Claire found she had plenty of energy to move.

the end.

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  1. ooooh lovely lovely, triple treat, many thanks for that Shon <3
    – I gotta say, my order would be 1,3,2 – there was something about that first chapter and the public interaction and reactions that was so hilarious as well as feeling a little sympathy for Claire failing her initial role at the time.
    And this chapter… well, let’s just say you’ve given this bookworm some kinky ideas if I ever get a chance in the future, lol.
    I guess my order of preference is related to the amount of affinity I have for the scene and Claire at the time, nonetheless the entire tale was incredibly fun to read.

    Thanks again and happy Halloween ;)

    PS: the ‘whole post’ part isn’t hyperlinked. :)

  2. Ha, that’s what I get for posting so early. I’m glad you enjoyed all of it. I hope you get to try out the events in chapter three soon :)

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