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“Just one more cock,” Shelly thought. She was tired but it was a good kind of tired. Her jaw hurt, her nipples were sore and her pussy was tingling from how many people had been between her thighs tonight. Shelly should be thinking about heading to bed, but damn, she wanted just one more cock. Or pussy. It was that kind of party.

What a party it was! Shelly couldn’t remember a better party than this. Von Madd Laboratories was throwing an orgy for all the success they have had recently. Shelly couldn’t even remember what exactly it was that was so amazing. One thing she did know was that when scientists as a sexual science laboratory party, they do a lot of fucking. Everyone is already in a state of horniness, but throw in a mood of celebration and you have an orgy that would make Romans blush.

Shelly looked around the room. There was a guy she didn’t recognize. He was bald but it worked for him because he was so muscular. She wondered what field he worked in. More importantly, she wondered how he would work her.

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She pulled herself off the couch. Her shirt and bra were missing, lost long ago when the party started. That was ok; her pert breasts had no complaints tonight. Shelly shook her long blonde hair and let it fall across her chest. She adjusted her thong and went up to him.

“Hey you,” she said. “What are you celebrating tonight?” She handed him a drink she forgot she had.

He took a sip of the drink and smiled. “I just finished a Universal Vibrator! It uses biorhythmic feedback to adjust its vibrations.”

Shelly was feeling tipsy but she was still a genius. “Oh? How on earth did you overcome Morgan’s Theory of Increasing Tightness?”

The man’s eyes lit up. One thing brilliant minds like is another brilliant mind that understand how hard the solved problem was. He took another sip of the drink and moved closer to her.

“I used an adjusted Tess scale that factored in body heat,” he said. “I wasn’t sure if it would work, but it did!”

Shelly nodded. “Of course! Oh man, why haven’t anyone else thought of it? Dr. Von Madd is going to make you a division head with this development! What’s your name? I want to know who’s ass I should start kissing”

He laughed. “My name is Alec, Alec Mier. What’s your name?”

“My name is Shelly,” she said. “Hey, have you tested your Universal vibrator yet?”

“A few times,” Alec said. “Why? You want to come by the lab and try it?”

“I tell you what,” Shelly said. “I’ll give you a blowjob right now if you let me test it later.”

Shelly watched Alec choked on his drink. She said nothing as he looked around. At the bar, an Asian man was vigorously fucking Ms. Rogel from Applied Lubrications. Two women he recognized from Intelligent Restraints were 69-ing on a couch. A gorgeous black Amazon was giving handjobs to two members of Human Resources. Guys were often taken back by Shelly’s directness but they soon realized it was just that kind of a party.

“Sure!” he said.

Shelly dropped to her knees like she had done a thousand times at this party. She tugged his pants down where his hard cock was already waiting for her. Into her lips it went and Shelly moaned. His cock belonged in her mouth.

“Oh god!” he cried. His hand went to her hair. He gently stroked her hair but Shelly knew what he wanted. She reached up and closed his hand around her hair and he tightened his grip. He knotted her long blonde hair in his hand and Shelly could feel his cock grow harder.

She sucked. Her fingers toyed with his balls. Her tongue played with the base of his cock. Her lips experimented with the amount of suction. Shelly knew a hundred different tricks to do with her mouth.

Alec’s knees began to buckle. “Oh God, I need to sit for this.”

Shelly chuckled, which had an interesting effect on Alec with his cock still in her mouth. She placed her hands on his thighs and gently pushed him backwards. He took a step back, and Shelly followed on her knees, still keeping his cock in her mouth.

“Oh god, oh god,” Alec repeated. Shelly looked up at the blissful look on his face and knew he liked it. She followed him on her knees, extending her neck just a bit so it would look more like he was dragging her by his cock.

When they finally reached a chair, Alec collapsed into it. Shelly deep throated him, sucking him all the way down. She reached for his hand and placed it on one of her breasts. Her tender nipples, played with so many times tonight, became so hard under his fingers.

“Damn, your breasts are perfect,” Alec said.

Shelly said nothing but she sucked harder. Her breasts had received a million compliments but it always gave her a slight tingle to hear it.

“You know,” Alex said between moans, “I had always heard about the Party Room but I never guess it was this nice. I mean, a non stop orgy that has lasted for over a year? That just seemed like a myth until I made my breakthrough and got invited. What did you do to get invited?”

Shelly paused in her sucking. She placed his cock on her cheek and thought about it. It didn’t come to her at first. Too many vodka tonics and celebrant scientists had literally fucked her brains out. As she ran her tongue over the tip of his cock, it came back to her.

“Oh yeah, my team finished a prototype for the new Sexual Artificial Intelligence,” Shelly said. “The new version will have better false memories and will believe it’s human.”

“Damn,” Alec said with admiration. “Your team perfected the Happy Sexbot Project? That is a miracle in programming.”

Shelly smiled and squeezed his hand against her breasts. “Funny, I thought how your cock felt in my mouth was a miracle.”

Alec groaned as she took him back in her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and licked his balls while his cock was deep in her throat. His hands squeezed around her breasts and her hair in appreciation. Shelly knew he was close.

“Oh yes, this is a miracle too,” he said. “But think about it, an artificial intelligence that doesn’t know it’s unreal. That would solve the problem of a self aware intelligence mutating into unwanted protocols. It would also be great for those users who prefer the illusion of a human partner. Plus, it would be pretty sweet for the A.I. All it cares about is sex when it gets laid next. I’m almost jealous.”

Shelly sucked harder. Her thighs squirmed as desire filled her. She thought about what Alec said. That would be awesome. Sucking, fucking and flirting forever sounded pretty damn nice.

But in the meantime, there was Alec’s cock. Shelly felt the rush of semen hitting her throat. Alec’s groans were music to her ears. He clenched hard on her breast and the pain filled Shelly with pleasure. She always got off on the other person’s orgasm. It made her feel so complete.

Shelly held on, sucking and licking until his wilted cock slipped out of her mouth. Only when she knew he was completely sated did she rest her head on his thigh. He looked down on her with the adoration that comes from afterglow. Shelly’s afterglow was just as real.

“Oh thank you,” Alec said.

“Thank you,” Shelly said. “And congratulations on your discovery.”

“Thanks,” he said. “Wow, I feel drained and I just got here. Oh well, Maybe I should go ahead and leave. I have a twenty-four hour pass. I could always come back later. Hey, what are your plans?”

Shelly sighed. She had sworn on one more cock but you know; now she was really in the mood for pussy. Or maybe she wanted a woman to fist her. Shelly couldn’t pick just one. It was that kind of a party.

“Oh, I’ll be around,” she said.

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  2. swoons….that Dr. von Madd and his laboratory and those genius scientists…

    I get to end the evening with a smile on my face, thanks Shon!

  3. Musns- Ha, glad to help.

  4. I meant to say this earlier, better late than never. I really like this one. It is pretty subtle in its execution. Very well done, and fun besides.

  5. bluewords- Thanks. I kept flipping back and forth on whether I was being subtle or blatant. I’m still undecided but I’ll go with your opinion.

  6. Deliciously subtle, much like the cocksucking (delicious, that is). Great story!

    xx Dee

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